Top 10 Traits of a Taurus Person

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General Description

Taurus is the hedonist sign of the Zodiac, more than any other. The indicator of the Taurus sign is the Bull, indicating stubbornness or being bull-headed. The end justifies the means for a Taurus person – not just any means, but the one that is fair and works well. Once convinced of a concept, it is very difficult to change it, but this can be done, albeit with some hysterics. Being hedonists, they will want to be comfortable on the way to the goal. The Taurus person will strive hard to earn the goal. Being romantics, they will want the journey to be as pleasant as you can make it. The Taurus person loves his strength, and cannot resist every opportunity to prove it and demonstrate it.


10. Stubbornness


Taurus is assured of his convictions, and you will be hard pressed to convince him otherwise. Self-assurance is often confused with stubbornness and this is true of Taurus. Taurus is a persistent sign, indicating dedication to the end result, embracing a “let’s get the job done” attitude.

9. Hedonism


Taurus loves creature comforts. Physical pleasures are as bread of life, maybe the dessert. Taurus loves touch, taste, lots of pillows. Taurus is a tactile person, reveling in personal and meaningful contact. Material goods are of primary importance to Taurus. A good motto for a Taurus person is: “All things in excess.” Since Taurus controls the throat and neck, it is wise to have a silky scarf in a warm, soothing earth tone.

8. Creativity


While being creative in their own right, Taurus also loves all the art forms. The desire to get things done leads to productivity and finished product. Creative projects may seem endless, but the Taurus person will doggedly work to the very end, and the result will be as perfect as it could be. You will like it. The Bull says you will!

7. Persistence


Taurus is indeed stubborn about the things they perceive to be true. They will stop movement until they are sure the method or the idea is correct. You will have to work hard to get them to continue, but the effort is worth the gain. Persistence in working to a goal will be rewarded in the hedonistic manner described earlier. These folks are indeed hard workers, and believe in rewards.

6. Life Style

Life Style

Venus, the goddess of love, was a lover of pleasure and reward. Venus rules Taurus, who loves all things beautiful in their lives, at home and elsewhere. Beauty also encompasses a happy life, which means a good home with a stable partner who feels the same way. The Bull’s love of sensuality and physical comfort can only  help keep this life style going. Although sometimes coming across as a little too overwhelming, these folks are deeply romantic and ultimately loyal. You can count on a Taurus to keep things going they way they were planned. Changing the plan will be difficult.

5. Practicality


Taurus people are the regular, steady, slow-moving folks who keep the goal in mind. They are somewhat conservative, having no astral visions, rather keeping their feet planted firmly on the earth. They tend to stick with the work at hand until it is completed successfully. A good, thoughtful worker who will not stray or daydream would be a Taurus. He will get the job done, then celebrate.

4. Temper


Taurus can have somewhat of a short temper and will fly into a fit at little provocation. They will gladly argue with you over a perceived slight, but eventually they will calm down, since their outlook is more Zen than anything else. Most people will like the general gentleness of the Taurus person over others. It is not easy to convince a Taurus, but it can be done.

3. Physicality


These people enjoy the physical development of their bodies. They also enjoy demonstrating their strengths and submitting to tests. They love outdoor sports like hiking and climbing – anything to be close to earth. Indoor activities are also of interest, such as the opera or ballet. The gentleness of the Bull is much evident in all these activities. Think of Ferdinand sniffing the roses, and you have Taurus.

2. Love


Taurus people are devoted romantic and a little possessive in romance. Their sensuality cover some of the bad moves they will make as lovers. Hedonism is an important aspect of romance, and the Bull is no slouch in providing all the animal comforts his mate may desire. His love of beauty will help to make surroundings as pleasant as they could possible be.

1. Essence Taurus


The basic quality of the Taurus person is stability. Loyalty and perseverance are are adjuncts of stability, and the Taurus person has them in abundance. If you want to be assured of reaching your goal, this is the person you want to do the job.


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