Top 10 Traits of a Sagittarius Person

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The zodiac sign, a symbol that is used to mark any of the 12 zodiac signs associated with a given horoscope. Of the different zodiac signs the Sagittarius symbol is symbolic of one who struggles with philosophical conflict versus human instinct. This zodiac sign is represented by the centaur and falls between the dates of November 22 and December 21. Although a few of the traits that are characterized by this symbol include being adventurous and taking risks there are more traits which are as follows.


10) Generosity


One of the 10 traits of a Sagittarius person is that they are generous. Because of their great concern in regards to all principles in the universe they are always willing to give of themselves, never being concerned with what is in it for them. One example of this would be if money were to be borrowed. It is very likely that somebody who is under this particular sign just may forget to return the money that’s been borrowed.


9) Restless


Considered to be more of a negative trait being restless is still, nonetheless, among the top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person. This particular trait is considered to be negative because of the person’s inability to sit still for a given amount of time. Along the same lines is the fact that they are more likely to get bored fairly easy with a certain task and if it is taken them a long time to complete it will put it down and get something else started.


8) Friendships


This particular trait has made it into the top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person because people who have this as their horoscope sign make great friends. This is mostly because they are not only kind hearted and gentle in nature but also because they will most likely never be envious or jealous of what their friend has accomplished or achieved. Furthermore, they don’t hold emotions in and are fun and adventurous making them the perfect friend to go along on a road trip.


7) Relationships


Among the top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person is the topic of relationships. Although they fall in love easily but don’t like commitment. However, if commitments are made they will follow through even through problems. Furthermore, when it comes to relationships the one thing that this trait will show in the top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person is that they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of having a successful relationship. In the end losing special connections make them afraid to commit.


6) Communication


Another one of the top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person is that they are talkative to the point that they may not know when it’s time to speak and when it’s time to sit back, observe, and be quiet. This particular trait has a bit of a downside to it in that when it comes to complimenting others things may not be spoken the way they were meant to be said. As a result, the end result may be that somebody gets offended because of open-mindedness.


5) Overconfidence


Although this is kind of considered to be another negative trait in the top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person it can be perceived differently. While the the grit of being overconfident can best be defined as believing that they are the best at what they do there is a certain specialness to the way they are in that they have the ability to take great opportunities and make them work. Furthermore, another upside to this trait is that they are great goal achievers.


4) Philosophical


The philosophical trait that Sagittarius people are naturally born with is symbolized by the Archer who shows a certain philosophical vision. They search for things that are greater then what is in the natural world and enjoy learning about historical related material as well as new cultures. Overall, they thrive and hunger for knowledge. Some of the professions where people with this trait may well be discovered include teachers, journalists, and more. They are the types to enjoy travel and adventure.


3) Optimistic


One of the best ways to describe this trait in a list of top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person is that they surround themselves with positiveness and are thus always positively looking at the brighter side of things when others are not. Furthermore, they are contagiously enthusiastic and are even considered to be the luckiest people around. Because they are able to think positive in even the darkest of any situation they have a concept of seeing the glass as half full.


2) Intellectual


Combined with some of the other traits that are most likely to be associated with being intellectual one of the top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person is that they are intellectual. This goes well with the philosophical and optimistic traits mentioned earlier because it ties in with the fact that people who are under this zodiac sign crave knowledge and always find ways to work a situation out according to their strengths. They are continual book worms and seek book travel if not able to physically do so.


1) Adventurous


According to what the definition of what being adventurous means the top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person is fit to the exact meaning of the word. They are always seeking fun and exciting things to do and it can be said that they could be a type of thrill seeker. They are continually looking to explore new and exotic places that have never been explored by them and are considered to make risky decisions. All in all, they live exciting lives.

In conclusion, this list of top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person as provided some interesting in depth characteristics of what the Sagittarius zodiac sign is all about. While a couple of these traits were geared negatively are mainly characterized in a positive manner throughout this top 10 traits of a Sagittarius person list.


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