Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2014

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There are many countries throughout the world. Many of them are fun to visit but not necessarily ideal for companies to send their employees too or in which to do business. However, we have put together a list of the Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2014. Our list is comprised with companies in mind as well as the people who work for them.


#10 Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a thriving economy. There are many corporations doing business within this country. It also is listed third as far as safest country worldwide. This means that companies can send their employees to live there without concern for their overall well-being. It has a highly competitive economy; in fact, it ranks 9th in the world on this score. The average life expectancy also speaks a lot for this country with it being at an average 82.12 years. These reasons are why it is ranked number 10 on our list.


#9 United States of America

 United States of America

Even though the economy of the United States has had its rough patches, it is still has a strong worldwide ranking with its gross domestic product being over $15 trillion. There are many places to choose from for housing, depending on where employees for companies are sent. Some areas of the country are more expensive to live than other areas. This country offers many advantages in medical care, schooling and other things that are difficult to find just anywhere in the world.


#8 Belgium


People in this country have various transportation options from driving to trains. Workers can live in Belgium comfortable in the knowledge that they can get top quality, reasonably priced medical care. Business is done here in a variety of languages on a daily basis.


#7 Japan


Japan’s ability to be innovative makes it very competitive in the world marketplace. Many businesses in Japan are quite successful. It is also a gorgeous, safe country to live and work. The healthcare in this country is state funded and provides quality care to those who need it. It ranks number one, as far as safety.


#6 Denmark


This country knows how to make sure the people have a balance between work and fun. It is among the top 12 most competitive nations business wise. Denmark also makes our list for the Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2014 because the country has a very effective educational system. Life expectancy averages about 78 years and the country has a middle of the range safety rating at 69.26.


#5 Switzerland


This country is emerging as a leader in research and development in the worldwide arena. It also provides equitable tax laws and other financial regulations that make it easier for companies to do business in this country. However, the cost of living is a bit pricier than some other countries with the average rent being about $2,000 monthly in the large cities. Crime is low in this country though, and your children will have nothing but the best in education. The scenery is magnificent. These things are why Switzerland has made our list.


#4 Germany


Germany provides its citizens with the best privacy of all the countries. There are many types of companies doing business within the country including anything from service industries to biotechnology firms. The country’s financial center is Frankfurt and has many points of interest. It also has a robust economy and houses one of the stock exchanges located in Europe. While the cost of living varies throughout the country, Frankfurt‘s is a bit pricy with some rents being $1,500 and above per month. This country is a blend of old and new lending to allure.


#3 Sweden


Sweden is an ideal country for people to work in due in part to the liberal policies on paid vacations and paternity leave. This country also has a high standard of living that is affordable. Education is free to students all the way through university starting at age 6 years old. Employers pay for most of the healthcare benefits received from employers.


#2 Finland


Finland is among the top countries economically. However, it provides a balanced life of work and fun for its workers. The country is in the fair range for safety with a lifespan average age of about 70 years of age. Healthcare is affordable in this country as are the universities, where students only have to pay for food and books. The scenery is gorgeous and there are plenty of activities to participate in for fun.


#1 Austria


Austria has a very low crime rate. In fact, it is practically nil in some parts. This country has also stayed financially stable throughout Europe’s economic struggles. During the recent crisis, the country’s economy only declined a small 0.1 percent. This country is also rich in history and culture.

These are our Top 10 Best Countries to Live in 2014. Compare them to your list and see what you think.


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