Top 10 Countries with Highest Kidnapping Rate

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When it comes to kidnapping, this is an extremely serious threat that, thankfully, does not happen all to often. Of course, there are many nations in the world that do not report on kidnapping rates to the UN. In fact, there are many violent crimes that simply are not reported. Due to this, some of the top nations on the list might not actually be as high up, if every nation in the world reported their information. However, with that being said, you can only compile a list of nations that actually provide the statistics. Due to this, these are the countries with the highest kidnapping rate.

Kidnapping Rate


10. Australia

Kidnapping Rate

3.81 per 100,000

Australia is a nation that is on both the top 10 kidnapping rates and the top 10 rape rates in the world. There are many different reasons behind this, including the sparsely populated nation that has large cities in several locations of the continent, and then smaller villages where most individuals stay within the confinements of their given town. With that being said, the kidnapping percentage here is .038 percent, so although it is in the top 10 of the countries with the highest kidnapping rate, it really is not much of a threat. Again, if every country reported their kidnapping statistics (or actually had statistics), there is a very strong chance that Australia would not appear on the list.


9. Sri Lanka

Kidnapping Rate

4.48 per 100,000

Located off of the coast of India, more kidnappings actually take place in Sri Lanka than in the Indian mainland. Of course, with the heavily populated nation of India, it is difficult to even report any sort of kidnapping or for the police to do much about it. However, it still places Sri Lanka ninth on the list of countries with the highest kidnapping rate.


8. Luxembourg

Kidnapping Rate

5.14 per 100,000

This is the third highest ranking nation from Europe to appear on the list. The tiny countries of Luxembourg is one of the smallest in the entire world, but that doesn’t mean it is above the law. Of course, it is also one of the best nations in the world at reporting different potential crimes, so while it does appear eighth on the list, this might be more because it actually has exceptionally police work in reporting the numbers.


7. Portugal

Kidnapping Rate

5.25 per 100,000

Portugal is the second highest ranking European nation to make it onto the list of most kidnappings in the world. With .0525 percent of the population coming up missing due to kidnapping, it still is a very small chance of this ever happening, and Portugal is an extremely safe nation (most of the countries on the list are actually rather safe).


6. Tunisia

Kidnapping Rate

5.77 per 100,000

Tunisia turns the attention to a different part of the world, as Europe had actually taken over the top part of the kidnapping list. However, Tunisia has a slightly higher kidnapping rate than Portugal. With this being said, it is only marginally different from Portugal and it is almost a full point under the next nation on the list.


5. South Africa

Kidnapping Rate

6.65 per 100,000

South Africa makes it into the top of many of the more unfortunate lists in the world. More reported rapes actually take place in South Africa per 100,000 individuals than any other place in the world (although it would prove interesting to see how it would stack up, if all nations actually reported their criminal statistics. However, South Africa ranks fifth in terms of kidnapping statistics. The difference in this though is the most recent numbers are from 2004, so it is difficult to tell if South Africa would be higher or lower on the list. With the separation between the number four position and the number six though, it might just hold tight with the five position in the list of countries with the most kidnappings.


4. Swaziland

Kidnapping Rate

8.61 per 100,000

Swaziland is the highest ranking country from Africa that makes it onto the list as it has a significantly higher kidnapping rate than the previous entries on the list. However, there are still three others ahead of it that have far higher numbers, not to mention are rather surprising, especially for the top two positions.


3. Kuwait

Kidnapping Rate

11.52 per 100,000

Kuwait is the only true Middle East nation to appear on the list with a significantly higher number than the four position. However, Kuwait still has one of the highest kidnapping rates in the entire world. It is also one of the few countries in the region that actually reports all of its domestic crimes such as kidnapping and rape. In terms of rape statistics though, it is nowhere near the top 20 nations in the world.


2. Canada

Kidnapping Rate

13.82 per 100,000

Innocent old Canada is one of the happiest places on the planet and has some of the friendliest individuals as well. However, this doesn’t prevent individuals from stealing your children. All truth aside, the kidnapping rate, while far higher than the rest, is still at about .14 percent, which is extremely small. Most likely, if many of the central African nations, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo reported its numbers, Canada would not be anywhere near the top of this list. However, the list can only be comprised by nations that report, and this is why Canada appears so high on the list, in addition to having exceptional police reporting and monitoring situations.


1. Turkey

Kidnapping Rate

14.84 per 100,000

Turkey leads the world in total number of kidnappings per 100,000 individuals. It also has a set percentage of about .15 percent. Colder nations often have higher percentages of kidnappings, which is why both Turkey and Canada are so high on the list (although it is split about 50/50 in terms of colder nations in the top 10). With this being said though, Turkey is the highest ranking European nation on the list. The United States isn’t located in the top 80 nations available.


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