Top 10 Inventions Which Changed The World

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The world continues to change and evolve, all because of inventions that are being made and have been made in the past. While inventions seem to come out each and every day now, there are some very specific inventions that have come out over the years that has greatly changed the way the world works and functions. It is difficult to narrow it down, but these are the top 10 inventions which changed the world forever.


10. The Plow

The Plow

It isn’t as sexy or breathtaking as the other inventions, but the plow drastically changed the way individuals cultivated land and harvested crops. The plow is really just a simple tool used to furrow soil and to help churn up the dirt in order to expire all of the nutrients for planting. However, the plow has helped develop crops and ensure billions upon billions of individuals have been able to eat since the invention. Now, regardless of the country or how wealthy the land owner is, some sort of a plow is used. Possibly the most interesting aspect of the plow is that nobody actually knows who invented it. One of the top inventions which changed the world and nobody knows who created it. Either way, just about every single piece of farm equipment that has come out since the plow is because of the design of this very important invention.


9. The Wheel

The Wheel

Here is another one of those inventions that nobody really knows who first developed it. This could be one of those inventions that many individuals from across the globe developed in their own right, but currently, the oldest known wheel with an actual axel is from Slovenia and is around 3100 BC. The wheel has made just about everything possible. From automobiles to planes to the small hears that are used inside of manufacturing equipment to the spinning hard drives inside of a computer system. This is one of the most important inventions of all time and, of course, nobody knows who created it. This is one of those intentions that is so dated that an individual couldn’t really carve their name into it. In fact, it might have been developed before any real sort of written language was around for the individual who produced the wheel. Either way, the wheel has made transporting goods and transportation far easier than ever before.


8. Printing Press

Printing Press

Johann Gutenberg


Finally, an invention that people actually know who is behind it. The Gutenberg Printing Press is one of the most important inventions of all time, as Johann Gutenberg made it possible to print out documents and allow individuals to share the information. The Chinese invented block printing in the 11th century, the the extreme complexity of the Chinese language made it difficult to truly use. However, the Gutenberg press uses a screw based system where individual letters are placed into the press, allowing an individual to use it over and over for different areas of text. From here, he could then print entire pages and eventually chapters of books (the Gutenberg Bible is one of the most sought after books in the entire world, as it is seen as potentially the first real pressed book ever produced). Basically ever book printed since this invention is because of Johann Gutenberg and his press. This is why it is on the list of inventions which changed the world.


7. Refrigeration


Oliver Evans/Carol von Linde


Imagine a world where you couldn’t keep anything cold. While it isn’t designed for transportation or for communication, refrigeration is more of a convenience but a life saver. This product has allowed individuals to refrigerate food and produce, which often contained germs and bacteria by the time it arrived. There are two names placed into the invention of this method, simply because different individuals played different roles in the invention of these products. Evans created vapor-compression, while Linde produce the actual refrigerator, which although he probably could not have done without the vapor compression. Either way, this is one of the inventions which changed the world.


6. Communication


While most would probably place the telephone here instead of just ‘communication,’ it is impossible to simply toss up telephone without talking about the other forms of communication that came before it and helped lead to the development of the phone. The creation of the telegraph, which allowed individuals to communicate through a series of taps, eventually led to the development of the telephone and the ability to transmit voice information from one individual to another. From this development, it led to radio broadcasts, which allowed individuals to broadcast information for others to listen to, which eventually led to the development of the television. All of these different forms of communication have had specific relationships with the technology that (essentially) caused the previous method of communication to go extinct.


5. Steam Engine

Steam Engine

Thomas Newcomen/ James Watt

1712/ 1769

Without the power of steam and the Industrial Revolution, mass transportation proved incredibly difficult. By boat, sailors had to depend on the wind and current or even rowing, while on land, transportation depending on horses and oxen. However, with the development of the steam engine, it proved possible to harness the power of steam and utilize it in  a way never thought possible. Thomas Newcomen first developed the steam engine in the early 18th century, although James Watt added different condensers in 1769 in order to improve the power and use it for transportation. With the combination, these individuals helped make the steam engine one of the inventions which changed the world.


4. Automobile


Karl Benz


The notion of creating a self propelled motor vehicle was around for decades before Karl Benz, but created the first true internal combustion engine and the first true automobile. However, Henry Ford ultimately took the idea and created the Ford Motor Company (his third car company, as the first two went bankrupt). Ford created the assembly line, which is what helped make the Ford Motor Company a success, as he could produce dozens of these vehicles in the time it normally would take the competition to make one. Of course, the automobile has changed transportation forever and the world has never been the same. That is why the automobile is one of the inventions which changed the world.


3. Lightbulb


Thomas Edison


The lightbulb has changed the way we live greatly, and while other individuals had attempted to harness self creating light before, Thomas Edison and his drive ultimately proved the most capable of this. The incandescent bulb remained essentially unchanged for over 100 years, and while there are different designs to this bulb now, the lightbulb is still one of the most important elements of any invention ever made. However, while the lightbulb is very important, world governments around the world created the infrastructure to provide electricity in all homes because of the lightbulb. This alone might actually be more important than the actual creation of the lightbulb. Without the lightbulb, it might have been decades until electricity eventually reached homes throughout the world.


2. Computer


While the computer is also part of communication, the computer itself has greatly affected the way the world is able to function. Without the computer, man would have never landed on the moon, smart phones would not have come about and there would be no way to read an article online about the top inventions which changed the world. There have been dozens of different individuals who have added elements to the computer over the years and no one individual actually invented the computer. Elements of computing have been around since the 1800s, but the combination of a monitor, keyboard, mouse (although the mouse is starting to go the way of the floppy drive) and other elements have all come from other individuals throughout the course of the last hundred years.


1. Flight


The Wright Brothers were the first to really fly an airplane for any sort of duration in North Carolina, but there were many other individuals who were involved in the creation of the airplane and the ability to fly. If there is anything that truly defines man it is the desire to fly with the birds and to escape gravity to a place beyond what ordinary life provides. Man is equipped with everything it needs to survive and it is even able to conquer water and swim. However, it is not designed to fly. With the invention of the airplane and the ability to fly, man has been able to improve transportation, reach new areas on the planet, and, from flight, there have been different kinds of flying items that have been invented, from the helicopter to the jet rocket and the ability to fly into outer space. As is the case with most other elements in the world, most aspects of flight are connected with one another and is why flight is one of the important inventions which changed the world.


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