Top 10 Careers That Pay Well in the United States

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If a person were to simply look at the top 10 paying jobs in the United States, they would come up with a series of medical professionals that range from anesthesiologists that make $232,830 and a series of other medical professionals that pretty much make up the top 10. But working in the medical industry isn’t for everyone fortunately there are other jobs you can choose from that make up the top 10 careers that pay well.


#10 Sales Managers

 Sales Managers
This is the individual who steps in and mans the sales team. It is their job to ensure that they have a strong sales staff on hand that can drive up the capital for a company. This person needs to have a solid understanding of the industry that they are working in and know the ins and outs of the sales department. While it can be a very rewarding choice to head down the road of sales for a person, you need to keep in mind that some companies only pay based on the results you give.

This position makes on average $119,980.
# 9 Financial Managers

Financial Managers
If you love numbers and finances, then you may want to explore the possibility of being a financial manager. This position might be a good goal for you. Not only will you deal with the finances of the company that you are working for, but you will also oversee departments like accounts payable and accounts receivable. This can be a fun and rewarding job for the right person and it can be a great goal to work towards.

On average, a person in this position will make about $123,260 each year.


# 8 Pilots

For those who dream of flying, the job of a pilot can be incredibly rewarding. This is a position where you can spend time flying large aircrafts and explore the world. It can be an incredible experience for those who have a passion for flying. Just keep in mind that long hours on the clock are often required. However, they are usually coupled with a series of days of off time, before you continue on to another destination.

The average annual salary for a pilot is $128,760.


# 7 – Information Systems Manager

 Information Systems Manager
The IT department needs to operate properly in order for the rest of the company to do their job. Because of this, it will be important to have a strong leader that is able to keep up with the changes in technology to ensure that the company avoids security threats and is operating at peak performance. It will be critical to keep the entire group of employees up to date on their certifications and ensure that your team continues to grow and remain strong.

The average salary for this position is $129,130.


# 6 – Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers
Marketing is an important part of the company they work for. They are in charge of handling the marketing efforts of a company in an attempt to boost sales and generate more income for the company. Their focus in more on the advertising end of things, while the sales department closes deals and because of the importance of this department, they do need to ensure they have a reliable staff on hand that can help them with the creative side of things.

On average, those in this position make $129,870 a year.


# 5 Natural Science Managers

Natural Science Managers
This position focuses heavily on research, design and production in the industries that use them. The goal of this position is to ensure that business continues progressing forward and ensuring that quality control is maintained and regular testing is done on products. This is a scientific position and an understanding of chemicals and lab equipment is required.

The annual salary for this position is $130,400. This makes it one of the top 10 careers that pay well.


# 4 Lawyers

When it comes to the legal system, lawyers typically do make the most money. These professionals can handle a variety of cases and some good lawyers can earn millions of dollars each year. For those in a small private practice, this number if going to be closer to an average of $130,880. Of course the area of law studied, number of cases one and real life experience can all have an impact on the success that this professional ends up having.


#3 Architectural and Engineering Managers

 Architectural and Engineering Managers
Those in the construction industry will find that this can be a great goal to work towards. While the money is good with the average salary being $133,240, it is also one you can earn acclaim and respect in. As more people get a feeling for your work and sense of design, it is possible to work up the pay scale and to eventually make some major income.


#2 Petroleum Engineers

 Petroleum Engineers
Dealing with natural gas and crude oil, in this position these individuals deal with wells, production and similar areas in the oil industry. While the work can be difficult at times, the position is well compensated. On average a person who works in this field will make $147,470.


#1 Chief Executives

 Chief Executives
These are the top positions in the company. The individuals who fill this role make the runs and take on a lot of responsibility. While some make millions every year, others will earn on average $176,840. The final total depends a lot on the industry the Executive is in, along with their years of knowledge and expertise. Reaching this level in a company shows dedication, commitment and having a good head on your shoulders. While many dream about it, those with the drive can often make it to this spot. With the endless possibilities it offers, it earns the top post in the top 10 careers that pay well.


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