Top 10 Hottest Asian Women

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While women from all cultures and backgrounds can be drop-dead gorgeous, there is a certain allure to the demure, exotic beauty of Asian women. Usually petite, with slim hips, narrow waists, and a graceful demeanor, women from all over the Orient are in the public eye as athletes, actresses, and entertainers.  Here are the top ten hottest Asian women in their chosen fields.


10. Lin Chi-Ling, Model and Actress

Lin Chi-Ling

Now working as both an actress and model, Lin Chi-ling was born in Taiwan and discovered by a talent scout at the age of 15. Her career didn’t actually take off until her late 20s, when she filmed some advertisements in Hong Kong.  Since then, demand for her has only grown.  At 39 years of age, she still appears to be in her early 20s and continues to gain work in modeling, acting, and print advertising.  At a statuesque 5’9″, Lin is also credited as being the first Taiwanese supermodel.  Her gentle mannerisms and shocking beauty have created ‘The Lin Chi-Ling Phenomenon,’ which shows no indication of slowing. She is so attractive that several Japanese adult film actresses have gained huge followings in China due to their resemblance to her. Lin is also credited with being the highest-paid model in the Greater China Region, drawing the equivalent of over 5.3 million US dollars per year since 2004.


9. Mika Nagano, Mixed Martial Artist

Mika Nagano

Once ranked number two in the nation of Japan in high school wrestling, Mika moved on to MMA in 2007 after leaving her university and moving to Tokyo. Her career record stands at 14 wins and 9 losses, and she has graced the pages of Japanese magazine Friday in both bikini and semi-nude shots. She also took part in a few professional wrestling matches, but MMA soon became her focus. Her body, sculpted by years of physical training and watching her weight, is now under new demands. Mika married in December of 2013 and has officially retired from professional fighting, as she and her husband are expecting their first child in late 2014.  Mika’s conscientiousness concerning her health and physique places her among the hottest Asian women on the planet.


8. Gong Li, Hollywood Actress

Gong Li

Voted the most beautiful woman in China in 2006, Gong Li finally gained widespread attention in English-speaking countries for her 2005 portrayal of the evil Hatsumomo in the film Memoirs of a Geisha.  Raised speaking Mandarin, Li learns all of her English-speaking roles by phonetic memorization.  Prior to her role in Memoirs, Li found regular work in critically-acclaimed films throughout Asia in a wide variety of roles.  Her acting chops have netted her three Hundred Flowers Awards, two Golden Rooster Awards, and countless other accolades and nominations.  Several films she appeared in have taken China’s censorship and xenophobia to task, and she has not suffered punishment due to her fame.  Now on the doorstep of 50, Li is still being courted for roles where she portrays women in their early thirties.  Classically beautiful and trim, Li is one of the hottest Asian women working in Hollywood today.


7. Li Na, Tennis Player

Li Na

Li, who turned professional back in 1999, is currently ranked as the second-best tennis player in the world. She hails from the Hubei District in China and was raised by a single mother after her father died of a rare disease when she was just 14. Within the last few years, she has made it into the quarterfinals of Wimbledon and took home the top spot at the French Open in 2011 and the Australian Open in 2014. Decades of dedication to her sport has given her an enviable physique and a glowing, healthy tan. Due to her talent and attractiveness, Nike, Visa, and Mercedes-Benz, among others, all sponsor her career. As careers for professional tennis players can be quite long, Li will likely continue to gain momentum throughout her thirties and wow the crowds with her grace and athleticism.


6. Akiko Suwanai, Violinist

Akiko Suwanai

Playing the violin with her long black hair swinging, Akiko is the picture of disciplined, Chinese beauty. After placing second in the Queen Elizabeth Music Competition in 1989, Akiko placed first at the International Tchaikovsky Competition the next year. She was the youngest winner ever crowned since the competition began in 1958.  Now playing a 300-year-old, priceless Stradivarius on loan from the Nippon Music Foundation, Akiko’s decades of play has sculpted her into a lean, precise machine. She currently has a record deal with Decca and releases albums with other mega-talents every few years.


5. Michelle Wie, Professional Golfer

Michelle Wie

Michelle was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but both of her parents were immigrants from South Korea. Unlike the vast majority of the hottest Asian women in the world, Wie is extremely tall at 6’1″.  With her model-like stature and lean, toned figure, Wie made headlines for being the youngest player to enter the LGPA and be invited to the Tour as well. Once castigated for some coarse language on the links and also raising eyebrows with some risque clothing choices, Wie is a spunky, fun personality who gives new life to women’s golf.


4. Yuanyuan Tan, Ballerina

Yuanyuan Tan

Yuanyuan is the most critically acclaimed ballerina in China, and also the first from the nation to become a principal dancer in an international company. She entered the Shanghai Dance School when she was 11 and the awards and accolades began almost immediately. As a young adult, she was named the principal dancer to the San Francisco Ballet Company, which is widely considered to be the best company in North America.  At 20, she was the youngest woman to be elevated to such a lofty position by the company.  Today, at 40 years old, she is still a marquee dancer for the company. Her classic, tiny frame is elegantly suited to dance and she offers an exotic beauty that everyone can appreciate.


3. Yuna Kim, Figure Skating

Yuna Kim

South Korean beauty Yuna Kim is a two-time Olympic medalist, two-time World champion, and is singularly responsible for the huge interest in children’s health initiatives and skating in her home country. An elite-level skater from the age of 16, she credits her body as being ‘the perfect instrument’ for skating. She gives enormous charitable donations to a wide range of causes, many of which assist disadvantaged children with educations, uniforms, healthcare, and access to nutritious food. Her beauty is only equaled by her humanitarianism, leaving her high on the list of hottest Asian women in the public eye.


2. Lucy Liu, Actress, Model, Artist, Director, Producer

Lucy Liu

Although born in the United States, Lucy’s parents were both immigrants from China. She grew up speaking Mandarin in the home and has often said she considers herself Chinese-American. First gaining attention for her role on Ally McBeal in the 1990s, Liu has acted in Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies, Shanghai Noon, and Mulan, just to name a few. Lucy also creates and shows mixed media, paintings, and photography under her Chinese name, Yu Ling. Now in her mid-forties, Lucy keeps busy with film roles, voice acting, and numerous charitable causes. She has never had children and has kept her svelte, petite figure throughout her career, making her rank quite high among the hottest Asian women lists online and in print media.


1. Annabel Chong, Adult Film Actress and Fine Artist

Annabel Chong

Born Grace Quek to parents of Singaporean lineage, Annabel entered the adult film industry in the improbable movie entitled The World’s Biggest Gang Bang.  While it may be easy to dismiss a porn queen, her story shows her clever mind. When her parents disapproved of her dropping out of law school, she needed to find a way to finance her graduate work in gender studies, photography, and fine art. She worked in porn to meet her goal and then retired in 2003. Post retirement, she now works in web design and fine art. Her work has been showcased in many unexpected venues, and many who meet the beautiful artist now have no idea they are looking at one of the hottest Asian women to ever appear in porn.

While Asian women may have a reputation for being submissive and demure, these ten ladies broke all of the barriers set before them and accomplished their goals. Not only are they breath-taking in their beauty, but their business acumen, cleverness, and interest in philanthropy and humanitarianism makes them all gorgeous on the inside, too.

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