Top 10 High Paying Part Time Jobs

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Everyone needs a little extra money now and then. As the economy recovers there are several types of part time jobs that pay great.


10. Tax Preparer

Tax Preparer

Most employers like to ensure that their tax records are up to date and this requires constant alteration of monthly records. This position is great for people who prefer working with numbers or those who are introverts. The position pays about $ 8 to $ 13 an hour.


9. Tutoring or a Substitute teacher

Substitute teacher

This is a good position if an individual is well equipped to teach high school or some undergraduate courses. The subjects to be covered include mathematics, English, Foreign languages or as per the need of the student.  It is a position that is flexible and the pay ranges between $10 to $20 for each hour or more depending on the experience and technicality of the course.


8. Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

The tasks under this category involve handling correspondence, setting up appointments, proof reading and other needs that the employer may have. This position is also flexible and can be done online or it may require physical presence at the office. The position may also be a combination of both. The remuneration will vary according to the professional sector and the work load. Most positions may start at $15 an hour.


7. Remote Insurance Inspector

Remote Insurance Inspector

The job entails the inspection of insurance applications and more within the insurance industry. The advantage with this position is that no training is required and training will be done by the firm once an employment application is accepted. The compensation will vary between $14 to $20 per hour.


6. Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

This requires physical presence at the office of the dentists. The tasks will range from administrative office work to assisting the dentist with several procedures or preparing for such procedures. The position pays about $16 per hour.


5. Tour Guide

Tour Guide

This position is perfect for individuals who like door work and love working with people. There are specific companies that always on the market for people who can conduct tours in specific cities and parks. Basic knowledge of the preferred locations will earn the individual almost $ 20 an hour.


4. Fitness trainer

Fitness trainer

As more people pursue fitness, personal trainers are getting more opportunities to work with people. The training could be on aerobics, martial arts or yoga. It allows an individual to keep fit while still earning money. The reward per hour is about $26.


3. Freelance writers

Freelance writers

The amount to be earned depends on the amount of writing done and how often it is taken. A writer can earn up to $50 per article.


2. Librarian


As more and more people go digital more and more people have turned to positions in IT leaving traditional positions like this one open. For part time work up to $26 can be made per hour.


1. Massage therapist

Massage therapist

This position will have the applicant up to $ 30 an hour.


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