Top 10 Hottest Female Sportscasters

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Sports broadcasting is a field that was once predominately male, but things have changed. Females have gotten in on the act as broadcasters, sideline reporters, and color commentators. Many of these women are known not only for their excellence in broadcasting and sports knowledge, but their looks too. These women not only can give a quality play by play of their respective sport, but they steal the hearts of men watching from all over the world. Here are the 10 hottest female sportscasters.


10. Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols

This sportscaster has made quite the name for herself. She is not only famous for her work on NFL countdown and Monday Night Countdown, but for being hot as well. Although she recently left ESPN for CNN, many of her male fans will surely change the channel to see this hot redhead in action.


9. Reischea Canidate

Reischea Canidate

As one of the hosts of ESPN’s First Take, Reischa Canidate gives men plenty of incentive to tune in early. Known for her pretty eyes and her sexy smile, she provides the show with as much eye candy as she does sports analysis.


8. Jill Arrington

Jill Arrington

Jill Arrington has had a long and successful career in sportscasting, and her looks may have something to do with it. This blonde hair, blue eyed beauty has covered women’s tennis, the NFL and currently the host of Totally Nascar. Jill Arrington’s beauty has gotten her national recognition, as she was named the sexiest female sportscaster by Playboy Magazine, and was among Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2002.


7. Carrie Milbank

Carrie Milbank

As the host of the’s The Hockey Show, Carrie Milbank attracts many viewers for her hockey analysis, and her smoking hot looks. This former Houston Texans cheerleader is more than a pretty face though. She graduated cum laude from West Florida University with a degree in communications. She is not only one of the hottest female sportscasters, but one of the smartest too.


6. Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger has a long, colorful history with the world of sports. Before becoming the host of The Daily Line on the Versus network, she was first discovered as an FSU Cowgirl. From there she began writing columns for Sports Illustrated, and then became the sideline reporter for the New York Jets. It was during this time that Brett Favre got in trouble for sending Jenn inappropriate pictures. After seeing her spread in Playboy, it is hard to blame him.


5. Leeann Tweeden

 Leeann Tweeden

Leeann Tweeden is a jack of all trades when it comes to sportscasting, and looks good while doing it. This former Hooters girl was an analyst on The Best Damn Sports Show Period throughout the show’s run. She was also the host of NBC’s Poker After Dark. Currently, Leeann is a part of UFC Tonight on Fox Sports. Her versatility in the world of sports broadcasting, as well as her smoking hot looks more than earns her a place on the hottest female sportscasters.


4. Linda Cohn

Linda Cohn

Without Linda Cohn, many of the women on this list may not have a job. She was the first ever female sportscaster for ESPN back in 1992. Since then, she has been a regular host on Sports Center, where she is known not only for her extensive sports knowledge, but for being hot too. This blonde bombshell not only blazed a trail for women sportscasters everywhere, but looked damn good doing it. This more than earns her a spot on the list of the hottest female sportscasters.


3. Jamie Little

Jamie Little

Jamie Little works as a pit reporter for both ESPN and ABC. She is also a respected sportscaster for numerous motocross and extreme sports events. Beyond beyond a sportscaster for motorsport events, she also races in them on occasion. She even won a Toyota Pro Celebrity Race. Beyond being respected by fans of motor sports, she is also recognized for being totally hot. Over the years, Jamie Little has modeled in a bikini, much to the delight of her fans. Very few women on this list can say they have participated in the sport they cover. This, combined with her smoking hot looks earns her a place among the hottest female sportscasters.


2. Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews

Out of all the women on this list, Erin Andrews has the largest male following. This has helped her in her broadcasting career over the years. In her early days with ESPN, she got her start reporting for the NHL. Her talents, as well as her looks, did not go unnoticed for long. Since then she has covered college basketball, college football, and eventually the NFL. While she is a smart and talented performer, her hotness has overshadowed her skills. In 2007, Erin Andrews was voted the sexiest female sportscaster by readers of Playboy magazine. Her overwhelming popularity and good looks more than earns her a place among the hottest female sportscasters, and she will likely be there to stay.


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1. Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero

While the other women on this list are pretty hot, they have never been accused of swaying the outcome of a game. Sara Carbonero on the other hand, is exceptional in this area. During the World Cup, the Spanish team lost unexpectedly to the Swiss team. Some spectators believe Sara’s presence at the game was a distraction for her boyfriend, Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas. Sara Carbonero may be a great sportscaster, but her hotness has overshadowed it, and made World Cup history in the process. For this reason, she tops the list of the hottest female sportscasters.


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