Top 10 Coolest Offices in the World

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Studies have shown the effect of workplace design on organizational productivity. Offices conducive to creative thinking and collaboration turn out employees who can have fun and relax and can thus come up with fresher ideas and work better with their colleagues. This is the reason why executives have prioritized turning formerly drab offices into fun playgrounds for adults.

These are the 10 coolest offices in the world.


10. Inventionland Design Factory (Pittsburgh)

Inventionland Design Factory (Pittsburgh)

If the office is in a pirate ship, does that automatically make it one of the coolest offices in the world? Yes, it does! Last but definitely not least in this list of the coolest offices in the world is this company headquarters that looks more like a theme park. This place is one that has to be seen to be believed. Inventionland Design Factory is the corporate headquarters of the Davison Design & Development Company. It is a kind of factory where designers, inventors, artists, and visionaries can design and build prototypes of new products. Currently, the offices in this place have 16 different themes. There is an office built like a motor speedway, another built inside a giant robot, another built on the deck of a pirate ship, and one inside a castle. There are three waterfalls, an office inside a tree house, an office inside a nursery nook in the shape of a giant boot, and offices built inside a cave known as the Creation Cavern. Going to work here must feel just like going to Disneyland!


9. Corus Entertainment (Toronto, Canada)

Corus Entertainment (Toronto, Canada)

What makes the Corus Quay building one of the coolest offices in the world? There is a gigantic three-story slide in its atrium that looks more at place in a family resort than in a serious office. The 500,000-square-feet headquarters of the media conglomerate Corus also features a five-story atrium, boardrooms in the shape of hockey rinks, lounges built on top of TV studios, living walls, and quirky reception areas. More than 1,000 staff work here and the whole place was intended to keep the company’s whole workforce under one roof.


8. BBC MediaCityUK (Salford, UK)

BBC MediaCityUK (Salford, UK)

Those who are into futuristic aesthetics will surely pick this as one of the coolest offices in the world. The new BBC MediaCity in Manchester looks like it was plucked straight out of a science fiction film. Giant cushioned “thought wheels” and collaboration pods are perfect for brainstorming with coworkers, security personnel zip around on Segways, and the furniture is all minimalist and streamlined. The overall look of the place is more like Dr. Who than corporate.


7. Lloyd’s of London (UK)

Lloyd’s of London (UK)

Also known as the “Inside-Out Building”, the architectural giant Lloyd’s of London is indeed one of the coolest offices in the world. It has been called the most eye-catching corporate building in the United Kingdom. It has a massive atrium that is flanked by desk-filled balconies and escalators straight out of a sci-fi film that crisscross all the way to the top floor. It is also officially recognized by the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England.


6. Ogilvy (South Africa)

Ogilvy (South Africa)

One of the largest ad agencies in the world owns one of the coolest offices in the world. The Ogilvy & Mather office in Cape Town is so full of clever and quirky details, you wouldn’t think upon first entering the space that it is actually a place of work. There are conference rooms that change color, lift shafts awash in red, intricate staircases that zigzag up and away, dog statues that do double duty as seats, and urinals in the shape of the Rolling Stones open mouth logo.


5. YouTube (San Bruno, California)

YouTube (San Bruno, California)

With three-person slides, napping pods, and miniature golf greens, how can the YouTube office not be one of the coolest offices in the world? This amazing space, designed by William McDonough + Partners, also has snack bars, walls of YouTube stills, employee-produced art, a lap pool, and open plan office spaces. The YouTube headquarters also happens to be one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the state of California.


4. White Mountain Office (Stockholm, Sweden)

White Mountain Office (Stockholm, Sweden)

What makes this one of the coolest offices in the world? Apart from the fact that this office was impeccably designed, it is also located 100 feet below the ground in what was once a nuclear bunker. The 4,000-square-foot space was meant to survive an atomic bomb and the resulting fallout. It was renovated in 2008 and now features modern minimalist furniture, living walls, a space-themed conference room, and artificial waterfalls. And it can also withstand a hydrogen bomb!


3. Dropbox (San Francisco)

Dropbox (San Francisco)

The SoMA district of San Francisco is home to some of the coolest offices in the world – and Dropbox is certainly one of them! Geremia Design and Boor Bridges co-designed the massive space, creating elegant, flexible, and functional areas meant to inspire collaborative work. Quirky touches include an office lounge equipped with a grand piano, conference rooms called The Break-Up Room and The Romance Chamber, and a meeting room filled with LEGOs.


2. Airbnb (Silicon Valley)

Airbnb (Silicon Valley)

Airbnb recently moved its headquarters into a renovated warehouse in San Francisco and promptly turned it into one of the coolest offices in the world. The 72,000-square-foot space features a three-story green wall, a conference room that was based on the War Room in Dr. Strangelove, a completely padded reading nook, meeting rooms designed after actual Airbnb listings around the world, and a giant open kitchen. Employees are free to wander around and work in the library, the dining room, or the atrium; there are no desktop computers or corded phones anywhere.


1. Google (Zurich)

Google (Zurich)

All of Google’s offices are cleverly designed spaces meant to inspire creativity and teamwork, but their engineering hub in the city of Zurich is just surreal and is definitely one of the coolest offices in the world. The design firm Camenzind Evolution filled the offices with lots of playful but functional touches, including slides and poles that employees use to get from one floor to the next, work-out spaces, game rooms with foosball tables and pool tables, basketball courts, music bars, video game rooms, snack rooms, massage rooms with aquariums and bathtubs to lounge in, movie rooms, and lots of meeting places and mini conference rooms with hammocks, couches, pods, and even gondolas for seating!


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