Top 10 Easy Jobs that Pay Well

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Not everyone is cut out to have a complicated career path such as becoming a brain surgeon. Some people just need easy jobs that provide them with enough money to help support them and their families. Check out our list of the Top 10 Easy Jobs that pay well that we have compiled. We based this list on not needing years of schooling and the pay.


#10 Be a Food Critic

 Food Critic

You just need a love of food and work to establish your credibility to be a food critic. This job can pay quite well and all you do is eat at restaurants and report on the quality of food you are served. Of course, you need to know how to put your thoughts down on paper correctly to make people appreciate your opinion. Many times, this job will involve writing for a magazine, newspaper, or website.


#9 Become a Babysitter


Many states have limits to the number of kids that can be taken care of by a person in their own home, but this can still be a lucrative job. You can typically call around and charge about the same rates as the local daycare centers charge per child. Of course, you need to make sure you are properly licensed and insured.


#8 Dog Watching or Walking

dog  Walking

Many people have very hectic schedules filled with travel, business, or other activities that make it difficult for them to constantly watch or walk their dogs. Set yourself up with a few clients who need their dogs watched or walked on a regular basis. You just need to love dogs to do this job. Adding dog grooming to your list of services could really boost the amount you can charge.


#7 Watching over Someone’s House

house sitting

House sitting is another one of the Top 10 Easy Jobs that pays well. People who have plants, pets, or just do not want to leave their house alone when they travel will hire you to watch over it while they are gone. You may need to feed the pets, water the plants, and take in the mail. They may or may not want you to stay 24/7 at their house. Of course, you can charge more for the 24/7 service.


#6 Web Designer

Web Designer

Many people and companies need websites to do business through online these days. They will pay big bucks to have someone properly design one for them. You need some natural design skills, knowledge of web design, and up-to-date SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge. You can obtain clients through doing quality work and they will in turn want you to help them maintain their websites on an ongoing basis.


#5 Photographing


Photographing pays well, especially if you learn to specialize in events such as weddings. You just need some camera gear including some special flash equipment and the knowledge of how to stage a great photo. It may just take you awhile to develop a client base.


#4 Tutoring


Do you have a subject in which you have strong knowledge? Many students of all ages need tutoring from time to time to make it through whichever school they are in at the time. Parents or even the students (if college age) will pay you to help them learn their subjects.


#3 Internet Content Writing

 Internet Content Writing

Many webmasters need quality content for their websites. If you have a knack for writing and do not mind learning a few rules, Internet content writing pays fairly well. You can do it freelance on your own or work through sites on the Internet that provide this service.


#2 Songwriting


Are you talented enough to write your own songs? Musicians everywhere are on the hunt for that perfect song for them. You can sell your creations to local talent at first and who knows what big-name recording star may eventually buy your songs.


#1 Personal Trainer

 Personal Trainer

With all the people out there trying to get fit today, there has been an increased demand for personal trainers. You just need to have expertise in nutrition and fitness to be able to help people on a one-on-one basis. Gradually, you will build a clientèle that pays you well to help them become more physically fit.

Now, you may have some other ideas besides the ones on our list of Top 10 Easy Jobs that pay well. That is fine. This list is just to provide you with an idea of jobs you can do without a lot of training.


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