Top 10 Coolest Jobs in the World

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If a job is fun and interesting, is it still considered a job? For many people, earning a living is more of a chore, but for a lucky few, their jobs are more than just a way to earn money. Here is a list of the Top 10 Coolest Jobs in the World.


10. Underwater Photographer

Underwater Photographer

People with a fondness for diving and a knack for photography can actually make a living out of both hobbies. Capturing images underwater takes skill that not many people have, making this one of the most difficult jobs on this list.


9. Reviewer for a Car Magazine

Reviewer for a Car Magazine

Car enthusiasts will drool over the perks of being a car reviewer. Not only are they the first to know about the latest cars that are about to hit the market, they get to test drive them, too!


8. Restaurant Critic

 Restaurant Critic

What’s not to like about this job? The job of a restaurant critic involves eating, eating, and more eating. The best part is that the meals are free! Of course, not everyone can be qualified to do this job. A restaurant critic must have a refined palate and a wide vocabulary in order to put into words what the tongue has tasted.


7. TV/Movie Critics

Movie Critics

There’s a reason why this job has found a spot in this list of the top 10 coolest jobs in the world. Imagine coming to work only to sit in front of a TV screen. There is also great power attached to this job. The success of a film or television show owes a great deal to good ratings and reviews given by critics.


6. Professional Skydivers

Professional Skydivers

This is probably the best job for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Some professional skydivers end up in skydiving teams that do a lot of areal stunts, but most of them work as skydiving instructors who teach first time jumpers the ropes. This means they get to jump from an airplane more than once a day!


5. Racecar Driver

Racecar Driver

People with the need for speed can chase their thrill and earn good money at the same time driving racecars. Whether it is NASCAR or Formula 1, the appeal of pushing oneself to the limit is very strong. It doesn’t hurt that great racecar drivers become famous, too.


4. Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

This entry on the list of the top 10 coolest jobs in the world may come as a surprise to many people. There is actually a job that involves doing nothing but shopping! Well, it also entails writing up detailed reports of the shopping experience, but it’s a fun job nonetheless. Think of it as undercover detective work with one very attractive perk – the ability to go shopping during work hours.


3. Gadget Tester/Reviewer   

Gadget Tester

When major consumer electronics companies come out with their latest mobile phone, tablet computer, or gaming console, they need someone to build up the hype for them, and that someone is the gadget tester. Wouldn’t it be cool to be one of the few lucky men and women take these soon-to-be released gadgets on a test run just before it is released.


2. Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

While most people daydream of going to exotic places while on the job, for some people, this actually IS their job. Travel companies and tourism agencies often offer these people all-expenses-paid trips in exchange for spreading the word about their experiences on their blogs.


1. Video Game Tester

Video Game Tester

It’s hard to dispute why this job deserves the top spot on the list of the top 10 coolest jobs in the world. Spending hours playing video games may be a waste of time for some, but for the video game industry, it’s an integral part of their business. Video game testers play the games and give their feedback to the developers who in turn will make adjustments to make the game more suitable for its target audience.


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