Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

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YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet today. This video sharing network receives more than four billion video views every day. On the site users can create channels within which they can upload and share their videos with the public. Users can also subscribe to channels. By subscribing, they receive notices when the channels have been updated or a new video is posted. Some channels are more popular than others, reaching subscriber numbers well into the tens of millions.

A common factor that boosts subscriber numbers is the inclusion of both comedy as well as plays on popular culture such as movie stars, games, and the music and entertainment industry. By playing on the interests of their audience they encourage sharing and interaction among their fans, which in turn, increases their fan base.

Here are the top ten most subscribed YouTube channels.


10) YouTubeShowsUS


Starting the list of most subscribed YouTube channels is YouTubeShowsUS, which specializes in US based television shows and clips. They offer both free episodes as well as an extensive listing of paid shows. The channel allows users to subscribe to individual shows and the many genre channels as well. The user is able to navigate the channel either by recently aired, top selling, staff picks and free episodes.

This channel allows users to stay up to date on some of their favorite shows through subscribing to receiving alerts when a new episode is uploading under that category. With a variety of free to watch shows, hours of entertainment await. And for a small fee, subscribers can watch the more popular and in demand programing.

To date this channel has 11,257,255 subscribers.


9) Onedirectionvevo


This YouTube channel is dedicated to the pop music sensation One Direction. Here fans and users can watch music videos and interviews related to the band. It also offers a discussion forum so users may interact as a whole within the channel. This channel currently has 11,608,427 subscribers.

This channel offers a comprehensive listing of music produced by this popular band. Meaning fans will find the music they love from the band that stole their hearts. With 84 videos, the most popular one being One Direction’s music video for their single “What Makes Your Beautiful.” Fans are given the opportunity to purchase their favorite singles using links provided with each video.


8) Nigahiga


This YouTube channel features the comedic work of Ryan Higa. He produces comedy videos and parodies both independently and with others. He started through lip-syncing music videos back in 2006 and now has a following of 11,626,213 subscribers.

He uses high end special affects to make movie quality shorts and his flawless editing techniques make the experience extremely enjoyable. He is particularly apt at turning any topic into a hilarious video opportunity. Their most popular video, Nice Guys is a music video parody on way nice guys never get the girl.


7) JennaMarbles


Another comedy channel, this one features work from Jenna Mourey slanting towards not so useful life advice mixed in the her personal take on everything from what the body parts should be called to what the meaning is behind particular looks. With heavy use of profanity and other adult material and subject matter she gets her point across and appeals to her viewers. This channel boasts 12,400,419 subscribers who find her vlog style videos funny.

Her most popular video, titled How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking, plays on people’s desires to be attractive while making fun of the steps women take to archive that status.


6) RihannaVEVO


This channel features a wide selection of music, videos and interviews on and around the subject of the music star, Rihanna. 12,478,713 people subscribe and get updates for this music centered channel.

Fans of this R&B and Soul artist can find a plethora of music videos, commentary, award clips and tributes dedicated to her.  The most popular video is her music video of the song Diamonds. This channel also allows fans to buy singles and albums through links placed with the video.


5) Holasoygerman


The only non-English channel to make this top ten list, Hola Soy German is aimed at the Spanish speaking population. German Garmendia produces comedy sketches in Spanish, some with English subtitles. To date 15,211,149 people have subscribed to this channel.

The main topics of his videos center on common life situations with a comedic approach using exaggerated movements and situations. His most popular video, Los Hermanos pokes fun at the relationship dynamics of brothers.


4) Smosh


Another hit comedy channel, Smosh produces skits, flash animation and parodies, staring Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. 16,066,175 people have subscribed to this channel since its launch. They upload new videos every Friday with bonus videos on their related channels.

Their videos make fun of mainstream movies, music and culture while exhibiting extreme and over acted violence and stereotypes. This brand of comedy appeals to both men and women of the younger generations. Such as their most popular video Beef’n Go which is a spoof infomercial for a ground beef product.


3) Movies


With 17,036,742 subscribers, this channel offers a wide selection of full length movies and clips produced in the United States. They have both free to watch and paid movies and allow the user to subscribe to individual genres or categories such as new releases, horror, staff picks and top sellers.

This channel offers both classic movies as well as quality copies of newer releases and popular films. Their wide selection offers something for all movie fans and by subscribing to the channel as well as the affiliated genre channels, the user will be kept in the know as new movies are added.


2) YouTubeSpotlight



Coming in second with 20,659,586 subscribers, YouTube Spotlight features the daily top trending videos across YouTube. It also offers a discussion forum to interact with subscribers.

There are several categories that are updated daily, some of which include hottest music videos from top artists, newest viral videos and videos covering a particular trending topic. This channel occasional posts their own video’s such as the rewind of the year before what highlights that year’s most viral videos.


1) PewDiePie


Topping the list is the Channel Pew Die Pie with 21,527,102 subscribers. This channel offers many comedy videos center on gaming and the gaming lifestyle. By incorporating sarcastic commentary over screenshots and videos of game play, this Swedish artist pokes fun at video and computer games, gamers and anything gaming related.

A Funny Montage is their most popular video that features a set of extremely funny clips of game play with overlaid commentary and player video with occasional clips featuring game or networking interactions.

The elements common among the most subscribed to YouTube channels include comedy that appeals to the younger generations. Skits that poke fun at everyday life, talk about what other people feel to validate those feelings, and uses immature methods of execution. Cheap comedy or “bathroom” jokes have always appealed to youth and will continue to do so.

By using exaggerated methods, acting and situations, these popular channels within one of the most popular websites are able to attract a continued following of people looking for a quick laugh and to feel understood. They also play on current pop culture by making fun of mainstream, popular and taboo subjects.


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