Top 10 Cleanest Cities In The World

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When it comes to gauging the cleanliness of a city there are many aspects to take into consideration as points to compare. Looking at the amount of pollution and the cleanliness of the air and water, it is a different list that you will end up with. If you are looking for a list of the cleanest cities in the world, here is a possible list of top cities that you could come up with. It is important to keep in mind that even the cities that do make this list can have dirty aspects to them. One part of the city might not be as clean as others and one year might be a little worse than others, but on a whole, these are some of the top cities around the world in terms of cleanliness.


10.  Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Population: 742,000

Metro area: 219 square km

Amsterdam is one of the major ports in the Netherlands and is also a center for large Dutch business and corporations such as Philips and Heineken. Despite the focus on business Amsterdam is very clean and relatively pollution free. This is largely due to the fact that the city is very bicycle friendly, and car traffic is discouraged in the more crowded downtown area.


9. Dublin, Ireland


Population: 505,739

Metro area: 114 square km

Dublin is at the very heart of the country of Ireland. It is the capital and seat of government and is also the focal point for culture, news, entertainment, communications, high end tech, and education. It has some industry and manufacturing plants but not enough to really impact the air and water quality that much, which helps it keep its place on the list of the cleanest cities in the world.


8. Auckland, New Zealand


Population: 1,260,900

Metro area: 1,086 square km

Auckland relies on a an extensive road system for the bulk of the city’s transportation. It is the largest city in New Zealand, it is home to the largest sea port, and it is also home to over a quarter of the population. Despite the large and concentrated populations the air and water are clean, the lands are beautiful and the city is clean.


7. Lexington, Kentucky, USA


Population: 260,512

Metro area: 73 square km

Lexington has often been referred to as the Athens of the West and as it has also been famed for its horse racing and breeding. In addition to the horse industry, Lexington also dabbles in manufacturing, technology and educational services. Despite the concentration of people and the extensive highways, Lexington has very little pollution concerns.

6. Bern, Switzerland


Population: 127,000

Metro area: 52 square km

As the capital of Switzerland, Bern is a thriving city that is full of life. It is a cultural hub for the country and is famed for its tourist sights and shopping venues. Its economy is largely comprised of high tech and financial services. The small size of the city and the focus on agriculture and services rather than manufacturing helps keep this city high on the list of cleanest cities in the world.


5. Stockholm, Sweden


Population: 780,818

Metro area: 35 square km

Stockholm is a name that is recognized the world over and it is also famous as the political and economic capital of Sweden. Stockholm specializes in an array of service industries, and there is almost no heavy industry in the city, which helps keep it clean and pollution free.


4. Oslo, Norway


Population: 548,411

Metro area: 454 square km

Oslo is well known as Norway’s capital and also as the largest city in Norway. It is also a thriving maritime center and the bulk of the city’s economy is tied up in its ports. It has the largest cargo port in Norway and does a great deal of business every year. The spread out layout of the city helps keep congestion down and most of the residents are very mindful of their impact on the environment. This helps them maintain their spot on the list of cleanest cities in the world.

3. Helsinki, Finland


Population: 564,908

Metro area: 185 square km

Helsinki is famed throughout Finland as the gateway to international trade and as the central hub for communication. It’s political focus is one of the strongest in the country and it is also the center for business and trade. It has a tram and subways system, limited number of cars by comparison to other cities, and also a light rail commuter system.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Population: 377,260

Metro area: 272 square km

Honolulu is a major tourist center in the USA and is very much a clean city in most cases. Minimal manufacturing goes on as most of the city is dedicated to farming and service minded business and tourism. The fewer number of cars on the road also help to keep the pollution to a minimum.

1. Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

Population: 988,193

Metro area: 5,107 square km

Calgary has been hailed as one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and is a centre for oil and gas. It has a growing focus on sports and recreation and continue to draw more and more tourists each year. It has light manufacturing and great air and water quality, which helps secure it at the number one spot for the cleanest cities in the world.


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