Top 10 Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

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Retirement is a time full of excitement for the future and a little sadness leaving the past. It’s time to break free from the professional work and just live carefree. Find the perfect gift for men retiring isn’t hard because he will need gifts for relaxing, entertainment and even nostalgia. Here are 10 great retirement gift ideas for men.


10. Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets
Fill a decorative basket with gifts associated with everything from the man’s hobby to edible gifts. You can even have a random gift basket filled with his favorite drinks, snacks, little toys and small books. You can stash golf balls, golf tees and golf accessories in a basket decorated in green for golf. Grooming gifts are also easy to give together in a gift basket filled with manly grooming equipment to ensure he doesn’t let himself go after retirement! The best thing about a gift bag is that there is no limit to the fun. He can sift through all of his goodies with a big smile on his face.


9. Travel & Luggage

Travel & Luggage
A retired man has all the time in the world for traveling now. A good new piece of luggage will help him get ready to go! Luggage comes in all sizes, shapes and types so it’s easy to stick with whatever price point you choose. It’s a practical, yet thoughtful gift for the future traveler. You probably don’t want to hand over the luggage without anything in it. Make it even more fun by placing snacks or cards in the luggage as a special treasure. Monogram his initials on the luggage for an extra pop of personalization. After he has the luggage, he can figure out where to go. A great idea for retirement gifts for men for a group to give is a cruise. A cruise usually lasts a few days and takes you away from the world itself. A retired man can get ready to sit back and just relax on a cruise.


8. Golf Kit

Golf Kit
Most men love to play golf. It’s a time of relaxing and just enjoying time with other men in light competition. New golf balls and even personalized golf tees are an essential gift on the list for retirement gift ideas for men because any avid golfer knows having too many golf tees or golf balls is impossible. Giving him a new putter or driver is always a special touch to any golf kit. A new golf bag is also a great gift to tie all of these things together. You can even get him a few rounds of golf at a course he has always wanted to play. Golfers don’t get tired of courses and always enjoy conquering uncharted golfing territory.


7. Watch

The new retiree may have all the free time he wants, but he will still want to check the time once in a while! A watch is a traditional, classy selection for retirement gift ideas for men. Watches are available at many different price points and have a countless amount of styles to choose from. You can get the watch modernized and monogrammed for an additional touch of luxury. Watches are a great addition to the retirement gift ideas for men because they are something he will wear every day and with every outfit. From working out to dining at a fancy restaurant, a watch is ready for anything.


6. Club Membership

Club Membership
A retiring man will not want to spend every hour at home in his recliner. He may want to go out and mingle with others. Club memberships offer social time, golf time, sports time and overall “me” time. Club memberships allow the man to get away and just enjoy recreation time away from home. He now has a place to have a nice lunch and smoke a cigar with the guys. Club memberships are fun and can even keep you healthy. Make sure first he already doesn’t have a membership!


5. Books & DVDs

Books & DVDs
Free time means having the time to learn about and enjoy anything the retiree loves. Books and DVDs are the perfect gift to keep his mind alive and engage his spirit. If he enjoys old westerns, get him some Louis L’Amour books to keep him entertained. If he loves traveling, get him some travel books to find his next location. You can give him his favorite movies on DVDs or documentaries to keep him on his toes. Think of him sitting back in his chair with a book propped open or with his eyes glued to the television in excitement. No matter how old you get, you never have to stop learning new things.


4. Gadgets


Gadgets are simply toys for grown men. There are so many fun gadgets and electronic items that make the cut for perfect retirement gift ideas for men. There are Swiss knives with all sorts of contraptions. Digital photo frames to store pictures of the family are a nifty gadget. Give him new accessories for his cell phone or apps so he can have a little electronic fun. Even cameras are a great gift so he can capture all of his new adventures in the retired world. Give him a technological gadget for his favorite hobby. If he enjoys to garden, give him gadgets that help in the garden. If he loves to build things made of wood, get him fun new gadgets that will help him make his vision come to life.


3. Personal Mementos

personal gift

Retirement gift ideas for men many times include a gift to touch the heart. Giving him a personal present is usually very sentimental and special. Find something that you both understand and share it with him. Frame a photo of the two of you or put a special message in his favorite book. Give him a special pen he used at work in a neat little box. You can have things in his office monogrammed or have a special trophy made with his accomplishments at the job. Give him an autographed baseball for the time you went with the company to a baseball game. He might enjoy a special ornament or magnet from a place you all traveled to for a company getaway. This can be an expensive gift with the most meaning behind it because it actually touches his heart.


2. Flowers and Cards

Flowers and Cards

Most stepstones warrant sending flowers or a special card. Everyone loves getting flowers and cards no matter your age or gender. These things are simple touches that make us feel loved. It doesn’t have to be a huge arrangement of flowers, but just a few. Plants are a great substitute if you feel like giving him something that will not wither. A card from the company or just a card from one person is special. Flowers are beautiful and simply brighten the day. He can put the flowers at home to brighten it up and smile each morning as he looks at them. Yes, flowers die, but the thought behind them never fades away.


1. Whiskey tumblers

Whiskey tumblers
Alcohol rounds out the list of retirement gift ideas for men. A distinguished man is said to love his whiskey. Whiskey tumblers are a perfect gift to give to the man who has everything. Engrave his name with a message for a personal touch. Of course, it doesn’t have to be about whiskey. Some men like tequila, some like champagne and other just crave their cold beer. Beer mugs, shot glasses and other alcohol glasses are a great gift for the retired man.


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