Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals of All Time

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Throughout the course of United States history, there have been wanted individuals for all sorts of different crimes. Whether they are wanted for murder or robbery, individuals became wanted for escaping prison, avoiding the police and simply not being caught by the authorities. Although there are many individuals who have made it onto the most wanted list, the people who are on the most wanted criminals of all time list are on it because of the length of time they were wanted by the FBI.


10. Wardell David Ford

Wardell David Ford

Wanted: December 20, 1989

Found: September 17, 1990

While only on the list for less than a year, it shows how fast the FBI is usually able to locate someone, once they are placed on the list. Ford was wanted for armed robbery and homicide inside of Detroit after he stole around $45,000 and killed a guard (who also shot and killed his partner). Eventually he was located through a tip by someone who watched the television program “America’s Most Wanted.” He has found his way onto the most wanted criminals of all time list for being on the run for so long.


9. James J. Bulger

James J. Bulger

Wanted: August 19, 1999

Found: June 22, 2011

There is a rather large jump between the number 10 position and the number nine position for the most wanted criminals of all time. However, most individuals are either caught immediately inside of the United States (after being placed on the FBI’s most wanted list), or are able to disappear for a long time. Individuals are usually wanted by their local police department before making it to the FBI’s doorstep, so for the most part, these individuals are wanted for longer than the FBI listings. However, being on the run for almost 12 years shows how Bulger was able to avoid the police and authorities for an extended period of time. He was wanted for 19 counts of murder, racketeering, money laundering, extortion, narcotics distribution and a variety of other crimes. Bulger made the list at age 69, and the movie “The Departed” is actually loosely based on him and the gang he ran outside of South Boston. He did serve as an informant to the FBI for a long time, although this eventually became public and he was placed on the most wanted list. He was arrested in the state of California.


8. Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden

Wanted: June 7, 1999

Found: May 2, 2011

It is rather amazing that it took Osama so long to be placed onto the FBI’s most wanted list, although the government didn’t have direct connections with him and specific terrorist attacks until the 1998 bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya. He eventually was connected to the September 11, 2001 attack on the New York City World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Eventually, through a long series of sting operations and informants, he was located inside of a large safe house in Pakistan. During a night race, United States’ Seal Team Six entered Pakistan and ultimately killed Osama Bin Laden. Although he is connected to more killings and death than anyone else on the list, other individuals remained wanted for longer, which is why Osama Bin Laden is only listed as the number eight most wanted criminal of all time.


7. Leo Joseph Koury

Leo Joseph Koury

Wanted: April 20, 1979

Found: June 16, 1991

Known as a business owner who operated several different gay bars throughout the Richmond, Virginia, he eventually was wanted for murder and fraud. While the fraud charge was never proven (his rival bar owner brought the charges against him, so it is possible they simply wanted his business to shut down in order for their own bars to thrive), he was wanted for two counts of murder due to killing a bouncer and sending a hit man to another bar, who shot and killed another individual. He was never actually found by the authorities, but he died inside of a San Diego, California hospital from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 56.


6. Katherine Ann Power

Katherine Ann Power

Wanted: October 17, 1970

Found: June 15, 1984

The lone woman on the list, she was wanted for the robbery of the Massachusetts National Guard armory facility and another bank located in Brighton, Massachusetts that ultimately ended in the death of a police officer (one of the fastest ways to end up on the FBI’s most wanted list is to kill a police officer or another law enforcement official). She was on the list for 13 years, although she was wanted for another 10 years, as the FBI eventually took her off of the most wanted list in order to place other, more violent threats on the top 10. In total, she remained at large for 23 years, and while she did turn herself in, she only spend six years in a Massachusetts prison and another 14 on probation.


5. Frederick J. Tenuto

Frederick J. Tenuto

Wanted: May 24, 1950

Found: March 9, 1964

Tenuto served as a hit man for the mafia and spent 14 years on the FBI’s most wanted list. It is not known exactly how many murders Tenuto was involved with, although he was eventually assassinated by Albert Anastasia after Albert asked Tenuto to kill Arnold Schuster for working with the local police department. Due to his own death, Tenuto was removed from the FBI’s most wanted list but it still allowed him to make the most wanted criminals of all time by avoiding the FBI for nearly 14 years.


4. Glen Stewart Godwin

Glen Stewart Godwin

Wanted: December 17, 1996

Found: Still at large

Glen has been able to avoid the FBI and local police departments for 18 years now. He was originally arrested for murder in 1983 in California and sentenced to 26 years but escaped prison in 1987. It took another nine years to be placed in the FBI’s most wanted list, so he has been on the run for a total of 26 years currently. Simply for not being caught and the fact he has been able to avoid the police and the FBI for this long is exactly why he has been placed on the most wanted criminals of all time list.


3. Charles Lee Herron

Charles Lee Herron

Wanted: February 9, 1968

Found: June 18, 1986

Charles discovered what someone should never do if they want to avoid being placed on the FBI’s most wanted list: kill a police officer. In fact, he killed two police officers in the 1960s and eventually arrested in 1986, although he plead down to voluntary manslaughter after a few months following his arrest.


2. Donald Eugene Webb

onald Eugene Webb

Wanted: May 4, 1981

Found: March 31, 2007

Again, another individual wanted for the murder of a police officer is one of the reasons Donald is one of the most wanted criminals of all time. He was wanted for both the murder of a police chief in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania but also attempted burglary. The murder in Saxonburg was the first murder to ever take place in the tow. The “Found” date can be a bit misleading though. In 2007, he was removed from the FBI’s most wanted list when the decided that he no longer met the “most wanted” criteria. He has yet to actually be found or located, although it is believed he has died after spending 29 years on the run, although none of this has been confirmed or verified.


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1. Victor Manuel Gerena

Victor Manuel Gerena

Wanted: May 14, 1984

Found: Still at large

One of the few individuals that did not commit murder (or kill a police officer) to make this list, Victor was wanted for an armed robbery of a Wells Fargo armored vehicle where he escaped with around $7 million in cash. The sheer amount of the money is why he is on this list, but he has proven to be impossible to locate and capture. The FBI currently has a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of this individual. It is believed that after robbing the armored vehicle in Puerto Rico, he took a flight to Mexico, where he then traveled to Cuba. The FBI believes he is still in Cuba, although this has not been verified. Due to being on the run for 29 years, he is the top spot on the list of most wanted criminals of all time.

There have been hundreds of individuals to make it onto the FBI’s most wanted list. However, not all are able to make the list of most wanted criminals of all time. As there are so many different variables that come into play when it comes to determining why a person is placed on the FBI’s list, these 10 made the most wanted criminals of all time list because of the length of time they spent outrunning the FBI. There are a few individuals who are still at large, but most of the individuals have either been caught or remove from the list.


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