Top 10 Unusual Instruments

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  1. Holophonor
    A fictional instrument that became a reality when designer Harrison Krix added 54 LED lights to a clarinet. Not only can it produce musical sound, but it also doubles as a hologram projector.

  2. Lur
    A wooden instrument dating from the middle ages that the Vikings played. It looks like a curved horn in appearance.

  3. Glass Harmonica
    An instrument made of glass goblets or bowls of various sizes that produces a spectrum of sounds when rubbed. It is sometimes called the “bowl organ” or “armonica.”
  4. The Singing Ringing Tree
    This instrument was designed in 2006 and is located in Lancashire. It has a half sculpture, half wind instrument structure that makes it look like a wind-bent tree. The wind blows through the pipes creating dissonant harmonies. 
    singing ringing tree
  5. Wheelharp
    An instrument that is composed of a keyboard rigged to bow 61 strings. It allows one musician to produce a sound similar to a full orchestra.
  6. The Great Stalacpipe Organ
    An instrument designed in 1956 by Leland W. Sprinkle that is built into an underground cave. It consists of the main frame of a conventional organ rigged with rubber mallets that tap the adjacent stalactites to produce low, vibrating pitches. 
  1. Hydraulophone
    A water-powered organ that is played by covering one or more of the water jets with your fingers to manipulate the water flow through a pipe on the instrument.  
  1. Hyperbass Flute
    This instrument is massive sized flute and hybrid that is made from more than 15 meters of pipe. It has a very low range and sound similar to a growl.
    hyperbass flute

  2. Zeusaphone
    This instrument is named after the Greek god Zeus and produces music via Tesla coils.
  3. Sea Organ
    This instrument is located in Zadar, Croatia. It is an organ built into a reconstructed seafront.  The pipes underneath the walkway create musical sound in response to incoming ocean waves.







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