Top 10 Female Models in The World

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When it comes to models, there are thousands upon thousands of models throughout the world that show off just about everything from purses and socks to dresses and underwear. However, regardless of the models, there are some that simply are incredibly famous and bring in all sorts of money. Many of these models make more money than some professional athletes, which is ultimately what places them on the list of top female models in the world. The amount of money the models bring in makes it easier to rank them against one another, as simply ranking models by looks would be nearly impossible.


10. Lara Stone

Lara Stone

$3.2 million

Lara has quickly become an incredible in demand model as she has worked with Calvin Klein since 2010 as a main model for their jean line. She has also worked with the company’s jewelry and accessory lines, although she recently took time off after giving birth to a new son. With a new child, it is difficult to know exactly what will take place with Lara Stone and if she will be able to climb on the list or if another model will take her spot on the top 10 list of best female models on earth.


9. Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

$3.3 million

When the world swan is in your last name, you know you are destined to become a model. Candice is from South Africa and was actually discovered shopping in a flea market at the age of 15. She recently became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, which means she is sure to shoot up this list quickly. Most models who become “Angels” eventually go not to much larger pay checks and are able to prove far more in demand than what they had been prior. With a log jam of earnings between the number 10 position and the number five position, Candice is likely to jump into the top five in the next year or two.


8. Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls

$3.5 million

She just recently broke into the top 10 female models in the world in terms of wages, but this model from Puerto Rico has been in the industry for several years now. In fact, she recently received the honor of being the top model in the world on’s listing and she is also the very first Latina ambassador for the Estee Lauder company.


7. Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy

$3.6 million

Carolyn Murphy has been modeling since she was 17 and has worked for some of the top fashion lines throughout the world as well. This has helped her bring in a considerable amount of money and has placed her in the top 10 of female models in the world. While she has not yet made it to Victoria’s Secret level yet, she continues to be one of the most in demand models and is sure to increase in stature in the next several years.


6. Hilary Rhoda

Hilary Rhoda

$4 million

Just missing the cut of the top five female models in the world, Hilary is a 26 year old model who has been with Estee Lauder for the last seven years. It is yet to be determined how much she might make when that no longer is coming in, but currently, she is in the top list of female models in the world.


5. Liu Wen

Liu Wen

$4.3 million

This is the first real super model to come out of China. However, with the continually growing demand for high-end products in China, she could drastically jump on this list in the next few years. It is also why she is one of the top female models in the world and actually why she has been able to make it into the top five earners on the list.


4. Kate Moss

Kate Moss

$5.7 million

Kate moss is one of the more famous models on the list as she has been around for a considerable length of time. In fact, the life of models on the runway is usually rather short lived, as most are quickly replaced by other models who are younger than they are. However, Kate Moss is the exception, as she is 39 years of age and is still bringing in a healthy $5.7 million, plus her multi-year Vogue Eyewear contract helps bring in the money as well. Of course, all of this has helped her become one of the top female models in the world.


3. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

$6 million

One thing to take notice on a list such as this is a large majority of the top earning models in the industry currently, or have been, models for Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret doesn’t just take anyone, and Adriana Lima took up a position as a model with the company in 2000. In fact, she has been the longest continual Angel for Victoria’s Secret in the history of the company.


2. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

$7.2 million

From Australia, she has been a Victoria’s Secret model (“Angel”) since 2007. Since then, she has started her own cosmetic line called Kora Organics and she recently became the wife of actor Orlando Bloom. Here is one of the few instances where a non-entertainer actually makes more money than her entertainment husband, and while Orlando Bloom hasn’t made very many appearances in movies as of late, he doesn’t really need to, as Miranda Kerr brings in about $7.2 million annually.


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1. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

$42 million

Very few professional football players have wives that bring in more money than they do. This is especially when they are on the same pay grade as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady. However, Gisele makes it at the top position of female models in the world because she actually brings in far more than her husband. Essentially, she is the bread winner of the family with a rather drastic $42 million annually. In fact, she is by far the most in demand model in the world as she makes almost six times what the second position model does.


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