Top 10 9mm Pistols in the World

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Whether needed as a low-profile weapon for concealed carry, a reliable weapon for use in home defense, or something small and accurate to play with at the range, a 9mm pistol is a good fit for the job. The 9mm is typically light, accurate, reliable, and most of all fun to use when target shooting. For those trying to choose one for themselves, it actually comes as little challenge as there are those which stand above the rest. This is a list of the top 10 9mm pistols.


10. The American Derringer DA38

American Derringer DA38

Due to its cultural popularity the Derringer almost has to have a place on this list. However, its low round capacity makes it a poor choice for someone who just wants to put some rounds downrange. It is also just below average cost for a handgun, making its price tag seem a little unreasonable. However, in terms of self defense, the diminutive Derringer is very low-profile and is actually called a “pocket pistol.” It stays out of sight until you need it, and is a reliable weapon to have if you do.


9. CZ P-01

CZ P-01

This Czech made wonder is highly underrated in terms of its use. It earns its spot on the top 10 9mm pistols by being moderately less expensive than most other pistols, being compact and easy to conceal, and by being a reliable choice. Unlike the Derringer, this pistol can hold 14 rounds, and as a semi-automatic can put many of those rounds downrange in a flash. Some users report the occasional jam or misfire which is why this otherwise perfectly reliable weapon isn’t higher on the list.


8. SIG Sauer P226

SIG Sauer P226

This Swiss made weapon is actually one of the most well known and reliable on this list. In fact, the only reported drawbacks are loss of bluing and the pitting/scratching of the aluminum frame. In any case, this weapon will fire just about any ammunition you put inside it, and put those rounds anywhere you want them to go (within reason). The only drawback is that there are many other options which will perform just as well and at a lower cost.


7. Springfield XD

 Springfield XD

Even the name of this Springfield beauty looks like it’s grinning from ear to ear. Between itself and its better known cousin, the 1911, one of these was bound to make it onto the list of the top 10 9mm pistols. Perfectly reliable, most reviewers are confident in its ability to fire and hit targets. This category earns 5 stars out of 5 every time. Where it appears to fall short is in its looks and a feel to the trigger mechanism that is almost counter-intuitive.


6. ArmaLite AR 24K-10

ArmaLite AR 24K-10

For a weapon whose manufacturer has “lite” in the name, this is actually a pretty heavy piece. Even the compact version is heavy compared to its competitors. However, this was not meant to be a light weapon. While the full-sized version is a little more difficult to conceal, the compact has about the same silhouette as the CZ’s or Glocks from which its design takes partial inspiration. Though reliable, this is, as already mentioned, a heavier weapon, so may be harder for some users to handle.


5. Glock 17

Glock 17

This is actually one of this lists top fan favorites. This top 10 9mm pistols list would be sorely lacking were this Glock to be omitted. At almost 450 grams lighter than the average, this lighter yet substantial has been used by civilians and Law Enforcement/Security Agencies alike. With a more than reasonable price tag and a capacity of 17 rounds, this weapon will earn and keep its spot in most shooters’ personal collections.


4. Walther PPS

Walther PPS

This compact handgun gets an above-average user rating, possibly due to its limited capacity of 6-8 rounds. Still, it is easily concealable and one of the most underrated pistols on the market. In fact, some of its more prevalent drawbacks according to some users is that it is not quite small enough to pass as a “pocket pistol,” which would both excuse the limited round capacity and make it even more prone to carrying. Overall, a very good option for personal protection and a hoot to have at the range.


3. Beretta 92A1

Beretta 92A1

This chiseled piece of Italian marble is definitely one of the most attractive items on this top 10 9mm pistols list. Though not actually made of marble, it does perform quite well under fire. This weapon is also known for its impressive accuracy and reliability, and its price tag makes it an attractive buy as well. Some critique the placement of the safety and its being suited more to medium to large hands, but if that is all it has against it then it can’t be all that bad.


2. Taurus Millennium Pro

Taurus Millennium Pro

This weapon is smaller and lighter than most of the other mentions on this list, and most other weapons in this category. It also has a very favorable capacity to size ratio, offering to carry a generous 12 rounds. The trigger mechanism is easy to operate despite the almost counter-intuitive length of the pull required to drop the hammer. While the safety mechanism is not in a user-friendly spot and hard to click off in a hurry, this is still a good choice for an everyday carry or plinking targets at the range.


1. Ruger P95

Ruger P95

This weapon has it all. It will fire just about any kind of ammunition you feed it, has no problem hitting what you’re aiming for, and is priced well below average for a similar 9mm. In terms of reliability, accuracy, and affordability, this is the trifecta for any well intentioned gun owner. While only a medium concealability handgun, it is still a great choice for home defense and range shooting.

Even though this top 10 9mm pistols list includes many different types of handguns, any one of these weapons would make a fine addition to the home collection.


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