Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

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Emergencies, the need for resources, and exploration are 3 of the top factors that make dangerous jobs an extremely necessary part of day to day life. These risky jobs can attract characters of many different variations, from adrenaline junkies, to men and women just trying to make an honest days living. So just what would be considered the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world?

In the united states alone there is an average of 4,500+  directly work related casualties annually. Below are some of the most popular jobs taking up larger than average pieces on the fatality pie. Factors of job danger include number of deaths in proportion to their industries size, injuries both direct and indirect, hazards within the work area, work environment, geography and landscape, work conditions, and mental and physical demands of the job.


POLICE AND FIREFIGHTERS- Who each see an average of 60-100+ deaths a year each.


#10 Professional Boxer

Professional Boxer

To some this may not be considered a job, but for many men and women participating in this sport it is a way of life and also a mode to earn a living. Directly over 1,000+ deaths have occurred from this fast paced, physical sport since the 1920’s. Yet, many attributed illnesses can result from head trauma,  such as alzheimer’s, and even parkinson’s disease. While many if not most boxers make it out of this competition relatively unscathed, unfortunately casualties number around 10 deaths per year.


#9 Structural Iron and Steel Workers

 Iron and Steel Workers

A job with relatively small numbers of fatalities in comparison to other hard labor/blue collar jobs, this career still averages between 20-40+ casualties a year. More so the job can involve lifting very heavy loads and working at very high altitudes, making way for many potential work related injuries.


#8 Roofing


Being a roofer is no doubt a strenuous, demanding, and hot job. Most roofer fatalities are due to slipping and falling off of slanted surfaces of buildings, as well as loose falling equipment. Due to the nature of the job, it can require a lot of motion and movement which makes tying off to an object to prevent falls a hassle. Fatalities usually fall in the 60+ a year range.


#7 Mining


It is no doubt that the life of a miner can be a hard one. Mining accounts for nearly an average of 150 deaths a year due to equipment accidents, cave ins as well as fatal falls. Also keep in mind that there are future looming health effects due to black lung disease as well as other various ailments due to this strenuous work environment.



#6 Factory worker

Factory worker

Factory workers fatality rate is largely due to the exceptionally large machinery they must tinker with all day. Around 320+ deaths occurred in these jobs through the last few recent years.


#5 Electrician/ Power line installers


Everyone knows that electricity is dangerous. Depending on volts, watts, as well as amps the risk can fluctuate in terms of how likely a death may be. However, many are not aware that nearly 300-350+ deaths come out of this demanding industry annually. One of the most common deaths in this industry occurs in the power line installer job, which is considered one of the riskiest jobs within the industry.



#4  Transportation/ truck driving

Truck driving

From warehouse accidents, to fatal wrecks this job has its fair share of risks to take.  Not only do drivers have to worry about safely driving larger than usual vehicles, they also have to worry about other vehicles driving safely on the road as well. A giant industry, on average this job includes upwards of 700+ deaths a year.



#3 Loggers


Arguably contending with the #2 spot for most dangerous jobs, this grueling work has an average of 100+ deaths a year and steadily growing within the past years. From the hazard of falling trees, heavy equipments, and challenging landscape, this job can prove to quite risky.


#2 Construction worker (industry as a whole)

Construction worker

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the construction field is one of the most dangerous places to work, with an average of 700+ deaths a year within this industry as a whole. Most of the lives claimed are general laborers. Most in part because they do a considerably more amount of moving about the construction zone than their co-workers which puts them at greater risk for tripping, falling, getting hit with equipment, and having loose objects fall on top of them.



#1 Commercial Fishermen

Commercial Fishermen

Between 1992-2007 alone, 1,903 commercial fishing vessels sank. Even more so, over a 20 year period over 1,000 workers died. Largely in part due to slippery surfaces, falling overboard, drowning, freezing, being hit with heavy equipment, and even dealing with the still possible threat of modern pirates. This job takes a special breed of person. There is no doubt about it, as the old saying goes, “The sea can be a cruel mistress.”

So, there it is. A complete list of some of the more dangerous jobs out in the world we live in today.  While what is considered more dangerous is highly disputable to the people with varying opinions, this will serve as a guideline and a template for those needing a bit of incite in the direction they wish to take or choose a career.