Top 10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models Of All Times

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In the world of super models and the hottest Victoria’s Secret Models Of All Times, the top names have always gone to those women who exemplify the perfect woman’s image in bathing suits and lingerie. And when Victoria’s Secret started becoming a worldwide success via their catalogs and models, they took over control over which models would be considered the top of the runway. Ironically, many of the models share some of the same traits that famous names before them enjoyed as well in terms of looks and appearance. There is no question that the traits of Cindy Crawford, Sheryl Tiegs, and similar are still sought after today for professional modeling. However, even among Victoria’s Secret models, there is a hierarchy of the top ten models overall. Here is the list of the hottest Victoria’s Secret Models Of All Times.


#10 – Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart

Brazil has no shortage of model beauties, being an international crossroads of cultures for centuries. Izabel carries the banner for the country in rank number 10, but she shares the title with three other beauties from the same country. She started appearing in Victoria’s catalog in the late 2000s and has been established since in the mainstream as one of the top models to obtain. Izabel has also diversified into cable TV roles on HBO programs as well as on prime time TV with bit pieces. No surprise, Izabel acts at what she does best, being a model.


#9 – Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta

Hailing from France, Casta originally appeared in GUESS advertising before she embarked on a tenure with Victoria’s Secret modeling. And she was not exclusive to the lingerie catalog either; Casta is able to mark just about every major designer name on her resume that is worth having as a professional feather. The model is also busy diversifying to film, landing roles in at least four French movies back in Europe, and Casta has been able to land her first role in an American movie with the 2012 release of Arbitrage from Lionsgate.


#8 – Daniela Pestova

Daniela Pestova

Pestova claims not just title to being in the top ten list of models from Victoria’s Secret, she was also one of the original three models used when the company first started modeling its products. That said, Pestova has not gone the path of major marketing of her history. Instead, the blonde model generally shies away from the limelight, focusing her appearances only on when business beckons. A Czech Republic émigré, Pestova has made a name for herself over the years in Sports Illustrated annual bathing suit articles as well as being accomplished in all the major designer arenas and being in the hottest Victoria’s Secret Models Of All Times.


#7 – Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

There is no question that Victoria’s Secret models can easily qualify for the title of being Bond girls. In fact, Alessandra Ambrosio has that title on her resume as well as Victoria’s modeling, having started in Casino Royale, the 2006 James Bond release. It was not a big part, but she appeared nonetheless, so she gets rightful credit for it. Along with other famous models, Ambrosio has also appeared on TV cable shows on HBO as well as prime time TV comedy as well.


#6 – Stephanie Seymour

Stephanie Seymour

Does the name sound familiar? It should. Seymour was definitely a Victoria’s Secret model who gained subsequent fame or became infamous, depending how one looks at it. She started her modeling career in the middle of the 1980s and quickly became a household name by the end of the decade and early 1990s. Then she gained a lot of notoriety being involved with Axl Rose, the singer for the heavy metal band, Guns & Roses. That relationship did not go well, and it put Seymour’s name all over the news with Rose’s tendency to be abusive. Following that tumultuous turn, Stephanie Seymour then found some peace with a prime time TV role on Law & Order: Criminal Intent as well as some film time.


#5 – Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

She might be a surprise for the hottest Victoria’s Secret Models Of All Times, but Adriana Lima has earned a seat. Also from Brazil, Lima cements the South American country’s control of the top 10 list, representing her Brazilian heritage well in the modeling business. She was married at one point to Marko Jaric, an NBA player, but that since ended. Lima has been consistently working on branching over to the TV side of things, appearing in multiple TV comedy shows as well as sports commercial, particularly the Super Bowl advertisements.


#4 – Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

A top 10 list of the hottest Victoria’s Secret Models Of All Times also would not be complete without the honorable mention of Ms. Banks among the titleholders. Tyra Banks redefined the role of the American model in mainstream lingerie and bathing suit presentation, and she has since gone on to make an empire of her name ranging from TV cable shows, to interviews, to aiding younger models in finding their way in the industry. Now the producer of the show, America’s Next Top Model, Banks’ name has been cemented with modeling as much as Christie Brinkley’s and Cindy Crawford’s names. She’s even tried her hand at a talk show. Her resume includes almost a dozen movies, music singles, TV cameos, and books as well.


#3 – Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

While Claudia Shiffer didn’t make the list, Gisele Bundchen can keep Germany’s pride at ease, representing the European country at rank three. Ironically, however, Bundchen hails from Brazil, believe it or not. The long-legged blonde beauty has a broad history of modeling, reaching the title of the highest paid in her industry. She recently decided to take the big dip and have children with her football husband, Tom Brady, which many thought would put Bundchen into retirement as far as high-end modeling was concerned. In fact, Bundchen is still appearing, showing up in prime time TV as well as cinema roles.


#2 – Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller

California gets to tout one its exports as well with Marisa Miller. No surprise, Miller’s first exposure was seen in early modeling competitions, and she has made a name for herself consistently appearing on both TV cable programming as well as prime time TV comedy shows, cementing her look and recognizability. Further, she’s gained the title of all-time swimsuit model from Men’s Fitness, and she scored another film hit with the released of R.I.P.D.


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#1 – Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Like Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum has been busy building her name and brand empire across multiple image products. No list of the hottest Victoria’s Secret Models Of All Times would be complete without her. Klum gained her fame in modeling first as a brunette and then a blonde. She never went back either. The German export has definitely cemented her name in all-time modeling for Victoria’s Secret and others, and now Klum packages her roles into designer contests, TV cable programs such as Project Runway, and various roles on prime time TV. She had a famous marriage with the singer, Seal, but unfortunately that ended. However, they both share their professional lives with two children which hopscotching around the world pushing their respective brands.


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