Top 10 Countries with Highest Rape Crime

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Rape happens in every single country of the world. However, there are some nations where rape is far more likely to happen than others. The countries are spread throughout the world, and some are rather surprising in terms of where the rape takes place. In terms of rape, there are two different numbers. There is the total count number of rapes, which can be skewed due to the overall population of a nation, and then there is the rate of rape per 100,000 individuals. This is the number that shows where rapes are more likely to take place and is the number used in order to determine what countries with highest rape crime is located.

Rape Crime


10. Belgium

Rape Crime

27.9 per 100,000

You probably would not assume a nation inside of the European Union would be on the list, but it is and it is not the only one. This equates to about .028 percent of individuals who face the possibility of rape. In Belgum, a total number of 2,991 individuals reported being rapped in 2010 as well.


9. Panama

Rape Crime

28.3 per 100,000

Slightly higher in terms of percentage per 100,000 individuals, the nation of Panama is in the top 10 countries with highest rape crime. However, with the small population and a total number of rapes in 2010 sitting at 996, a good number of the individuals who were rapped are visitors and tourists. Due to this, the number of rapes per its population might actually be a bit higher than the actual numbers indicate, although that is difficult to tell for sure.


8 and 7. Australia/Saint Kitts and Nevis

Rape Crime

28.6 per 100,000

These two nations are tied for the 8th position for countries with highest rape crime. However, Saint Kitts and Nevis is an extremely small nation, and a total of 15 rapes were reported inside of 2010. On the contrary, a total number of 6,378 rapes took place in Australia. One thing to consider though, when going through the list, is no nations in the Middle East are included. The total number of rapes listed is extremely low, but due to the inability of women to report rapes (they actually are often charged with illegal sexual conduct on their own, if they were to bring up charges), the nations are essentially left off of the list. Due to this, it is difficult to know exactly where many of those nations would fall.


6. England and Wales (UK)

Rape Crime

28.8 per 100,000

England and Wales is the second highest nation from Europe located on the list, as a total of 15,934 rapes took place in the country during this time. One thing to condor with the United Kingdom though. The ranking would potentially sit higher, if the rest of the colonies and regions of land were considered in the numbers, at least in terms of total count with the number of rapes that take place per year.


5. Grenada

Rape Crime

30.6 per 100,00

Grenada appears as the first nation to have above 30 rapes per 100,000 individuals. While this is far too high, it has made serious strides over where it has been. In 2009, the number sat at 54.8 per 100,000, so while it is still high, it is far better than where it had been. Of course, with such a small nation, only 32 rapes were reported in 2010.


4. Nicaragua

Rape Crime

31.6 per 100,000

The nation of Nicaragua does not actively report rapes, as there are no statistics found for the nation from 2007 through 2009, and both 2003 and 2004 also do not have rape statistics. However, it appears rape is on the increase in the nation, as in 2005 this number sat at 24.4 and in 2006 the number raised to 27.7. In total, 1,829 individuals were raped in Nicaragua in 2010 and is why it is on the list of countries with highest rape crime.


3. Sweden

Rape Crime

63.5 per 100,000

Many individuals would be rather surprised to see Sweden so high on the list, and almost double that of what the number 4 position sat at, but Sweden is extremely high on the list. Due to this, it is very important to always remember that rape can take place anywhere, and that nations should not be discriminated against simply because it is not as wealthy as others. For example, Thailand is often seen as a nation where rapes take place and run throughout the nation, yet the rape per 100,000 for Thailand is 6.7, which is less than almost all of the European Union, United States, New Zealand and many others. In total, 5,960 individuals were raped inside of Sweden in 2010.


2. Botswana

Rape Crime

92.9 per 100,000

The final two nations in terms of total number of rapes are from Africa. Most likely more African nations would appear on the list of countries with highest rape crime, but the vast majority of these nations actually do not report rapes. In fact, 2009 and 2010 are the only years in the past decade that Botswana has reported. In total 1,865 individuals were raped in Botswana in 2010.


1. South Africa

Rape Crime

132.4 per 100,000

South Africa is, by far, the world leader in rape. In 2010, 1.3 percent of all individuals living inside of the country were raped. As the vast majority of these individuals were women, women face an even higher percentage of potential rape. In total, 66,196 people were raped in the nation in 2010.

These are the nations where it is the highest percentage of rapes taking place. Of course, there are dozens of nations that do not provide rape statistics, so in all likelihood, other nations would appear on the list. In terms of the most number of rapes taking place inside of a country, without any consideration of population, the top 10 are 10: Thailand, 9: Russian Federation, 8: Sweden, 7: Australia, 6: Germany, 5: Mexico, 4: United Kingdom (England and Wales), 3: India, 2: South Africa, 1: United States, with dozens of countries not reporting.


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