Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens 2014

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Valentine’s Day, February 14th will be here soon. Its a day of candy hearts and chocolate kisses. But what gifts does a teen like to receive? There are many selections that  can be made but here are some that are popular choices. Best Valentine’s gifts for teens 2014 are here:


10. Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate hearts, some with sayings on them. Traditional candy is always welcome. Teens love chocolate and will always greet it with a smile. Its available in all shapes and sizes. Chocolate welcomes a teen with flavor and sweetness.


9. T-Shirts


Message T – shirts are very popular on Valentine’s Day. Available in red, white or pink perfect for any teen. The sayings are I love you, or other sentimental sayings or you can choose your own.


8. Pillowcases


” I love you” pillowcases are great for teens. They come in a variety of sizes to fit any pillow. These look great on any bed. Instant mood changers for teens and anyone.


7.  Silver Heart Lockets

Silver Heart Lockets

Gold or silver heart lockets for teen girls. Very romantic to receive from the one you love.  Teens love these golden hearts to wear around their neck.


6. Love Sonnets

 Love Sonnets


Shakespearean sonnets to read to each other. These touching romantic sonnets are priceless.


5. Perfume



Male and female scents. There are many selections to choose from. Some are single note floral while others are a collection of fragrance. Choosing smaller sample sizes in an assortment lets the teen decide what they prefer to wear.


4. Cookie


A heart shaped large chocolate  chip cookie. This delicious baked treat will bring smiles from any teen.


3. Personalized LP Record

Personalized LP Record

This record is framed behind glass and has the names and dates that you wish remembered on it


2. Headphones


Heart shaped headphones that let a teen listen to their favorite music. It sends a personal message of love. They can be a lasting gift of love.


1. Gold bangle bracelet 

Gold bangle bracelet

Some bracelets have hearts on them.

The best Valentines Day gifts for teens 2014 are here. Teens will love this assortment. Any of these choices will brighten a teens day.

Some other ways to bring joy to the day is to find heart stickers or cards and even rhinestone hearts to add sparkle. Valentine’s Day is a day of love.

Heart Full Red With Black Outline

The best Valentine’s gifts for teens 2014 are the ones that make him or her smile. She might enjoy gluing the sparkly heart shapes to her jeans or shirts. And lets not forget the cuddly soft appeal of stuffed bears with heart shapes on them.

bears with heart shapes

Sometimes on this special day flowers are given. Red roses are the ones most prefer. A close second is pink roses which mean sweetness. Some people want the roses to last forever and choose to plant a rosebush on this day to announce their love for each other. Teens who enjoy plants love this idea. If this rose bush is placed outside their bedroom window there will be such a blooming abundance of roses to enjoy.

Red roses

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a great chance to show loved ones that they are appreciated. Sometimes its a good idea to plan a special spa day for your teen. She will enjoy facials with aromatherapy in scents of citrus and lavender or mint. These treatments will be something that could be done as a family even. Something personal such as this make the best Valentine’s Day gifts for teens 2014.

special spa

Heart shaped soaps add charm to any Valentine’s day gift. Teens will love any of these selections.

Heart shaped soaps


There are even heart shaped pans and cup cake trays. And heart shaped sticky notes in shades of pink and red some with added sparkle.


Best Valentine’s Day gifts for teens 2014 are the ones given from the heart. Maybe its a special dinner or cuddly pajamas with hearts on them. Teens love to be remembered on this day just like anyone else. Making heart shaped cup cakes might do the job. There is even heart shaped sprinkles to put on the top of them to celebrate the day.

special dinner

Valentines Day is a heart felt holiday that almost everyone enjoys. The stores are filled with Valentines to share with people you love. Be sure to choose one for your teen. He or she would adore getting one.

Add some of the conversational hearts that are so familiar. And a sweet loving note would be great to let your teen know that they are loved.

loving note

On the morning of Valentine’s Day make some heart shaped pancakes they will be met with smiles. And another favorite are Valentine movie classics to watch as a family.

heart shaped pancakes

Some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for teens 2014 can be socks with little hearts sprinkled on them. Whenever they are worn it will remind them of you.

socks with little hearts

There are some tiny hearts that can be added to your nails when manicures are done. They usually last about a month or so before they come off. Just remember that choosing the best Valentine’s Day gift for teens 2014 can be fun to do.

heart nails

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