Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors in 2014

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“They got paid how much?” is a phrase you have heard or even said when you heard how much money someone like an athlete makes.  Maybe you have even seen the Forbes richest people in the world list in total amazement. In most cases, those people had to work very hard to make the money they made, no matter how much it may be or how unfair you may think it is, they had to work very hard to prove they are worthy of people’s trust, thus they got paid a lot of money. You probably thought the same thing about your favorite actors. The rules work the same way. The hardest working actors in Hollywood usually get paid the most money. As it is with every other industry in America, the harder you work the more you make. As is like other vocations the better you are, the more people will want to work with you. Acting is no different, except that the actor is also judged on how many people pay to see them.Therefore the more people that watch a movie, the more money the actor will demand. More importantly, they will put out some of the best movies. The movies may not get the accolades from the critics, but as long as the movies are entertaining to the moviegoers, those actors should demand top dollars. Entertainment is the key to making a movie, not just making critics happy. Who are the top earners in Hollywood for the current year?


10. Liam Neeson – 32 million dollars

Liam Neeson

The beginning of Neeson’s career his roles were very dramatic. Currently his roles are mostly action films such as The Taken films, and The A-Team. Neeson has branched out to play roles in comedies, such as a role in the Lego Movie and making an appearance in the Anchorman sequel.


9. Denzel Washington – 33 million dollars

Denzel Washington

Washington has so many great dramatic roles that he has played, examples include Training Day, American Gangster, and Safe House. Most recently, he played in the comedy movie Two Guns, displaying his versatility.  When he is not busy with roles for the big screen Washington will also take on roles on Broadway.  Washington won an Oscar, which is the pinnacle of success for every actor.


8. Tom Cruise – 35 million dollars

Tom Cruise

Cruise plays great action roles, including the Mission Impossible franchise, and most recently, he took the role of Jack Reacher.  Reacher was a tough role because in the novels Jack Reacher is a six-foot tall man.  Obviously Cruise is not that tall, but he pulled of the role to the surprise of many people.  Most importantly, he tells a story very well.  Cruise has a reputation as kind of a loose cannon, the truth is he is able to take roles that he does not have to wear a shirt and he is in his fifties.


7. Adam Sandler – 37 million dollars

Adam Sandler

Sandler is an amazing talent.  Although known for taking roles in comedies such as Grown Ups 2, and Happy Gilmore, he has also taken on some serious roles although his fans did not like those roles as well as they like Sandler’s comedic roles.  Currently Sandler has become more and more active in producing movies as well as acting in some of those movies.


6. Leonardo Dicaprio – 39 million dollars

 Leonardo Dicaprio

Dicaprio Always picks great roles and is a great storyteller.  His role in Wolves of Wall Street was a movie that many of the critics loved. Other movies that Dicaprio has starred in and gotten praise for are Inception and Titanic.  Another reason Dicaprio is such a great actor is that any role he takes on is always spectacular.  If you have watched Django Unchained, you will have seen a performance that outshines the lead.


5. Dwayne Johnson – 46 million dollars

Dwayne Johnson

Former wrestler turned actor, Johnson has proven that he s not only a very talented actor.  He has continuously showed that he can play so many different roles. Some of those performances include playing in children’s films such Planet 51, And the Tooth Fairy to action and comedy films such as GI Joe Retaliation, Pain and Gain, and The second Journey to the Center of the Earth movie.


4. Mark Wahlberg – 52 million dollars

Mark Wahlberg

Walberg has transformed a music career into a great acting career. He is known for putting out quality movies. Most of the roles that Walberg takes on are action movies, like Planet of the Apes, Contraband, and Four Brothers.  Wahlberg has started to expand his acting repertoire to include comedies, such as Ted and Two Guns.


3. Hugh Jackman – 55 million dollars

hugh jackman

Wolverine, is all that has to be said. Jackman’s, (maybe this list should be person’s that do not need to wear their shirts) versatility has been on display recently. He has played in so many different roles, such as the Easter Bunny in Rise of the Guardians, and Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. He has displayed that he has a talent for dancing and has been willing to show it off on awards shows (such as the Tony’s).


2. Channing Tatum – 60 million dollars

Channing Tatum

Not just another pretty face Tatum has had a varied career.  He has taken on roles in romantic movies, action films and comedies. His first role as a dancer in Step Up displayed Tatum’s talent, which led him to bigger roles in movies such as Magic Mike, Twenty-One Jump Street, and G.I. Joe.


1. Robert Downey Jr. – 75 million dollars

Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. has been working in the top two moneymaking franchises in recent years. His role in Iron Man 3 may have been considered one of his best acting roles in recent years. Mainly because the last Iron man film did not depend on his character blowing stuff up throughout the whole film.  The role of Tony Stark winning the day by using his brain was the perfect example of how good of an actor Downy is.

Like most things in life, the top money earners are usually some of the hardest workers and usually the best of their chosen profession. Actors are no different. They have to work on their craft continuously. So that when that blockbuster comes along, they will be the first choice to play that role.


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