Top 10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces in the World

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There is that popular saying of “If looks could kill.” While most of the time that is just an expression, in terms of armed forced, it is completely true. Most armed forced around the world are men, but more and more women are starting to join the military for different countries, which is why it is necessary to know what armies have the most attractive female armed forces. Of course, this is going to be a bit subjective, but there are some armies that have more attractive females officers and soldiers than other armies in the world.


10. The United States Army

The United States Army

When a country has the largest army in the world, it is going to make it onto this list by default. After all, there are bound to be some attractive women in the service. Women have been serving inside of the United States army, in some shape or form, since the Revolutionary War. Right now, women make up about 14 percent of the military, which means there are more than 165,000 women enlisted in the armed services and a total of 35,000 women on top of this serving as officers, giving them a total number of about 200,000 women serving their country.


9. Czech Republic Army

Czech Republic Army

The Czech Republic does not have the largest army, and for years, the military in the nation did not allow women to serve in the military. It did not allow women to fight and enlist until after the Second World War, although some did find their ways into the battles for the Czech Republic by serving in the medical branches and phone operation services during the time. Right now, more women serve in the Czech Air Force than in other branches of the military, but either way, the nation has one of the most attractive female armed forces group in the entire world and it gives their country something additionally to be proud of.


8. Polish Army

Polish Army

The Polish army is one of the smaller armies in the entire world, and especially to make this list. Of course, there are a good number of jokes that revolve around military aspects and Poland, but the women inside of the Polish army is not one of these jokes. Only about 2,500 women serve inside of the Polish army (which is about one percent of the popular of women serving inside of the United States army), but as they say, it is quality, not quantity, when determine the most attractive female armed forces in the entire world. All of the women inside of this military branch have the same rights as men and many serve throughout the air force, Navy, army and even the special forces.


7. British Army

British Army

While England has had one of the longest and largest continual armies in the entire world, due to its once expansive empire, the British Army did not integrate women into the arms forces into the 1990s. However, even though they are allowed to join the army, they are not allowed to serve in primary combat units, such as the army, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines. With this being said though, it is not the only armed forces group in the world that has these kinds of specifications. The United States also has similar requirements that prevent some women from fighting in primary combat units. Regardless, the attractiveness of the women inside of this nation makes it one of the most attractive female armed forces groups in the world (maybe it’s just the accent).


6. Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army

The Middle East is not an area known for it’s extensive female rights, but Pakistan makes it onto the list at number six due to the fact that it actually does allow women to take part in military combat. In fact, women have been serving inside of the Pakistan military since just after the conclusion of the Second World War (1947), which is right after the actual creation of the nation of Pakistan itself. It is not exactly known how many women currently serve in the Pakistan army, although in 2006, the first women did join in fighter pilot combat missions, and there are other women who have trained to be a sniper, serve in the infantry and paratroopers. Right now, only the Pakistan Navy is the only branch of the armed forces inside of Pakistan that prevents women from serving in combat missions. While attractiveness is often in the eye of the beholder, just the fact that women can serve in the military in this area of the world is impressive and hot in itself, which is why Pakistan is included on the list of most attractive female armed forces groups in the world.


5. Israel Army

Israel Army

Not to be outdone, Israel comes in at number five on this lis of most attractive female armed forces in the world. Israel, for its size, has an incredible large and powerful military. Along with its backing of the United States, it is possible for this army to hold its own in the region. It is also the only nation to assign women directly to infantry combat services, which are located directly on the life of fire. All citizens of Israel are required to serve in the military once they turn 18, so there are large number of women soldiers. In total, about 31 percent of soldiers in Israel are women, which is three times more than the total percentage of the United Kingdom.


4. Greece Army

Greece Army

Greece is similar to Israel in the fat that it requires all men inside of the nation who are 18 to serve at least nine months of military training. This does not hold true for women, but many women do decide to enlist and serve the same amount of time as their male counterparts. All of these women make up for an incredible attractive armed forces inside of the Greece Army. Plus, Greek women have long been held up for their natural beauty, so it would only make sense for them to be listed inside of the top five most attractive female armed forces in the world.


3. Australian Army

Australian Army

Women inside of Australia have been serving inside of the military since 1899. During this time they could only serve in the Australian Army Nursing Service up until World War II, although they were then able to join the Royal Australian Navy in 1941 and eventually the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force. Women were completely integrated into the armed forces of Australian by the 1970s and now are able to serve in all forms of combat roles and even the Australian Defend Force. Here is another nation where just the Australian accent alone is sexy enough to place them into the top three.


2. Russian Army

Russian Army

Russia has long been known to have some of the most beautiful women in the world, due to the figure of the women, as they are usually slender, tall and have that mysterious look in their eyes that adds the right amount of wonder. Russian women have long played a very important role in the history of the Russian military, so it only makes sense for them to make it to the second spot on the list of most attractive female armed forces in the world. They have served in a variety of duties throughout the history of Russia, especially during the Great Patriotic War.


1. Romanian Army

Romanian Army

It is tough to beat out the Russian Army, but if there is one major army in the world that can do this, it is the Eastern European nation of Romania. Here, the nation doesn’t always have the very best equipment or the best weapons, but it doe have some of the sexiest women in the world. Granted, if Brazil had a large enough army with women serving in it, the nation of Brazil would probably take the top sot, but the matter of fact is that most of the worlds armed forces is based out of Europe and North America. So, for anyone who is looking for the most attractive female armed forces in the world, they need to not look any fort her than Romania.

There is a large list of some rather incredible women soldiers in the world. Most of the time, these women receive the very same training as their male counterparts. Some nations prevent the women solders from serving in the front lines, while others require women to serve some amount of military training throughout the course of their life. Regardless though, there are many different nations that have women inside of their armies. While these are the top 10, there are sure to be other nations out there that not only allow women to serve in the armed forces, but also have some rather attractive women serving as well. That is why it is always a subjective list as to who makes the top 10 and what nations are left just outside.


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