Top 10 Traits of a Pisces Person

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Human emotions can be a complicated business that are hard to sort out. While there are manuals available for the human body, thoughts, feelings and behaviors are much too tricky. This is when astrology can be immensely useful. Daily horoscopes give some insights into the hearts and minds of people everywhere through twelve different astrological signs. One of the signs is Pisces, for anyone born between February 19 to March 20. Here are 10 traits of a Pisces person.


1. They are Creative.


Pisces (particularly males), commonly have a tendency to seek creative fulfillment over monetary gain. Rather than doing the nine to five grind, they would much rather do something they love even though it may not pay the bills. Women share this trait as well, as they are known for following their passions, and making them into a career. They are well known for their artistic qualities.


2. They Can Be Passive Aggressive.

Passive Aggressive.

A Pisces male often bottles up his feelings. This results in him being reserved and angry. Harboring these hard feelings is often destructive, and can result in drug and alcohol abuse, which they are often not able to conquer. Despite harboring these hard feelings, they appear to be witty and charming to others. People can be able to know a Pisces male without ever knowing the darker side of them.


3. Pisces People Are Compassionate.


Both Pisces men and women are known for being good listeners. They are known for being sensitive and empathetic to others, and willing to help people in their time of need. These are two reasons why Pisces of both genders make excellent friends.


4. Pisces Make Good Husbands and Wives.


A Pisces both male and female are known for being loyal partners. They are not into short flings, and are known for entering long term relationships. A Pisces requires frequent reassurance, but will give it in return. This long term stability makes a Pisces male of female an ideal husband or wife.


5. Pisces Make Good Mothers and Fathers.

good parents

While a Pisces can make a good mate, they are also known for being good parents too. A Pisces woman is known for devoting herself to both her child and family. A male Pisces always makes time for their kids no matter how busy their schedule may be, and is known for being a fun dad. Pisces either male or female make excellent mates when it comes to starting a family.


6. Pisces Are Romantic.


Since Pisces males tend to be sensitive, this also makes them in tune with their feminine side. This results in them being romantic, much to the delight of their significant others. Male Pisces often perform romantic gestures, like write poetry and give flowers. For any woman who favors this kind of attention, a Pisces male is the ideal mate.


7. Pisces Are Selfless.


Pisces women are known for being very generous and selfless people who are loyal to a fault. They will often concern themselves with their friends problems to a point where they may neglect their own lives. Since a Pisces is known for being sensitive, they are very empathetic to friends in times of crisis. It is for this reason a Pisces woman will make a great friend to anyone in need, or anyone who is self absorbed.


8. Pisces Are Spiritual.


Given their creative nature, Pisces are known to think outside the box and seek answers to the metaphysical. This makes them perfectly attuned to their spiritual selves. Pisces regularly adhere to religious practices, and are likely to attend church on a regular basis. Since Pisces can be known for their escapist behavior, it is quite natural they would explore their spiritual sides.


9. Pisces Can Be Lazy.


While many Pisces are known for putting their energy into artistic and creative pursuits, this often comes to the detriment of others. While they enjoy those activities, more practical matters fall to the wayside. Pisces do not do well under pressure, and can often act on emotion, which can make it hard for them to hold a job. While they can excel in certain job situations, they mostly go misunderstood by their employers. For anyone who lives with, or depends on a Pisces financially, this can create quite the burden.


10. Pisces Can Be Indecisive.


Pisces often have an inner struggle. While they will often act on emotion, they are well aware that it is against logic. Ideally, they would like to have both, but that is not possible most of the time. Instead of making tough decisions, they will rely on others to do it for them. This is why Pisces men and women typically do not favor well in a business setting, or do well managing others. Virgos on the other hand, and that is why they make good pairs with a Pisces.


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