Top 10 Weird Jobs

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People work at all sorts of jobs today to make a living. Some are calm and pleasant, while others are hectic and stressful. Then you have the ones that provide you a thrill a minute, when you have them. However, our list is about the top 10 weird jobs some people work at each week. Read the following and see what you think about these weird ways to make money.


#10 Gigwalker

A gigwalker is a person the uses either an iPhone or Android phone to take pictures and answer a few questions for clients through the Gigwalk app. Gigwalk is a website companies can turn to get certain tasks performed on a pay-per-task basis. If you have one of the above cell phones, this site is a great way to make some extra money. The jobs range from secret shopper to photographing the insides of various establishments.


#9 Food Testers

Food Testers

Various companies employ food testers to try out new products or ideas for products to make sure they have marketability. After all, even if a product has all quality ingredients, it may not taste appealing when all the flavors are combined together. When given a choice between products the food tester may prefer one to the rest. This helps the company decide which product to and not to market.


#8 Odor Testers

Odor Testers
Odor testers are employed for various reasons the most notable it armpit sniffing to see which deodorants/antiperspirants are effective and which are not effective. Cologne and perfume companies may employ one to help figure out which scents are appealing to the nose. These are just two examples of where odor testers could find a job. Your sense of smell has to be quite acute for this one of the top 10 weird jobs.


#7 Line Holders

Line Holders
Line holders often are hired to stand in the lines for people at tourist venues. This allows the person to move about and then come back to the line, when his or her line holder is near the front of the line. Pay varies, but can be quite good for those who have the time.
#6 Hire on as Part of the Family.

It has been uncovered recently that disabled people are making money by becoming part of a family group at Disney World to enable the family to have a better place in line at the attractions. This is profitable for the disabled person, even if it a bit unscrupulous of the family to hire the individual and also unfair to the other people in line.


#5 Repo Man or Woman

Repo Man
A repo man or woman is a person that collects property that is not being paid for correctly and returns it to the rightful owner. There are repo people that specialize in repossessing airplanes, boats, cars, or other merchandise. These people are not a welcomed sight to the people owing the money. All sorts of tactics will be employed to get the merchandise back especially when it comes to the cars, airplanes, or boats. There are certain legalities the repo people have to go through to accomplish their jobs. It is a must to know the local repossession laws and one must be a fairly tough and savvy individual to do the weird job choice.


#4 Parachute Testers

Parachute Testers
Do you want a weird job that provides thrills at the same time? How about testing parachutes to make sure they work? Companies that make sports canopies such as Performance Designs located in DeLand, Florida hires testers to jump with their parachutes to make sure an untested parachute is safe for use. It takes steady nerves and expert jumping skills for this job. Only experienced parachutists should apply.


#3 Virtual Head Hunters

 Virtual Head Hunters
Virtual head hunters search the Internet to find employers, who are willing to pay a reward for the right referral for employees. When these head hunters find the right person for the job, they make some money. Money amounts do vary, but this job could be quite lucrative. Computer skills, knowledge of businesses, and people skills are needed. This weird job could help others to find employment.
#2 Certified Surrogate Partner Therapist

Surrogate Partner
This weird job may sound strange to some. However, some people suffer from sexual intimacy issues to the extent that they need help to overcome the issues. This therapist usually works with a professional sex therapist to help individuals solve their issues. You would have to have the appropriate accreditation and will need to be educated in human sexuality to do this job.


#1 Embalmer

An embalmer prepares a dead person for burial. This often involves making the person presentable to his or her family and friends for a viewing session before the actual funeral and burial occurs. The embalmer will meet with the family to see if the family has any special requests as far as hairstyles, makeup, jewelry, and even clothing to place on the deceased. This weird job needs education and a degree in the field of mortuary science.

Does one of these top 10 weird jobs appeal to you?



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