Top 10 Harley Davidson Motorcycles

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When you own a Harley it gives you a few names. It means you tough, independent, reliable and American. What more can anyone ask for? There is nothing in this world compared to hearing the rumble of a Harley coming down the road. Once you ride a Harley, then you will never settle for anything less. It is definitely a challenge in choosing the right motorcycle, but if you choose a Harley then you have made the best choice. Here is a list created for those who are interested in learning about the top 10 Harley Davidson motorcycles.


10. Classic Trike

Classic Trike

Children start out on a trike, but there is no shame in owning a Harley Davidson Trike. This is one fine, very comfortable ride with a starting price at $30,000. This is a three-wheel motorcycle that gives you a lot of confidence when you ride it. It can provide you with long-haul comfort. A real attention getter on the road and if you don’t know how to ride, then don’t worry because Harley Davidson offers riders courses.


9. CVO Softail Convertible

CVO Softail Convertible

This bike is a limited-production motorcycle that can be custom configured. Three color combinations are available with this bike. It has a keyless ignition system and leather seats made to last a lifetime. It is rated as excellent performance and fuel economy. Pricing for this baby starts at $29,699. When you decide to purchase the CVO, then you will be provided with an excellent warranty for 24 months and that is with unlimited mileage.


8. Sportster 883 Low

Sportster 883 Low

This is one of the most popular Harley Davidson street bikes seen on the market now. It has a low mounted suspension so this means that all you have to do is lean over the gas tank to open the throttle. The Sportster is a line that has been produced since the year 1957. It is no surprise that this 883 Low has made the top 10 Harley Davidson motorcycles list.


7. Sportster XR1200

Sportster XR1200

Yes, this is the bike for peeling rubber on the strip. This bike is made for racing and it is just another update of the best. This bike features an air-cooled evolution engine. This little baby can reach zero to sixty in just 3.56 seconds. Evel Keneval owned the Sportster XR750. The XR1200 can lay the XR750 down. Many people never knew there was a bike better than Evel’s, but the XR1200 is.


6. V-Rod Muscle

V-Rod Muscle

This is a bike that has been created with modern computer technology. This bike is complete with a liquid cooled V twin engine. This bike has upside down front forks. The price on the 2014 starts at $15,849. For 122 horsepower, you cannot ask for better. For an adrenaline rush, you will get one when you buy this bike. It is no surprise at all that this V-Rod is on the top 10 Harley Davidson motorcycles list.


5. Heritage Softail Classic

Heritage Softail Classic

This fine machine is similar to the Ultra Classic. Every part of this bike speaks the Harley Davidson language. If you decide to purchase a Softail, then don’t forget the do-rag and leather chaps. This bike has studded leather saddle bags. It has king-sized windshield to give you protection on the road. It surely describes the American heritage of Harley Davidson.


4. XL883L Police Bike

XL883L Police Bike

It was in 1968 at the Stone’s concert when Hell’s Angels got in big trouble providing security, but Harley never gave up security. This bike has a tough and tight look that will make most motorcyclists jealous. Don’t be surprised when you are driving and get pulled over by a bike. It is just Harley doing its job. No other police bike can do the job better than Harley Davidson.


3. CVO Fat Bob

CVO Fat Bob

This is one awesome bike that shows its hellfire flames. It also has an awesome brown leather saddle seat. It is complete with the twin cam screamin’ eagle engine and heavy breather intake. When you own a Fat Bob, then your friends and the women of course, will envy you. Harley Davidson sells its motorcycles all over the world. It does not matter where you are located, you can own a Harley too.


2. The Forty-Eight

The Forty-Eight

The Forty-Eight is in the Sportster series. It is the best of the series and this why it has made the top 10 Harley Davidson motorcycles list. It has low mounted rearview mirrors. When people ride this bike, notice their stylish slouch forward. This bike is considered to be the perfect American iconic bike. This bike is for the solo rider only. The solo seat is what shows off the tail and frames the very stylish slouch.


1. Ultra Classic Electra Glide

Ultra Classic Electra Glide

Harley Davidson did it again when they created  this unique tour bike. There is no better bike for touring the American countryside and riding the open road. Its a big and wide country so get prepared for a comfortable ride on the Ultra Classic Electra Glide bike. The bike is really packed so you will be rewarded with the best high class riding experience you have ever had. Get prepared. The Ultra Classic Electra Glide was voted number one on the list of top 10 Harley Davidson motorcycles and if you buy this bike, then you will be number one on the road.


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