Top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players

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Over the last few decades, soccer has become a woman’s sport, just as much as it has been a man’s sport. Not only are these ladies tough, but they’re hot. If you haven’t had a chance to watch a game, or read up on who’s who in women’s soccer, it’s time you did. Here, you’ll find the 10 hottest female soccer players in the world.


#10 – Heather Mitts – USA

Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts is a member of the United States soccer team. Although older than most, at 33, Heather is an all-star. She made her debut appearance on the field of the World Cup as a vital member of the team, playing the position of defender. Not only did she receive the award for being the best defender in many soccer tournaments, but she also got offered online modeling gigs, which is why she’s on the list of hottest female soccer players.


#9 – Kyah Simon – Australia

Kyah Simon

The Australian soccer team, Socceroos, is proud to have Kyah Simon on their team. She’s know for being a smart player, and being quite agile. She currently holds the position of striker for the Socceroos, and is one of the best the team has ever had, receiving the award for being the top scorer in the Women’s League two season in a row. Off the field, however, her personality is quite different, and she’s very shy and reserved. But her athletic ability and stunning beauty lands her the No. 9 spot as one of the hottest female soccer players.


#8 – Natalie Vinti – Mexico

Natalie Vinti

It’s no secret that Mexico has some of the most beautiful women in the world, and Natalie Vinti just happens to be in that spotlight. Not only does she have a strong and ferocious game face, as she plays for the Sombrero national team, but she was Mexico’s leading lady for the Miss Universe pageant. She has definitely earned her spot on the top ten hottest female soccer players.


#7 – Kate Gill – Australia

Kate Gill

Heading to the outback, again, you’ll find Kate Gill, the striker for the Australian Socceroos. She is an amazing athlete who has managed to score 32 goals during her time, helping Australia take the win at the Asian Cup. That same year, she was given the title of AFC Player of the Year. She is strong, has great scoring skills, and is the 7th hottest female soccer player.


#6 – Kosovare Asllani – Sweden

Kosovare Asllani

Kosovare Asllani has it all. She’s an amazing soccer player, offering her speed on the field for both the Swedish national soccer team and the Paris Saint-Germain soccer team. Along with her soccer skills, her stunning beauty gives her celebrity status in Sweden, and she models for several different magazines. She has been given the title of 6th of the hottest female soccer players in the world.


#5 – Selina Wagner – Germany

Selina Wagner

Although the German men’s soccer team has big, strong, burly, scary-faced men, the women’s soccer team is just the opposite. The Female Panzer, as it’s known, is filled with gorgeous, graceful women, who really know how to put their game face on. Leading the pack is Selina Wagner, who not only spreads the word of soccer across the world, but also has time to model for German adult magazines, showing that her sport is not only rough and tough, but has a sexy side as well.


#4 – Hope Solo – USA, France, Sweden

Hope Solo

Not only is Hope Solo ranked as one of the best goalkeepers in women’s soccer, she’s also one of the hottest female soccer players. Although she’s mostly known for being a member of the United States soccer team, she has also played in both Sweden and France. Aside from being a soccer player, her beauty has gotten her a role on TV, including a stint on Dancing with the Stars.


#3 – Kaylyn Kyle – Canada

Kaylyn Kyle

Kaylyn Kyle, a former US soccer player, now spends her time playing multiple positions for the Canadian national team. Her expertise in the game include being a winger, a defensive midfielder, a second striker, and goalscorer. She has received several awards for being one of the best young players in the Canadian league, and has also made several appearances in lifestyle and fashion magazines. She earns her spot as the 3rd hottest female soccer player.


#2 – Alex Morgan – USA

Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan, a team United States soccer player, has outdone herself in both beauty and skill. In her 2012 season, she outscored Mia Hamm with 20 goals and assists in one season. Her gorgeous face, amazing sense of fashion, and of course, jaw-dropping sexy body has landed her the No. 2 spot of hottest female soccer players ever.


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#1 – Laisa Andrioli – Brazil

Laisa Andrioli

Coming in on top, is of course, radiantly sexy Laisa Andrioli, team Brazil. Her soccer skills are out of this world, and her beauty is out of this universe. She is often described as not only an amazing soccer player, but perhaps one of the most exotic and sexy women in the world. She has posed for several adult magazines across the globe, and has definitely earned her spot as the hottest of the hottest female soccer players in the world.


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