Top 10 Hottest WAGs in Sports History

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Of Course, individuals will often disagree about who’s Hotter than whom. We offer here, a sensible, honest, and totally fair comparison for all to enjoy…. Also Please Note, that This, is the most completely accurate Report, on The Top 10 Hottest WAGs in Sports History.


10) Jessie James & Eric Decker

 Jessie James & Eric Decker

Country Music Star Jessie James has more than Red Hot Good Looks, she also has an On-Fire Musical Career going for herself and a Reality Show on E! Ms.James’s, (now Mrs. Eric Decker), Totally Smashing Hot-Bod and Enchanting Beauty glow these days ‘with child’. A Daughter is Due momentarily.


9) Victoria & David Beckham

Victoria & David Beckham

Victoria, the ‘Artist Formerly Known’ as ‘Posh Spice’ of the Spice Girls, completely mesmerized the British Soccer Star once known as one of ‘The World’s Most Eligible Bachelors’.  He’d seen Spice Girls videos and immediately decided which was his favorite. They met after a soccer match in Great Britain in 1997, and have been a couple since. Presently they 4 children, 3 boys, and a long-hoped for girl. Despite widely-publicized allegations of David’s romantic affairs, and several failed Music Recording projects that Victoria had to struggle through, they maintain a happy, enduring marriage and parenthood. Victoria now enjoys being a Top-Shelf Fashion Designer whose items appear everywhere and on everyone whose anyone.


8) Lauren & Ryan Tannehill

Lauren & Ryan Tannehill

The dynamic young Miami Dolphin’s Rookie Quarterback has inspired great hope among recently suffering Dolphin Fans with an impressive Rookie debut. His young and pretty wife Lauren also brings the Miami NFL-Faithful something to smile about. Her dynamic spirit and fabulous good looks generate an air of youthful excitement and energy for the Miami-Dade Community. Her Photo-spread in Maxim didn’t  hurt any to bring them to the Top Hottest Sports WAGs list either.


7)  Samantha & Christian Ponder

Samantha & Christian Ponder

Minnesota QB Christian Ponder may have had some interception problems when he came to the NFL from Florida State, but he had no problem when it came to connecting with the lovely Samantha Steele of ESPN. They married in 2012 and 2 ‘Seasons’ later appear quite the happy and contented couple. Some question Ponder’s staying power with the Vikings, but with 38 Career Touchdowns, (not including his Best Connection with Ms. Steele), if the Viking’s don’t keep him, someone else will. Either way, he’s an NFL Pro, and Married to Samantha Steele. Not too shabby.


6) Janet Jones & Wayne Gretzky

Janet Jones & Wayne Gretzky

Smokin’ Hot Mrs.Gretzky (Janet Jones), appeared in several movies in the 1980’s into the 90’s , as well as a Playboy Cover & Photo Spread in March 1987. She and her spouse Wayne Gretzky, dubbed ‘The Great One’ in NHL parlance, were married in an elaborate bash in Edmonton, Alberta in 1988. At the time, hearts and dreams of single women around the world were broken as the couple exchanged vows amongst all the glamor and flash akin to a Royal Wedding. Leading up to that fantastic occasion, she was considered one Hot Sports Girlfriend, then Wife. She appeared at the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Finals in L.A.. with her Photo-Worthy daughter Paulina Gretzky, looking more like sisters than Mother & Daughter. Paulina, of recent Photo-Fame herself, clearly owes her gorgeous good-looks to Mom.


5) Leila Lopes & Osi Umenyiora

Leila Lopes & Osi Umenyiora

Miss Universe of 2011 Has to be in the Top Five, easily placing her high on the All-Time WAGs List. Her Fiancee’ ( as of this February), 2-Time NFL Pro-Bowler Osi Umenyiora isn’t too hard on the eyes either. He’s a long-time NY Giants Favorite, now with the Atlanta Falcons. Always a menace to opposing Quarterbacks, the London-Born Osi has League-Leading Defensive- skills and records. Ms. Lopes came to the Miss Universe Crown by way of the Miss Angola Title. She’s a leading HIV/AIDS Activist, raising money and awareness to fight the disease world-wide.


4) Kate Upton & Jason Verlander

Kate Upton & Jason Verlander

Ms. Upton needs little introduction to the Top Ten Sports Hottest WAGs List , especially after her SI Swimsuit appearance. Mr. Verlander is perhaps, a little less well-known. However, he is well-known, and well-loved to Detroit Tigers Fans. Jason spent just 1 Season in the ‘Minors’ after coming to Professional Baseball from Old Dominion, and has thrilled baseball fans in  Detroit since. He’s been an American League All Star for 6 Years in a row since 2007, including Tiger’s MVP in 2011. Kate Upton has been a World-Class, Top-Dollar Model in recent years and seems to lean to Jason as her ‘Most Valuable Player’.


3) Gisele ( Bundchen) & Tom Brady

Gisele ( Bundchen) & Tom Brady

Hot, Hot, Hot , Sports Wife! Gisele Bundchen is easily one of the Most Gorgeous Women we’ve ever seen.She’s absolutely established as one of the most accomplished Models in the business. And, a steadfast partner to her husband as well as a totally committed mother to their 2 children. Sexy ? Tom Brady could be ranked among the best NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time. Plus, He’s Handsome, Strong, and completely dedicated to his work and family.


2) Lauren Cosgrove & T J Oshie

 Lauren Cosgrove & T J Oshie

Almost #1 Choice, but… . Probably the Hottest Hockey Player on ice these days, despite U.S.A.’s failure to bring home some Olympic bling. The St. Louis Blues Right Winger has the best Shoot-Out Record in the NHL. and The Hottest Fiancee’, Lauren Cosgrove. She’s a  self-described ‘Midwestern Girl’ and is absolutely gorgeous. They are expecting their first child ( daughter),  this March 17th. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to both !


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1) Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio

Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio

The All-Time # 1 of  Hottest Sports WAGs : Marylin. How Hot was Marilyn Monroe? On his Deathbed, Joe Di Maggio’s last words were reported to have been: ‘Now I’ll get to see Marilyn… ‘ She was so great that the Baseball Legend never forgot her, or tried to help. Though their marriage lasted only just under a year in 1954 , they’d dated since ’52, and Joe remained a loyal and true Friend, (perhaps, Love),  until her death at age 36 in 1962. Upon her controversial death, it was DiMaggio who made and paid for her final arrangements. It is reported that he sent roses to her grave for 20 Years after her interment.


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