Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in 2014

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Music plays an important part in a lot of lives across the globe. Everyone has their favorite songs and favorite singers. Music is so different, and so is everyone’s preferences. However, among the hundreds of recording artists that grace the stages every day, there are a few male singers who really stand out. The following list contains some of the most popular male singers in 2014. Their music, genre, and skills are all different and above par. It’s impossible to label any single best singer because some people like different music, but these following male singers are sure to be everyone’s favorites. These are popular male singers in 2014.


10. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber became a household name on Youtube long before he hit the big screens and stages across the globe. He is one of the youngest male singers to ever top the charts and his music has earned a following of millions of young kids and teenagers everywhere. Justin Bieber is smart enough to think outside the limitations of the country and is always working on creating an international appearance. It’s for that reason that he’s just as famous in China, India, and other countries as he is in America. If you have a Twitter profile, then following Justin Bieber will put you alongside 40 million other fans who tune in every day to see what the young Justin Bieber is up to. Justin has had a shining career so far and his future appears to be just as promising.


9. Usher


Usher is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, businessman, philanthropist and actor. He is ranked as one of the best selling artists of all time, having sold over 23 million copies in US alone and 65 million copies worldwide. Usher has won 8 Grammy awards and has attained 18 Hot 100 top-ten hits.


8. David Guetta

David Guetta
This is a name that didn’t enter households until 2009, when he became more than just a great music producer and took to the stage himself. His best album from David Guetta is arguably “When Love Takes Over” and it’s definitely his most successful album. That album launched David into stardom and he has continued touching our hearts ever since. Particularly, two of his later albums are what brought him to fame in America. These albums were “Sexy Bitch” and “Getting Over You”. On Facebook, he tops over 43 million followers and his Twitter is just as impressive with a healthy 10 million followers.


7. Pitbull

Pitbull is not a stranger to the charts. He isn’t a newcomer to the music industry and has been one of our favorite singers and rappers for many years now. Pitbull stands out against other rappers and vocalists because of his beautiful melody and chorus abilities that he presents at times. He has diversified himself as a talented rapper, an awesome song writer, an impressive singer, and even a TV announcer. There isn’t anything Pitbull won’t do and everything he does, he does well. That’s why he’s on this list of the most popular male singers in 2014.


6. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo
Have you ever heard of Jason Derulo? Surprisingly a lot of people haven’t, but all of that is going to change in 2014. He saw some signs of stardom in 2013 with his hit single, “The Other Side”, which is already soaring to the top of the charts. He has promised new music and new albums in this year and we know they are going to be great. This singer is also a well-known actor and dancer, which makes him a flexible and formidable threat to his competition. Get prepared because you’ll be hearing a lot more about Jason Derulo in 2014.


5. Chris Brown

Chris Brown
Let’s face, Chris Brown has been the target of a lot of negative media lately. Despite what the press has to say, his music is one-of-a-kind and he is definitely one of the top male singers in 2014. Chris Brown is pretty young, but he’s already won several Grammies for his album he released back in 2011. He’s promised a new album in 2014, which is great news for his 30 million fans that follow him daily on Facebook. One of Chris Brown’s most noticeable talents, aside from his singing, is his incredible dancing. Put in any video of Chris Brown and you’re sure to be impressed with some unique dance moves.


4. Taio Cruz

Taio Cruz
Taio Cruz is another new superstar on the international scenes. His music is topping the charts in dozens of countries and 2009, while a great year, won’t be his best yet. He even earned rare noble metals in 2010, but 2014 is promised to be even better than before. If you aren’t already listening to Taio Cruz, who is one of the best male singers in 2014, then you need to go out and buy his latest album. You’re guaranteed to be impressed by every single word on every single track.


3. Adam Levine

Adam Levine
Adam Levine is now a host on American Idol and was voted the sexiest man in America. This is a businessman, an actor, a dancer, and a great singer. He has already founded several companies outside of his music career and he’s using all of his recourses to push his fame even further. His latest song is topping charts in countries across the globe. If you haven’t listened to “My Life’ or any other single by Adam Levine, then you are definitely missing out on some of the best music on the planet.


2. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars was born in a family of musicians and started making music at a young age. He became famous with “Billionaire” and “Nothin’ on You”. He is just 28 years old and his net worth is more than $15 million. Bruno has won 2 Grammy awards and sold over 10 million albums worldwide. His 3 singles are among the best-selling singles of all time. In 2011, Time Magazine named him as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the world. In 2014, he was ranked number 1 on Forbes Top 30 under 30 list.


1. Drake

It’s hard to turn on the radio for more than thirty minutes without hearing a new song with Drake in the mix. Drake is blowing up across the globe and is likely one of the most talented rappers in the industry. Not only is he a great rapper and lyricist, but he has a beautiful voice and isn’t afraid to start singing on the track. Drake is one of the few rappers to come from Canada and he’s working hard to put his city on the map. Any fan of good music, good singing, good rap, or good lyrics should find the latest Drake album and add it to their collection.

These are just some of the best male singers in 2014 and there are still plenty of other talented musicians on the market. You should give each singer on this list a shot and you might find they are exactly who you’ve been looking for to add to your CD collection or play list.


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