Top 10 Hottest Chinese Actresses

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For anyone who loves themselves a bit of Asian persuasion, then they probably are always on the look out for the hottest Chinese actresses in the world. Whether the women are working inside of China or are in the United States, these women not only are the hottest Chinese actresses in the world, but many of them could compete for hottest women in the world as well.


10. Bella Chen

Bella Chen

Bella works in China and is an extremely popular entertainer from Taiwan. She won herself the Miss Asia contest in 2006 and has since been working in the entertainment business by doing some acting and singing. She also works as a model for international magazines and has a large following throughout Asia. This makes her one of the hottest Chinese actresses in the world, even if individuals throughout Europe or North America have not yet heard of her.


9. Bianca Bai

Bianca Bai

Bianca was born in 1982 and has been acting and modeling since she gradated high school. She is another actress who does not have a lot of exposure inside of the United States, but she does continue to act in projects in China. As the Chinese movie industry continues to grow, it should help those inside of the U.S. to gain more of an understanding of Bianca and see just how attractive she is. However, for those individuals who are familiar with Bianca, they would not argue that she is one of the hottest Chinese actresses in the world.


8. Gong Xinliang

Gong Xinliang

Originally from Hong Kong, she is now working in China and throughout Asia. For individuals who like some more curves on their women, Gong is where it is at. One interesting element though is that since she was born in Hong Kong, she technically was born a British citizen, as the United Kingdom owned Hong Kong at the time (although it has since been handed over to China). Gong continues to grow as one of the top Chinese actresses, and while she still has not yet made it big in North America, she continues to develop her acting chops and should soon find her ability to move over to the United States for citing.


7. Lynn Hung

Lynn Hung

Lynn is arguably one of the most popular Chinese celebrities in Asia. She has millions of online followers and while she did start off as a model first, she has since switched over to primarily an actress.


6. Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu

Vivian has provided a variety of entertainment roles, as she started her career as a singer and eventually moved into the roles of actress and model. She is now one of the most popular Chinese actresses in the entire continent. As is the case with most women on the list, her popularity is focused primarily on China and parts of Asia, as she has not yet made it over to Europe and North America. Whether or not she does make this move is still up for debate and is anyone’s guess, but for the time being, she still is one of the hottest Chinese actresses on the plant with what she does.


5. Kelly Lin Hsi-Lei

Kelly Lin Hsi-Lei

Another women from Taiwan, she started to build her popularity once she began appearing on FHM magazine covers as a model in Asia. Eventually, she was named the sexiest woman in Asia in 2002. Since then, she has received a breast augmentation surgery in order to increase her bust and make her more appealing towards the Western world. Regardless though of what individuals are looking for, in terms of the hottest Chinese actresses in the world, she makes the top five at the fifth position.


4. Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung

For someone who is looking for that traditional Chinese look, Cecilia is exactly the individual they need to look for. Born in 1980, she has been acting ever since she was 18, and individuals might still recall seeing her appear in a Lemon Tea commercial. Since then she has appeared in a variety of Chinese movies and other entertainment jobs, although she has focused primarily on China and the Chinese entertainment industry, as she has not made it big outside of the continent.


3. A Duo

A Duo

For someone who is looking for a sexy Chinese women who is not only seductive but also has many of the curves and larger breasts that many find attractive, A Duo is exactly the women they need to check out. She recently received the title of sexiest actress in Asia and has a sexual voice that alone makes her one of the hottest Chinese actresses in the world. Outside of acting, A Duo has also worked as a model and a singer with her voice. For anyone who has ever seen her before, it would be hard to argue that she shouldn’t be located in the top three hottest Chinese actresses on the planet.


2. Tien Hsin

Tien Hsin

Another women born in Taiwan (this seems to be the hot bed of attractive Chinese females), she has worked as an actresses and some consider her to be the Pamela Anderson of Asia, simply due to the shape of her body and the same kind of sex appeal that she has. For anyone who is looking for one of the hottest Chinese actresses on the planet, she certain fits the bill. Plus, she is incredibly tall and thin, so there really is nothing not to like about her.


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1. Christy Chung

Christy Chung

Of course, the final three Chinese actress could probably be in a different order, depending on what individuals are looking for, but Christy received the most recent Sexiest Chinese Actress in the World award, which is why she received the not for the top spot. She is also one of the few women on the list to do anything inside of Hollywood. This is more though because she was born in Canada, so she had closer connections with North America. Regardless though, she is one of the hottest Chinese Actresses out there.


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