Top 10 Reasons to Hate Justin Bieber

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Justin Bierber was born on 1st march 1994 in Ontario, Canada to a single mum. He became involved in music at a young age making him emerge second place in a local talent competition. His is a story of an overnight success having transformed him from an unknown singer to a world superstar with a big-time record deal. Justin was discovered accidentally via Youtube by scooter Braun who saw Bieber’s Youtube videos, before becoming the superstar’s manager. Braun introduced him to Usher Raymond who later signed him to his company called Raymond Braun Media Group.


Justin became the first solo artist whose four singles entered the top 40 before the release of the album. His first single “one time” became certified platinum in Canada shortly after its release in 2009. His other hit “baby” that featured Ludacriss cutterpulted him onto the billboard top 10 in early 2010. Justin has been through a lot of trouble that has earned him many haters and fans. Here are the top ten reasons to hate Justin Bieber.


1. Disrespectful

He acts disrespectful in social gatherings and lacks courtesy when with his gang. He seldom does anything for himself but prefers to misuse his army of cronies that hang up with him in every joint. His uncouth dancing styles in the presence of respected people at the Great Wall of China have led to resentment. Being a public figure, he ought to act responsibly in order to safeguard his reputation. Power comes with responsibility; therefore, it calls for him to be cautious with his actions.


2. Untrustworthy

Justin has been seen smoking marijuana on several occasions. After having discovered, he apologized while hosting the Saturday Night Live and promised to quit smoking for the sake of his responsibility as a role model. Sadly, the superstar was caught smoking immediately after the televised apology. This illustrates the highest sense of untrustworthy on his part. The insincerity portrayed by the superstar by recurrent smoking makes him fall short of his role to the youth.


3. He sings like a woman

Justin’s nasal voice is doing more harm to the mainstream music. He wants to imitate the likes of Michael Jackson but cannot have a cut in terms of comparison.  His introduction of a high-pitched voice has changed the music scene with more of his type aping his feminine singing. He does not vary his chord as expected of a male singer a fact that makes his songs sound like cracking pots.


4. His Family is Anti Semitic

Justin Bierber and his family have expressed dislike for people of the Jewish origin. His mother was against the idea of allowing a Jewish music agent to represent his son at the start of his music career. In his attempt to correct the impression, Justin wandered through the Anne Frank house while shadow boxing jovially likes a little kid. He further disparaged her memory by suggesting that he hoped she would have been a Belieber, a term used to refer to his fans. His inappropriate behavior in the famous historical house of Anne Frank made him look like a clown


5. He misleads young girls

The singer creates illusions of romance in the minds of young American girls by making them connected to his romantic lyrics. He likes kissing his fans in the glare of cameras and then leaves them soaked in tears. His songs have created unrealistic expectations of love among a whole generation of women. The songs make his fans believe that they are emotionally attached to Justin only to be left wallowing in their own hopes of desperation. The truth is that his songs have the same meaning and are aimed at hoodwinking young as unsuspecting into nonexistent love relationships.


6. He is a heartbreaker

Bierber is known for breaking the heart of Selena Gomez. It is well known that he made Selena believe that he loved her just as he does in his songs, only for his disloyalty and misbehavior to cause a break up. Bierber has destroyed the life and profession of one of the America’s best and beloved performers with his useless pestilence.


7. Irresponsible driving

Justin is a marked man when it comes to reckless driving that has caused the death of a paparazzi. His neighbors have been on record complaining about the careless and speedy driving done by Justin in a residential area. In fact, this makes him a criminal. There are also reports of his team hurting innocent people including his die-hard supporters.


8. He abused an endangered monkey

While on tour in Germany, he tried to sneak out an endangered baby monkey but was restrained by the Germany security officials. The monkey was still too young to survive in the absence of its mother and taking it could have resulted to its premature death. He had also attempted to smuggle the young primate through the international customs only to be intercepted by the custom officials. Here is a link to the story.


9. He is Bullish and irresponsible

Justin Bierber enjoys having his way in all circumstances irrespective of the situation. He at one time showed up at Disney unannounced and demanded all reservations made in the Yachtsman steakhouse be canceled and the steakhouse cleared so that he could eat there. The staff was forced to cancel the reservation of one of the guests without any explanation. Disney was forced to offer free dinner to their guests at another restaurant.


10. He is a wrong role model

Justin’s irresponsible behavior and utter disrespect for others has made him a wrong point of reference among Young adults. There is a story that he peed in a restaurant kitchen and had the audacity of insulting one of America’s respected presidents. There is also news of him acting stupidly in public places such as belittling Djs in the nightclub for failing to play his choice of songs. While there are many reasons that may make you hate Bieber, the above are the reasons resonate with the feelings of many people.