Top 10 Safest Countries in the World

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Do you love to travel? Travelling may be the most literal form of escape for every one of us. A common concern among backpackers and tourists however, is the issue of safety. Let’s face it, vacations and getaways in a foreign country would certainly be not as fun if you get randomly mugged in the street, right?

However, there are countries in the world that’s definitely worth visiting without the fear of getting mugged or violated. Here is the list of the top 10 safest countries in the world.


10. New Zealand

New Zealand

In 2007, the Institute for Economics and Peace has ranked New Zealand as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. New Zealand has a very low crime rate. Also, who does not want to visit the great Hobbit House featured in the move: The Lord of the Rings, right? With its stunning landscapes and ocean views, New Zealand is not only safe, it’s also picturesque.


9. Japan


The main reason why Japan is very safe is because of their people. Japanese people regard their family honor and personal pride very highly. This is why students take their studies seriously, and the working class is extremely focused on their jobs. They also have a high regard for discipline, as shown in the FIFA world cup where they even picked up after their own trash. Cities in Japan like Tokyo or Nagoya, although teeming with life, have very low crime rates as well. Discipline among its citizens is really the reason why Japan is included in this list.


8. Switzerland


The land of the neutral people, Switzerland is neutral especially in its stand on regional, international and global issues. Unlike countries that create tension because of their stands on certain topics, they prefer to be neutral in global topics. They also serve as an asylum for political prisoners, and violent crime statistics are very low. They are quite serious when it comes to security as well. Have you ever asked yourselves why the people who guard the Pope in Rome are called Swiss Guards? On the bright side, who hasn’t tasted their delicious Swiss chocolates, right?


7. Belgium


According to the Global Peace Index, Belgium has been tagged as a very peaceful place to live in. Its capital, Brussels, is the site of the European Union’s headquarters and the NATO’s as well. Despite its governmental crisis from 2008-2011, it has a very low homicide and imprisonment rate.


6. Iceland


The reason that Iceland is included in the top 10 safest countries in the world is because it prefers to stay out of global conflicts and issues. If you’ve noticed, Iceland almost never hits the headlines on global newspapers and news agencies. This is because despite the collapse of its Icelandic banks a few years ago, there has been a lot of issues that has surfaced since. Plus, there really is a lot of ice back there. Maybe it’s just too cold to go out and commit crimes.


5. Sweden


Sweden is a quite commendable when it comes to security. This is the reason why it is included in the list of the top 10 safest countries in the world. Despite being the biggest weapons exporters in Europe, the country has a really low number of robberies, at only 9,000 a year, compared to the US’s 350,000 a year. Rest assured, when you live here, nobody is going to come to your child’s school and start shooting people randomly. Or maybe bomb a marathon.


4. Slovenia


The cities of Ljubljana and Maribor do not only stand out because of their unique culture and amazing architecture, they are also noted, together with the rest of the country, to be very safe. As a matter of fact, the country has the lowest funding for peacekeeping missions.


3. Singapore


Singapore is included in the list because it may be the Miss Congeniality of nations. Ever since it became independent in 1965, it has directed its efforts on becoming a great neighboring country, and has strived to establish amiable economic, political and peaceful relations with all countries.


2. Norway


Despite the horrible shooting of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, the Global Peace Index still named it a very peaceful country to live in. It does have the highest level of human development in the world after all. Maybe when somebody named Anders Behring Breivik comes a knocking at your door, just escape on the back door and run.


1. Denmark


If Singapore is the Miss Congeniality of nations, then this is definitely the Miss Universe as it tops this list. Notably, Copenhagen, its capital, did not fight in the World War II despite being occupied by Nazis at the time. The people in Denmark are very friendly and amiable as well, making it a great environment to live in.


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