Top Ten Countries with Highest Crime Rate

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Crime is defined as an act harmful not only to some individual, but also to the community or the state. Murder, rape, aggravated assault, robbery… all forms of personal crimes. Burglary, larceny, arson… all forms crimes against property. Prostitution, illegal gambling, and illegal drug use are all victimless crimes or crimes against morality. Embezzlement, insider trade, tax evasion are considered white-collar crime. And then there’s organized crime which is committed by structured groups.

You would think with all harsh punishment and things that happen to those that commit crimes that people would think before committing a crime so the wouldn’t have to pay for it and the world would be a better place. But crime still exists and will probably be around for eternity. One can’t move from it because it is everywhere… all countries have a crime rate. Here are the top ten countries with the highest crime rate that has been reported.


10. India


Standing at number ten is India. India has a reported crime rate of 1,764,630 within the last year. Population and inflation are said to be the main causes of the crime rate in India. Proper earning resources for the huge number of people that aren’t able to provide, and causes the crime rate to rise. Other things that cause the crime rate to be so high in India are religious extremism, a lot of underworld gangs.


9. Italy

Italy crime

Coming in at the number nine slot for the countries with the highest reported crime rate is Italy. Italy’s crime rate has been reported at 2,231,550. With places to visit like Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily, Capri and many other places in between, people generally don’t think about danger or crime that may come about when living in or visiting Italy. The top crimes in Italy are organized crime, violent crime, fraud, political corruption. Unfortunately there are other crimes found within the country of Italy, but these seem to be the top types of crimes found there.


8. Canada

Canada crime

Canada finds itself on the list at number eight when it comes to the highest reported crime rate. The crime rate total that has been reported for Canada as 2,516,918. There seem to be major gangs with deep roots in some of the rural and urban areas of Canada, which makes it hard for law enforcement agencies that are working on eliminating the crime that is taking place. Some of the crimes that are common in Canada are robbery, smuggling, black marketing and murder.


7. South Africa

South Africa crime

At the seventh position for the highest reported crime rate we find South Africa. The crime rate has been reported in at 2,683,849 for South Africa. South Africa has a population of around 53 million people and eleven official languages. With so many people and so many different languages (not including dialects), this could possibly be somewhat of a cause for the crime rate. Some of the crimes that can be affiliated with South Africa are street robberies, major mafias, thieves, gangsters, smugglers and an extremely large amount of women being raped every year. It has been reported that 500,000 women are raped within a year, and unfortunately not all of the rape cases are reported, which means there are many more happening.


6. Japan

Japan crime

Coming in at the number six slot for the countries with the highest reported crime rate is Japan. Japans total reported crime rate is at 2,853,739. Although Japan has made a lot of accomplishments within the field of technology, it doesn’t slow down the crime that is taking place, nor the rate that is being looked  at today. Some of the areas in which the crimes reported in Japan fall under are modernization, white collar crimes, and drug abuse.


5. Russia

Russia crime

Standing at number five is the country of Russia. Russia has a reported crime rate of 2,952,370. Although Russia has developed in areas of technology and received international achievements, it still has a very high crime rate… and this is just the number of crimes that has been reported. Some of the crimes that are reported that lead to this high number are: drug trafficking, extortion, murder for hire, human trafficking, abduction, and many more.


4. France

France crime

France is the next country, coming in the fourth position. France has a reported crime rate of 3,771,850. Although Frances may be a well established as well as well developed country it is also well developed and established in the area of crime. With places to visit like Marseille, Cannes and Paris… a lot of entertainment, shopping, Roman ruins, many cultural venues and so much more… often time’s crime rate is the furthest thing on one’s mind when thinking of visiting France or even moving to France. The two highest forms of crime in France are organized crime and corruption.


3. Germany

Germany crime

Coming in at the third position on the top ten list is Germany. Germany comes in the highest reported crime list with a numerical value of 6,507,394. Having such a big figure, it’s hard to believe there are still two other countries after it. Crimes such as money laundering, prostitution, contract killing, and weapon trafficking are among some of the crimes that brings such a high number to the country of Germany.


2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom crime

The second country with the highest reported crime rate is the United Kingdom. The total number of the United Kingdom’s reported crime rate is 6,523,706. With an extremely high number, one must ask what some of the crimes being committed are. Some of the reported crimes that help with this high number are: vandalism, robbery, fire-raising, vehicle theft and shoplifting.


1. United States of America

America crimes

Now is the time for the number one country. The country that comes in first place for the highest reported crime rate is… the United States. Unfortunately the United States has a reported crime rate of 11,877,218. Although the United States is a super power when it comes to countries and no matter how much peace is discussed within the United States it leads with crimes such as homicide, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault leading the numbers of reported crime.


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