Top 10 Sexiest Female Kpop Idols

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With Kpop music becoming more and more popular by the general public, there is some controversy over whether it is the music or the singers and dancers that perform these catchy songs. This writer believes, it’s the women. With the sexist Chinese women dancing and singing these songs, it is no wonder why Kpop is becoming the fastest music trend in the world. Here are a list of the top 10 sexiest female Kpop idols.


10. Park Ji-yeon

Park Ji-yeon

The beginning of the countdown in the top 10 sexiest female Kpop idols is the lovely Park Ji-yeon. This brunette won her way to the number ten spot with her no-nonsense triple threat style of entertainment. Not only a singer and a dancer, but she is also an actor who has landed several spots in various big screen hits. Look out world, soon Park Ji-yeon will be as big of an entertainment name as other triple threat big names.


9. Yuri


Number nine in the list is the fabulous Yuri. Not only is she the singer of the Kpop band SNSD/Girls Generation, she is also a hit because of the way she takes command of the stage and shows the world her true self. She makes number nine for the cute facial expressions she shoots to her fans from stage, and how she isn’t afraid to just bust out in dance when the mood takes her.


8. G.NA


Number eight in the countdown is the amazing sensation from Cuba G.NA. With chocolate brown hair, this young lady takes the cake in the Kpop community by shaking off the conventional belief that Kpop is only for one set community of girls, and bringing fire to the stage with her effortless dance moves and sultry voice. It isn’t everyday you find someone as talented as G.N.A.


7. Nana


Number seven in the countdown is someone who also kicks convention to the curb. Nana, the lead singer for the girl band After School, kicks the other girls to the curb with her blonde hair and innocent smile. One would never think that this woman of youthful vitality would be the most charismatic and confident individual in After School, busting out moves that is what makes After School so famous.


6. Suzy 


Number six in the list is the vivacious Suzy, lead singer of the popular group Miss A. With the majority of their fans being in Korea and other small countries, Suzy and Miss A are hitting it big in the Kpop music industry. Also a triple threat, Suzy’s angelic face, amazing voice, and sexy body makes anyone listening to her or seeing her on stage sit up and pay attention.


5. Hyroin


At the midpoint in the countdown, this writer sat and looked at the most popular Kpop singers available, trying to decide which one seems to have the potential to go all the way to number one in this list of sexiest female Kpop idols. There were several to choose from, but out of them all, the winner of the number five slot would have to be Hyroin, lead singer from SISTAR. This young woman is just fit enough to be curvy and sporty to create allure. The best part about Hyroin, well that has to be the fact that she can entertain like she was born to whatever part she is placed in.


4. Hyuna


Number four in the list is Hyuna from 4Minute. This outspoken young lady brings a new look to sexy with her sultry looks and tattooed body. Once a member of the group Wonder Girls, Hyuna has proven that she not only has what it takes to be a group leader, but also enough talent to be a solo artist. If she was ever to get tired of the group scene, she could not only create her own fan base, but do very nicely on her own.


3. Tiffany


Number three is another singer from SNSD/Girls Generation, Tiffany. Unlike her band mate Yuri, Tiffany has what it takes to be famous. Not only can she sing and dance, but she is also a professional actress on top of being a promotional model, and a television presenter for various shows. Tiffany takes the triple threat to a whole new level by adding dimensions to her star quality not seen for over twenty years.


2. Gain


Topping the charts in the number two spot of sexiest female Kpop idols is the singer Gain from Brown Eyed Girls. This young woman brings charm to a whole new level with her innocent looks and raw talents. This short haired singer brings charm and emotional connection to every song that is sung by the Brown Eyed Girls. Their fans are connected to them, not just because of their heart-tugging lyrics and soul searching songs.


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1. Jeon Hyosung

Jeon Hyosung

Topping the chart in the number One spot for the sexiest female Kpop idols is the amazing Jeon Hyosung from the band Secret. This young woman tops the chats because of her frequent photographs of herself being partially dressed. Her smile is infectious and her sweet appearance makes even the cold hearted individual smile in return. She tops the charts at number one because unlike the others, Jeon and the Secrets have been together for over five years.

Taking a trip through the Kpop idols will give any one a perspective on the latest trend in the music industry. Famous artists are soon falling out of favor as these up and coming sexy stars come forward. While Kpop is not a well known style of music, these bustling beauties are giving it the attention it well deserves. From moves that have never been seen before, to soul searching lyrics that haven’t been heard in decades, these singers, and actors, are sure to start a new wave in the entertainment industry. While there are only ten artists listed in this list of sexiest female Kpop idols, there are many more artists to be found, but these ten are all time favorites from those that know Kpop music the best.


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