Top 10 Beautiful Mexican Women

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For individuals who are simply in love with Latin American beauties, Mexico is home to some of the most attractive individuals on the planet. Mexico is continually producing some fine talent that often ends up moving to the United States, but ultimately, all of these women always boast some incredible sex appeal that simply cannot be challenged by others around the globe. That is why all of these women have made the list of most beautiful Mexican women.


10. Dulce Maria

Dulce Maria

When someone is looking for a sexy Latin American beauty that has all of the right curves but is still a popular singer, Dulce Maria is exactly the individual they need to look for. As a singer for the RBD pop group, she also appeared in the popular Mexican drama Rebelde. While she hasn’t made it as big in the states as other Mexican women, she is still attractive enough to make it into the top 10 listing of most beautiful Mexican women on the planet.


9. Gaby Ramirez

Gaby Ramirez

The Mexican public loves Gaby, and while she continues to make appearances on magazines and television shows, all without actually having appeared on a movie, modeling agency or other service, Gaby Ramirez is by far one of the sexiest women on the planet. There is something about her figure and her oversized breasts that make her an incredibly sexy and attractive woman that is hard to best. If she had more to her name in terms of actual credentials, she would be far higher on the list.


8. Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera

Any lover of Penelope Cruz is going to love this women. She looks almost exactly like her as the two could easily play twins. She also appeared as a nun in the American film Nacho Libre. For those individuals who thought it was Penelope Cruz in the role, they wouldn’t be alone, but Ana is still one of the most beautiful Mexican women on the planet.


7. Maite Perroni

Maite Perroni

The singing group RBD is basically the Mexican version of the Pussycat Dolls. Every singer and performer in the group is simply drop dead gorgeous and there is a reason that Maite Perroni os in the list. She has also appeared in a variety of Mexican movies. While RBD has not made its way into the American pop culture, she still is one of the most beautiful Mexican women around.


6. Mayrín Villanueva

Mayrín Villanueva

Maryin was once in the running to serve as a Bond girl, which is an incredible honor just to be considered. While she might not have won the role or even been best for the part, she is by far one of the most attractive and beautiful Mexican women on the planet, and that is why she is right on the cusp of making it into the top five positions. Perhaps if she lands the next Bond girl role, she’ll make her way even further up future lists.


5. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Whenever someone crosses Mexican and French genes together, they are going to end up with one of the most beautiful and attractive individuals on the planet. That is exactly what happened with Jessica Alba. She is one of the sexiest individuals on the planet, and the only reason why she isn’t further on the list is because she isn’t from Mexico at all, doesn’t have that sultry Spanish accent and is only partially Mexican. Still, this doesn’t prevent her from making it into the top five most attractive and beautiful Mexican women on the planet.


4. Elsa Benitz

Elsa Benitz

Appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue is one of the most challenging and cutthroat competitions for any model, as this coveted spot brings more eyes than just about any other model release magazine in the world. She is the host of Mexico’s America’s Next Top Model. Another rather interesting tidbit is the flight TWA Flight 800, the airliner that exploded and crashed into the ocean, was suppose to transport Elsa Benitzez. She just happened to miss her flight.


3. Anahi


One of the younger additions to the list, her youth is what helps her improve and make it into the top three of most attractive and beautiful Mexican women. She appears in the Mexican show Rebelde and is the other member of the group RBD. Perhaps this group really should make it into the United States, because every member of the group can be considered one of the most beautiful Mexican women on the planet.


2. Paulina Flores

Paulina Flores

She might not have all of the attention that other individuals might have on the list, but it doesn’t stop her from being one of the most beautiful. She’s appeared in Maxim Magazine several times and is drop dead gorgeous. It is hard to place anyone over her on the list, but for individuals who are seeking out a bit more figure and someone who has been around for a bit longer, there is only one individual who could possibly best Paulina Flores for the most beautiful Mexican women in the world.


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1. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Even when she is pregnant and expecting, she still is one of the most incredibly attractive and beautiful women on the planet. From her full-figured, busty appearance to dancing with a snake in Hollywood, there really isn’t anything that she can’t do that isn’t incredibly sexy. She even appeared as a painter with a unibrow, but yet somehow she still was incredibly beautiful and the only reason anyone went to see that movie in the first place. She makes it into the top spot of the list because of her overall beauty, sex appeal and the fact that she had broken into mainstream entertainment and has become one of the most recognized, if not the most recognized Mexican female actress around. While there are plenty of other women who could make this list and are right on the cusp, for the time being, Salma Hayek is definitely the top spot holder.


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