Top 10 Greatest Leaders of All Time

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Throughout the course of history there has been many influential leaders who have led their country through wars, and other social and political events that have, as a result, forever changed the way history stands today. Because of those who have picked up the burden to lead others toward a state of social reform and political stature the people who have made the list of the top 10 greatest leaders throughout the entire world have made this list for one reason; because they were great. There’s no denying that there are, of course, some leaders who stand out above the rest through the actions that were taken became more popular then the other leaders who, although made an impact on history, still remained in the foreshadows of history.


10) Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Churchill was considered to be among the world’s greatest leaders due to the many roles he played in regards to the political system of the United Kingdom. It was in this nation that he had served twice as the Prime Minister. Some of the other achievements that made him a great leader was that he played a vital role in taking Hitler’s regime and rule to power down. Furthermore, he formed alliances with the United States as well as Russia (FDR and Stalin) during World War II resulting in the defeat of all axis power. Subsequently, his further achievements that made him great included a Literary Nobel Prize winner, Honorary Citizen, historian, painter, and even one of Parliament’s members. He is one of the best.


9) Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

When taking a look at the way the political structure was for the Roman Empire when Julius Caesar reigned as the leader of the land it is no wonder that his name is the first name that comes to mind; and for good reason. He is responsible for expanding the lands within the Roman Empire’s territory as well as bring reform to the Empire’s government. Furthermore, Caesar is considered one of the world’s greatest leaders because he gained complete access to Britain’s military after invading Britain. Other things that Julius Ceasar is known for is as a dictator once the government, which was under his rule, was in check. Finally, aside from coming up with the Julian calendar, Caesar was known for the many different changes made to government and society.


8) Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin

Best known for his devotion to Marxist theories and philosophies, Lenin was considered to be one of the world’s greatest leaders because of what he did for the Marxist movement. Although the original plan was for Lenin, who also held Communistic views, was for the politician to eventually go into the law firm as a lawyer. Instead, some of the marks that were made on history in his wake came from the implemented social reforms. Even though he was labeled a dictator, Lenin had several followers and he also was made famous for the additions he made to Marxist like theories best known as Leninism, or theories that Lenin himself discovered and them eventually implemented along with others.


7) Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

What can be said of Hitler that has not already been discussed thousands of time over? For starters, he is best known as the Nazi Party leader and, furthermore, the 1934 Germany Chancellor. While his raise to power when he volunteered his time to fight for Germany in World War I. Furthermore, Hitler’s entrance into what was to become the Nazi Party where he became a joining member of the German Worker’s Party. Although one of the most biggest achievements that put him “on the map” as one of the world’s greatest leader was that he was vital in expanding the territories of Germany he was also solely responsible for the Holocaust events. The German Army was also strengthened under him with the breaking of the Treaty of Versailles.


6) Otto Von Bismarck

Otto Von Bismarck

Although he wasn’t in power very long since he died a mere 27 years later, Bismarck was considered to be one of the world’s greatest leaders because of the measures that were taken in the unification of all German territories in an effort to form an Empire; and he was successful. After the Empire was formed Bismarck, a  conservative German statesman, brought peace to the country of Germany until World War I broke out. One, final note that made Bismarck a great leader is that he was honored as being named to the position of Chancellor at the conclusion of the Versailles Treaty where he was the leader of the North German Federation.



5) Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

With a call to wage war through the use of non-violent tactics, Dr. Martin Luther King was inspired by the works of Gandhi who played a huge influence in King’s campaign with the Civil Rights Movement. While one thing that made King one of the world’s greatest leaders was his I Have A Dream speech other actions that Dr. King to solidify his great leadership was that he was named as the first President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; he also founded the group. For the actions taken in stopping violence and discrimination towards African Americans, King earned a Nobel Peace Prize for his actions taken against the movement. The of a continued leadership would of continued if not for his assassination in 1968.


4) Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

Considered to be one of the world’s greatest leaders due to the fact that he had more success in winning waged wars against his enemies then other commanders, the French Emperor who reigned in 19th Century France, lead the Empire in both military and political stature. It was during this time period that Napoleon was in power for approximately 10 years before his reign ended with the Battle of Waterloo where he was defeated and captured. Despite the fact that he died in captivity, Napoleon was eventually made out to be a dictator. However, the fact that he commanded his armies the way he did made him the greatest commander throughout the course of history.


3) Gandhi 


Better known as simply Gandhi, Gandhi is considered to be one of the world’s greatest leaders because of his beliefs in truths and non-violent actions producing peace and harmony among all. Labeled as the Father of the Nation of India due to his efforts in leading the country to freedom, Gandhi’s leadership experience included leading the Indian National Congress, and took drastic measures to further his leadership through several movements and marches throughout India. Although he fought for unity between Hindus and Muslims his leadership sadly ended when he attempted to remedy the differences between these two groups. Before entering into his lifelong leadership role, Gandhi was school in the ways of law at an unknown London school.


2) Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Well loved by everyone around, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, better known as FDR, is considered to be one of the world’s greatest leaders because he helped to lead the United States through not only the Great Depression but also the second world war. Despite the fact that he came down with polio in 1921 he never let the disease defeat him. Through the course of his uncommon multiple term Presidency FDR was single-handedly responsible for the expansion of the United State’s Federal Government power expansion as well as the creation of reforms and other important programs like the New Deal. Before his Presidency, FDR went to Harvard University and Columbia University Law School. He was the 32nd President of the United States.


1) Abraham Lincoln

 Abraham Lincoln

Commonly known as “Honest Abe”Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States and is considered to be the world’s greatest leader because of the actions he took in seeing that the United States successfully seen the end of the American Civil Wars. His other accolades include the fact that he became a lawyer and was elected to the House of Representatives. Furthermore, he got his first shot at a leadership position in the Illinois General Assembly. There were other actions that were taken by President Lincoln that many would consider him as a great leader. He was also considered to be one who was loved by many; this given proof of his second term re-election.

In conclusion, although there were many great leaders throughout the course of history that failed to make this list those who did were honored because of their leadership initiative that they took through their course of actions taken to change their worlds. Such stature came from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who stood for justice in a non-violent way as well as the leader who influenced him, Gandhi. Although many of these leaders seen untimely, sad deaths for some the overall good that was done forever changed the course of what history created for today’s society. Such examples include the actions taken by FDR, Martin Luther King, Jr., and so many others. All these leaders were great by their own accord and as such each put their mark on history.


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