Top 10 Best MMA Fighters in the World

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MMA fighting is an incredibly brutal sport. The sport, for those who are not terribly familiar with it, is essentially a mixed martial arts fight inside of a cage that doesn’t have any ropes or give along the walls. It basically is just two individuals fighting inside of a cage for usually three rounds. Those who follow boxing know it is a 10 round fight, but MMA is so high octane and furious that the fighters would not be able to last that long. Also, there is such a tole that is taken on the bodies of MMA fighters that many only fight a few times a year in order to heal up. With that being said though, there are still many fighters who are higher on the best MMA fighters in the world list than others. It takes a special kind of individual to want and get into the cage with another fighter, and while all have toughness and guts, these are the very best MMA fighters in the world.


10. Robbie Lawler

 Robbie Lawler

2013 Record: 3-0

Robbie ended his 2012 season with a loss to Lorenz Larkin. Once that happened, he switched his weight class down to welterweight in order to fight individuals a bit smaller. He had been fighting up, which usually meant other fighters had not only a height advantage, but a wingspan advantage, which in fighting is very important. Since switching to the 170 pound category he has gone three and zero and currently he is expected to fight Johny Hendricks for an open championship in the welterweight division.


9. Chad Mendes

Chad Mendes

2013 Record: 3-0

As it is apparent with the first two fighters, very few individuals actually take to the cage more than once every couple of months. There is such a physical tole on the body in these kinds of fights that it is very important for the body to heal up before ever stepping back into the cage. Thad Mendes actually ended 2012 with two straight wins and, in 2013, he went 3-0, which has placed him as the number one ranked contender in the featherweight class. As he has won five straight fights, Chad Mendes is in the top 10 for best MMA fighters in the world.


8. Renan Barao

Renan Barao

2013 Record: 2-0

Renan only fought twice throughout the course of the 2013 year, but his fights throughout 2012 set him up to become the 135 pound champion in the bantamweight league. Both of the other opponents he fought during the 2012 he knocked out, which is rather impressive. Many times the fights end either in a decision or a possible technical knock out where the other fighter taps out. However, Renan Barao knocked out both of his opponents, which is why he is above the other two fighters, even though he had one less fight throughout the course of the year. With only one fight every six months, Renan is in the top 10 for best MMA fighters in the world.


7. Travis Browne

Travis Browne

2013 Record: 3-0

During the 2012 season, Travis was out for six months due to an injured knee and a knockout by Antonio Silva. However, in the last eight months of 2013 he went on to fight three different individuals, ultimately finishing the year ranked as the top fighter of the year. When an individual is able to fight three different matches over the course of eight months, it is rather impressive. If he would have fought this continuous throughout the entire year and hadn’t of suffered the injured knee the previous year, he might have ended up fighting five times over the course of the year.


6. Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo

2013 Record: 2-0

Jose is on the list, just outside of the top five for both what he did and for what he could have done, had another fighter not bailed on him. Jose, who is the featherweight champion, was suppose to meet Anthony Pettis, but the individual who has self proclaimed himself “Showtime” decided to pull out at the last minute. Instead, Jose Aldo ended up fighting Chan Sung Jun, known as the Korean Zombie and a former lightweight champion in Frankie Edgar, both of whom he beat and knocked out. With the caliber of individuals he has fought and bested, Jose placed himself towards the top of the fighter of the year discussion. .


5. Anthony Pettis

Anthony Pettis

2013 Record: 2-0

Breaking in the top five of best MMA fighters in the world is Anthony Pettis. He had suffered an injury in 2012 and had to pull out of competition two different times throughout the course of 2013. However, even with this in consideration, he actually had a rather desirable year. He was the only fighter to take out a UF champion during 2013, which is enough to place him in this list of top MMA fighters in the world and why he leads the entry into the top five.


4. Urijah Faber

Urijah Faber

2013 Record: 4-0

As the first fighter to have a four and zero record on this list, it makes sense why he is also listed above the other fighters. He did not have the best 2012, but his 2013 proved outstanding. He earned the best UFC record over a 12 month period and he even submitted three ranked bantamweights throughout the season. he is likely to fight Faber in the near future, which could place him on the top of best MMA fighters in the world, should he take Faber out.


3. Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort

2013 Record: 3-0

There is some debate with this one as he was aided by TRT, or testosterone replacement therapy due to some injuries he had suffered throughout the previous year. He had a solid showing throughout the year, although he did not fight any real title matches. Regardless of this though, Vitor’s 2013 made him one of the best MMA fighters in the world.


2. Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman

2013 Record: 2-0

Up until 2013, no individual had ever beaten Anderson Silva in a cage fight before. This is rather impressive, so when Chris Weidman entered the cage for the first time against him, most believed he would end up just like all of the other fighters. That, simply, was not the case, and Chris Weidman bested Anderson Silva. In a highly anticipated rematch, Chris beat Anderson Silva again, so not only did he go two and zero throughout the course of the year, but he is the only individual who has ever beaten Silva as well. This alone is enough to place him second on the list of best MMA fighters in the world.


1. Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson

2013 Record: 3-0

Flyweight champion Demetrious is currently the best MMA fighter in the world. This is the case because he holds three different titles and he won all three of his matches in rather impressive fashion throughout the year, as not only did John Moraga submit to him, but Joseph Benavidez was knocked out by him in the very first round. All of this made for an exceptional year by Johnson throughout the 2013 season and he ultimately is the very best MMA fighter currently in the world now going into 2014.


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