Top 10 Most Attractive Airlines Stewardess

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hen you must deal with air travel, there isn’t anything wrong with having a bit of eye candy on board. While you probably don’t want to leer at the stewardesses on board, it dose help life become a bit more comfortable when you are being assisted by an attractive individual instead of one that just doesn’t fit the bill. That is exactly why it is helpful to know what the most attractive airlines stewardess offerings include. Granted, you probably are not going to switch out of a current flight you have, simply because it doesn’t make the list, but knowing you are flying with the most attractive airlines stewardess crew does give you something to look forward to.


10. Air France

Air France

What else would you expect from Air France? When you are dropping $23 million for Christian Lacrios to design the uniforms for your entire crew, there is going to be a push to ensure your crew is considered the most attractive airlines stewardess team possible. While it is not in the top five or close to the top spot, Air France does make a solid showing.


9. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand

Perhaps it is part of the accent that makes these individuals so attractive, but they are some of the most attractive individuals anyone is going to find in the air. On top of this, all of the individuals who work for Air New Zealand must be able to swim the length of an Olympic sized pool in order to receive the job. So either they are incredibly fit, of the higher ups at the company just like seeing their crews in swimming suits.


8. All Nippon Airlines

All Nippon Airlines

When an airline has the philosophy of “create attractive surroundings for customers,” it is going to include the most attractive airlines stewardess crews possible.


7. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

There is just something about the Pacific airline companies that are able to truly offer something beautiful and attractive. When the company decided to update the new outfits worn by the cabin team, instead of hiring out models for the catwalks, Cathy Pacific decided to bring in just some of their most attractive airlines stewardess crew to model off the clothing instead. One thing is for sure though, there simply is something far more sexy in an airline crew flying throughout the South Pacific than what is found anywhere in the United States.


6. Gulf Air

Gulf Air

Gulf Air went through a hiring spree around China in order to find “cultural and aesthetic cultivation”, not to mention it required a full-body, color photograph in all of its applications, so obviously appearance and looks is very important for Gulf Air. There is even a Sky Nanny service on many of the flights. This gives it one of the best services for anyone who is looking to fly with the crew.


5. Hooters Air

Hooters Air

Honestly, it really isn’t possible to make up a list of the most attractive airlines stewardess crew on the planet and not include Hooters Air. After all, the food chain probably has some of the most attractive waitresses in the entire planet, so it would have to be the same in the air as well. Best of all, the individuals who worked for Hooters Air wore the very same clothing. The main downside though is Hooters Air only does private charters now. It, at one point, had its own national flight service, but due to growing fuel prices, the company eventually had to shut this aspect down. For those that do have the money to spend though, the private charters is well worth the extra spending price.


4. Qantas


Another Pacific based airline company, Qantas is the main airline for Australia and individuals looking to visit the continent. For fans of the movie Ran Main, Dustin Hofftman’s character said he would only fly on Qantas because it had never had a crash before. While this isn’t actually true (there has been a crash in its history), the incredibly fit and attractive hostesses are going to make it one of the most incredible flights anyone might be able to score up. Again, there is just something about that Australian accent that places them on the list for most attractive airlines stewardess crews on the planet with one spot out of the top three.


3. Southwest


Southwest is a bit of a conundrum when it comes to the airline industry. At one point in history, Southwest would have had the top spot here, as the clothing and the women who manned the flights were the best of the best. Now, it is holding out the number three spot more out of what it did for the past than what it is doing now.  While there are still some incredibly attractive individuals working these flights, and it is by far the most attractive airlines inside of the United States, probably the best element is the fact that the crews all usually have an excellent attitude, as it is first come first serve for seating, and they are always ready to help.


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2. Thai Airways International

Thai Airways International

You really are not going to find much in terms of Thai International for flights inside of the United States, but for anyone planning a trip to Thailand, it is well work checking out. First, all women must be single, Thai nationals and at least 5’2″ with proportionate weight. For anyone who has ever flown Thai International, there is just something that makes people fall in love with the workers and those on the crew. Additionally, these individuals are some of the most educated in the industry as well, and all speak a variety of languages as well.


1. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

The international crews that fly Virgin Atlantic are some of the most attractive crews on the planet. All of these crews are based out of the UK, which gives them the sexy accent appeal, not to mention the uniforms the crews wear are very tight and show off the entire, busty figure.


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