Top 10 Traits of an Aries Person

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A person is considered an Aries if they are born between March 21 and April 19th. The Aries Zodiac takes the form of a ram, which is a fitting symbol for the traits that many Aries people embody, as you will soon see.  Here is a list of the top 10 traits that people born as Aries are known to have:


10) Energetic


Aries people rarely have a shortage of energy. They are always on the go, and constantly doing one thing after another without rest.They tend to wake up early and stay up late, and are always gung-ho for any athletic activity. All this energy can be a vice however, as Aries are often restless when stagnant, aggressive when aggravated, and can irritate those around them who are not as hyper-active.


9) Undisciplined


Despite their active nature, the energy of an Aries person is often sporadically scattered, and Aries are rarely able to concentrate on one activity for any extended period of time without needing a new distraction to latch on to.  This can make working with an Aries very difficult, as they have a hard time keeping on topic and following through with tasks that require more time commitment than their short attention spans are capable of.


8) Versatile


Due to the constant redirection of their focus, Aries people are significantly more versatile than other people.  They are constantly picking up new information from many different facets of the world around them, and as a result the skills they develop cover a wide array of areas. Although Aries people are skilled at many things, they are rarely very skilled at one individual thing, as a result of their short attention spans.


7) Straightforward


Aries are some of the most genuine and honest people in the world, and they almost never beat around the bush when telling someone how they feel.They are known to be ruthlessly direct and to spare no feelings when debating an issue. This can be incredibly useful and effective in a business situation, where time is of the essence, and strong, resolute decision making is needed to make forward progress. However, this trait can be incredibly destructive in a romantic relationship, where  using a more tactful, sensitive approach is often much more effective when communicating.


6) Leaders


People born as an Aries refuse to follow others, as their high-level of pride demands that they be at the front of every charge.  They have a hard time taking orders from others, even if they agree with the course of action that is being commanded of them.   Aries make effective boss’s, but mediocre employees, and many Aries tend to start their own businesses to avoid putting themselves in a situation where they have to answer for someone up the ladder.  Aries are often very clever and strategic, and their ability to lead others is stellar. This usually allows them to obtain a job in which they are at least someone else’s boss, even if they still have as boss of their own.


5) Romantic


Aries make very enthusiastic and devoted partners. They enjoy making large, romantic gestures to their lovers, above and beyond what any other zodiac could even conceive. Once an Aries realizes their partner is truly interested in them, they can develop possessive and over-bearing habits.  They will always have a worry that someone else is trying to steal their partner away from them, and as a result of this fear, will constantly require some kind of physical contact, as a reassurance that their partner is still theirs.


4) Impatient and Confrontational


The impatience of an Aries person quickly shows itself when they are delayed or inconvenienced by anything or anyone.  Aries tend to jump to irrational conclusions, and vocally blame others for problems that are often caused by themselves.  They will very quickly lose control of their temper when told they are doing something wrong, and go out of their way to start heated arguments with others over small issues that could easily be mitigated through civilized discourse. Be careful when calling an Aries out on a fault, as they will immediately see anyone who threatens their pride as an enemy.


3) Adventurous


An Aries is always searching for a new thrill, and pursuing challenges that others say they should not or cannot. Aries love to explore the outdoors, and look to an activity that yields an adrenaline rush. This adrenaline addiction makes extreme sports such as skydiving, white-water rafting, or rock-climbing very appealing.


2) Selfish


The main concern of an Aries person is them-self. The needs or wants of others are always second priority, and if given a chance, An Aries will take advantage of another person with little to no regard for the effects of their actions towards that person.  Aries are very competitive, particularly when it comes to sports, and this selfish quality make them poor team players. Although this trait can lead to success for many Aries, it is always at the expense of others.


1) Courageous


An Aries is never one to cower at the first sight of adversity, or even the second for that matter. Aries take any hardship or opposition as a personal challenge, to overcome by any means, or risk losing the precious pride that this courage is built upon.  As a result of this courage, Aries tend to put themselves in harms way for little or no reason; their reckless thirst for thrill and excitement overriding any natural instinct to to be anything less than a hero in the face of danger.


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