Top 10 Best Laptop Brands Of 2014

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Laptops have officially taken over desktop computers in recent years, and trending tablets seem to be a future rival for complete notebooks. However, laptops currently reign, and there are a variety of brands and types to choose from at different price points. With new hardware and design innovations consistently hitting the market as well as software changes, the best laptop brand top 10 list is always shifting. Here are the best laptop brands of 2014.


10. Alienware


Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell. They have distinctive sci-fi style mostly lightning under the keyboard and touchpad mouse. They usually have Alien heads on the case. Alienware laptops are great for gaming purpose. Their laptops include M18x, Alienware 18, M17x, Alienware 17, M15x and many more.


9. Toshiba


Toshiba is one of those brands that consistently gets panned by critics but also receives praise from the other half. Their laptops definitely have always been different in style, sometimes bulky. And, there have been technical issues over the years that keep them from rising to the top. However, they cannot be withheld from the top 10 list as they offer a wide range of laptops for all budgets, and their high end laptops are praised by gaming enthusiasts.


8. Samsung


A few years ago, this company would not have been on the list for the best laptop brands. Their new Chromebooks are garnering praise, and they also offer high end laptops. Continuing to make a splash in the cell phone industry as well, this company will likely be featured higher than the #9 spot next year.


7. Asus


Asus is another up and coming brand that has established itself as an authority in the market. The best part about these laptops is that overall they seem to have less issues and last longer than many other brands. Asus makes some high tech laptops with high prices, but they are also known for providing many economical options as well.


6. HP


Hewlett Packard has been making computers for a long time, and they are well known for selling the most computers out of any other brand. So, if they are the top seller and have been for almost a decade, why are they at #7 and not #1. This placement is due to quality issues. However, this doesn’t mean that HP laptops are bad quality computers. It just means that many other brands beat them out when it comes to quality. It will be interesting in future years to see where they end up in the industry for two reasons. First, their quality has been consistently improving. However, the second reason is the flip side of things regarding them being the top seller of computers for almost a decade. This had much to do with the economical price of their desktop computers grouped with their laptop sales. Obviously, desktop sales are in decline, so while the quality is working for them, the sales might be working against them soon.


5. Acer


Acer laptops when they first came out were known for their low prices and smaller sized notebooks. Now they have a range of laptops of different sizes and at different price points. It’s no secret with in the industry that these surprise computers are of high quality for the price. Many people who were hesitant at first and went with the bigger name are now hearing from other Acer owners that these laptops are quite awesome.


4. Dell


At one point, when desktop computers were still more prevalent than laptops, Dell was considered the #1 brand for a few years. Their Inspiron laptops and other series are also popular. While they may not be #1 in the current market, their #5 slot sure does keep them in the hunt for the new year.


3. Sony


Now this is interesting. For years, Sony has been a big name in the entertainment industry all the way around. However, in modern times, the brand started to struggle a little amid Apple’s rise in the market and many other factors. Sony released it’s new gaming system before the start of this year, however, and their brand has seen a recent resurgence. On top of this, when Sony started making laptops, people were buying them left and right and giving rave reviews. They are known for their style and functionality for sure.


2. Lenovo


This is an unfamiliar brand to some people, but if they knew the history, they would not be thinking that. Lenovo took control of IBM’s computer business a few years back and have been producing high quality laptops that business people flock to purchase. These laptops do not have much flair, but they are built that way for a reason. And, they are extremely dependable machines.


1. Apple


Apple computers still reign at the top, as do many of their other electronic products. Many say this is not going to last much longer. However, their laptops are definitely some of the best and always will be. They are not PC laptops, do not run Windows, and produce some pretty irritating software compatibility issues, but their quality and innovation is next to none. Plus, many people enjoy the fact that they get a break from Microsoft and the PC world. So, Apple checks in at #1 on the list for the best laptop brands of 2014.

What brand of laptop do you own? Is there one out there after reading this piece that you would like to try out now? Hopefully this list of the best laptop brands of 2014 has given you some insight.


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