Top 10 Most Attractive Women Golfers of All Time

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For the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) tour, some of the ladies marketed themselves for being hot, to climb into their professional ranks to be there for a while. Rest assure that they will have more fans. With this said, here are the top ten most attractive women golfers of all time:


10. Bridget Dwyer

Bridget Dwyer

Bridget Dwyer was born on September 16, 1980. She was the youngest of six children, who took up golf at the age of 13. That is when her father took her out to the driving range.

In 2005, Bridget turned professional. Then Dwyer was on Season 6 of Golf’s Reality Show, The Big Break. She made it to finally, then lost to Briana Vega in a 18 hole match play. She was still a winner and this got her noticed in the LPGA.

Dwyer qualifies for the attractive women golfers of all time list, because she poses in her bikini, short dresses and hot pants.  She has a great figure and there are some hot poses.


9. Danielle Montgomery

Danielle Montgomery

Danielle Montgomery comes from Britain.  She turned a professional golfer at the  age of 17 in December 1984. She comes from a golfing family where her brother and sister, who were both older than she, are professional golfers.

Montgomery qualifies for the attractive women golfers of all time lists, because she did a hot pose to honor Jan Stevenson for the Australian Tournament in 2009.  She earned around $72,000.00. that year.


8. Anna Grzebien

Anna Grzebien

This one isn’t as positive as Dwyer and Montgomery’s story. Anna Grzebien hales from Canada. She worked hard to get her professional card in golf in 2008. She had some family problems.

For Grzebein, she qualifies for attractive women golfers of all time list because she posed nude for ESPN magazine. This went to the media.  The LPGA did not like this. The case went national. Grzebein was getting too many harassing phone calls. She said that she doesn’t regret that she did this. It’s that she didn’t know what she was getting into when she did it . She said that with all this, it was time to leave and move on. Golf isn’t all that big of an ordeal of a game. She said that she doesn’t know how all the rest of the LPGA pros, live out of a suitcase, playing and practicing all year, living paycheck to paycheck with no place to call home do this. She gives them credit.


7. Maria Verchenova Balikoeva

Maria Verchenova Balikoeva

Maria, just recently got married.  She was born March 27, 1986. She is the first Russian full-time Ladies Professional Golfer on the European Tours.  She has 10 top titles.

Balikoeva made the attractive women golfers of all time list, because she maintains a good figure. She enhances it with short spandex dress and high heels. She works very hard at everything that she does and is a very strong woman.


6. Beatriz Recari

Beatriz Recari

Beatriz was born April 21, 1987 in Spain. At age 11, she took up Golf. In 2005, at age 18, she became a professional both on the Ladies European Tour and the US LPGA Tour. She was the first Spanish woman golfer to do both. In 2005, she took one year of college majoring in Economics in Spain when she left to focus on her professional golf career.

Recari sustained an eating disorder in early years, in professional golf, that she received help for. Now she donates some of her tournament winnings to help teens and people with eating disorders.

Recari is on this list, because she dresses nice and is hot.


5. Kim Hall

Kim Hall

Kim is one of the newest girls on the LPGA tour. Kim became interested in golf at the age of 5. She credits her family and her first golf coach Julie Meeks for influencing her career. She married Casey Hall on September 26, 2004. She got her pro card and was rookie of the year for the LPGA in 2006.

Kim did some nude photos for the Wilhelmina Art group with Anna Grzebein, to help out the LPGA tour. Those have since failed. Kim still goes on doing hot shots and she is loving what she is doing.


4. Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson

Rawson was born on April 5, 1981 in Australia. At age 16, she became a professional model looking to qualify herself to turn professional in golf.

Rawson played collegiate golf at the University of Southern California. This all became reality when she got her pro card in 2004 for the LPGA. In 2009, she started her golf tournaments. Anna is on the attractive women golfer of all time list, because she takes  a  lot of hot and great photos.


3. Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis

Natalie was born January 4, 1983 in Sacramento California. She grew up as only child. At age of three, she became interested in Golf. In 2002, she earned her LPGA pro card. She is considered the sex symbol of the LPGA Tour. She loves it.


2. Sandra Gal

Sandra Gal

Sandra was born on May 5, 1985 in Germany.  She’s 6’2″ tall, slim a beautiful She is a German professional golfer and also a professional on the LPGA Tour. Sandra tops the attractive woman golfer of all time list. In 2012 she was voted Golf’s Digest Hottest Woman Golfer of the year.  Her pictures are all over. They even have her pictures posted in Sports Bars.


1. Blair O’Neal

Blair O'Neal

Blair was born on May 4, 1981 in Ill. When she was two, her family moved to Scottsdale Arizona where they stayed. At age 11, Blair’s father enrolled her brother and her in a golf clinic. Little did he know that she was going to make a career out of this.

Blair became a professional golfer and a professional model. She took four years off of the LPGA Tour to develop her modeling career. Now she combined both of them! This qualifies her to right at the top of this list as number one!


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