Top 10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

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It is not an uncommon thing for people to dream while they are asleep. As a result, many people have many different dreams. While dreams come from the subconscious state in one’s mind dreams are known to last approximately 20 minutes, although dreams can be much shorter. During the times of the Roman and Greek periods the method of being able to interpret dreams was discovered. Although it was once believed that dreams were messages sent down from multiple Gods dreams were believed to have some kind of meaning.Furthermore, it is believed that there is an association between the type of dream as well as moods and states of mind. This article will attempt to describe some of the most common dreams and their meanings.


10) Celebrity Dreams

Celebrity Dreams

One of the most common dreams and their meanings involve dreaming about being a celebrity. While this mainly occurs when the dreamer has been watching a lot of television or on the Internet too much the dream basically comes from absorbing anything having to do with celebrities. Another way to think about what a dream might be about is that whatever is on the mind is what will, more times then not, be dreamt about. Although these specific kinds of dreams may not necessarily be bad the dreamer, in these dreams, are usually dreaming of performing on stage or something of that nature. Furthermore, celebrity dreaming may consist of dreams that involve being surrounded by fans adoring them and searching for autographs.


9) Muted Dreams

Muted Dreams

Another type of the most common dreams and their meanings involves not being able to shout in a dream. Although this type of dream may very well be incorporated into and about anything when further analysis having these types of dreams simply means that there is something that is blocking out the ability to express feelings and keeping one from reaching the intended goals that are needed to be reached. It is in these types of dreams where the dreamer is unable to shout no matter how hard they try. Like other dreams, this type of dream is dreamt by many, however, because of the seriousness of the dream’s contents it is advised that these types of dreams should not be ignored.


8) Late Dreams

Late Dreams

Although this kind of dream is dreamt by those who are going to school or who are currently working in an office setting being late is something that everybody deals with. However, it terms of the association between the most common dreams and their meanings this dream can simply be defined as being anxious about either current or upcoming work. Furthermore, it is the most common dream to dream among students who are anxious to get an important test or exam over with. In terms of somebody who is having this type of dream that is in the workforce this could also very well mean that an important deadline that is of the upmost importance is quickly approaching thus causing anxiety issues.


7) Snake Dreams

Snake Dreams

Although it is believed to many that the snake represents things that are wickedly associated in terms of the snake’s inclusion in a dream can be quite positive. This particular kind of dream can signify that the most common dreams and their meanings have two representations, or variations, of the dream itself. The first representation of a snake dream could very well mean that there is a threat that is currently present in the dreamers life. While this can mean a wide variety of dangers the second most possible representation of a snake in a dream occurs when the snake has shed its skin in the dream. If this happens in a dream then renewal and fresh starts are just up ahead.


6) Cheated On

Cheated On

There are endless possibilities that anybody can dream. As a result, there is an unlimited amount of different topics, themes, and subjects that oner can dream about. While some dreams may simply be about something that is happening at the job, home, or in other areas of life there are times when emotions can be the cause of a dream. Because of this the most common dreams and their meanings can also include feeling jealous when being cheated on. It is advised that should these types of dreams occur that there is no need to be alarmed or anything. Although it is not abnormal to have this type of dream such a dream should send the message to spend more time together.


5) Water Dreams

Water Dreams

It is believed that having dreams involving water can signify something good. While these common dreams and their meanings consists of different interpretations the most typical water dreams simply a stage of life is currently in the works that consists of transforming, changing, and even purifying. Although these meanings are the outermost basics involving water in a dream there are more levels in terms of analyzing these kind of dreams in order to get to the root of the dream’s meaning. On the most part though a simple dream involving water will occur in its simplest form, just because. If the dreamer has seen a specific body of water though there may be the need for deeper translation to find the meaning.


4) Death Dreams

Death Dreams

Much like some of the other most common dreams and their meanings dreams about death can tend to mean two different things. Of course, not every single dream about death has to mean the same thing in terms of a given situation in real life resulting in the dream. Nonetheless, death dreams have two representations to them. One representation of death in a dream could come to mean that the dreamer is already in the process of or needs to emotional detach themselves away from the person in the dream. This is represented by somebody that is close already dead. The second type of death related dream can come to represent a more spiritual issue such as a new start or transformation.


3) Lost Teeth

Lost Teeth

Despite the fact that this particular type of dream may seem a bit unorthodox to say the least even this kind of dream has a symbolized meaning. As a matter of fact, like the dreams that involve snakes, water, and death this specific dream also has two different meanings to it. While the most common dreams and their meanings tend to come from the most typical objects and situations it is not unlikely to dream about losing teeth. Such a dream can symbolize one of two meanings. One such meaning is that the dreamer is not confident in certain areas of life. While being confident is an important trait to almost everyone the second meaning that losing teeth has is in worrying about outward appearances.


2) Falling Dreams

Falling Dreams

Aside from dreams occurring involuntarily there are also the kind of dreams that have been associated as a direct cause of medically related issues, such as a depression. As a result one of the most common dreams and their meanings can be discovered in falling dreams. In this type of dream the dreamer is continuing to fall over and over again all the while continuously calling for help. Like so many dreams that have been previously discussed, this dream also has two different meanings in the reasons why this dream is happening. The first meaning that is represented by the dreamer fasting continuously is that everything in the dreamer’s life is out of control; spiraling in a rapid downfall. Secondly, it can mean that the dreamer is facing a situation that is going in a backwards direction.


1) Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams

Finally, although there are several other dreams that can happen the most common dreams and their meanings can involve a dreamer getting chased. These particular kind of dreams can tend to be on the horrid/horror side but only carry one logical explanation and meaning for their occurrences. Should this dream ever happen to anybody all it simply means is that there are avoidance issues between the dreamer and somebody or something. The fact of the matter doesn’t necessarily lie in that the dreamer is getting chased it. Instead, the issue is in why the dreamer is avoiding what or who is chasing. This occurs when there is something frightening.

In conclusion, there are several dreams that carry specific meanings to them and although the most common dreams and their meanings are most likely to have multiple meanings to them it is in the meaning that lessons are taught and things are revealed in terms of certain areas of a dreamer’s life. Furthermore, although there are many different topics, subjects, and other areas that one can dream about overall dreams are involuntarily dreamt. While dreams can last from anywhere between a few moments on up to 20 minutes dreams come from the subconscious mind and are originated from the topics that are being thought of. Although dreaming is a good thing dreaming should not be something that causes disturbing nightmares.


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