Top 10 Most Evil Women in History

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Men sometimes get the bad wrap for being evil, and while there are some that have been notorious in history, women aren’t to be left out. There are some serious sick women out there, and history has proven it time and time again. Finding the top ten most evil women in history was not an easy thing to do. There are so many stories that can top every single option that even this list will not be adequate for some. However, you will find that there are some serious stories that you will want to look into as being the absolute craziest, and horrific. The following women could in fact cause alarm to anyone, so take a look at the following list.


10. Katherine Knight  

Katherine Knight

This Australian woman doesn’t seem to evil in pictures, but when you start to find out what she had done to become the first woman to get sentenced to life in prison without parole in Australia, you will not bat an eyelash. Knight had a serious violent streak, one that not only caused damage to a denture wearing husband’s mouthpiece, but also killed a puppy in front of another suitor, while he watched. Killing puppies is a real low, but she also managed to stab a man 37 times in front and back, then hung his skin up like a suit.


9. Beverly Allitt 

Beverly Allitt

There’s nothing worse than killing children. Even horror movies, slasher flicks and more do not feature this atrocity. Beverly Allitt landed on this list with her story of killing and causing harm to children. She killed at least four and harmed upwards of six more. She worked at a children’s hospital and would administer large doses of medications, and cause serious issues for children that were staying in the wards of Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire where she had been working as a nurse for some time. She would get 13 life sentences for her crimes.


8. Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton

Britain is famous for a lot of things, and Mary Ann Cotton is one of them. She was the first major serial killer to come out of the isle. She seemed to have an unlucky streak and it kept mounting until something serious was noted by a newspaper. Losing husbands, children and more to the same illness was a bit odd, and after a trial it was found out that she killed with arsenic poisoning. She was hung and died a very slow, and painful death as her neck didn’t break during the execution, causing a great deal of pain in the process of her demise.


7. Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory

Perhaps one of the more interesting and prolific of serial killers to come out of this list is Elizabeth Bathory. She has held the moniker of “Blood Countess” for her brutality as she would kill peasant girls with brute force and torture. There is no final number as to how many she killed. Even though others would’ve been put to death for the criminal acts, she was held under house arrest because she was born into wealth and prestige.


6. Griselda Blanco


Griselda Blanco

You’ve heard of the Godfather, but you may not have heard of the Godmother. Griselda Blanco was the premier drug lord for the Medellin Cartel in the 1970s and 1980s and was even highlighted in a documentary, “Cocaine Cowboys 2”. She was brutal and would kill anyone that got in her way. She would eventually befriend a small time dealer and things really got interesting, but after a long stint behind bars ended up returning to Colombia. Her blood trail is long, and perhaps the reason why she was gunned down by a motorcycle assassin.


5. Tracey Wigginton

Tracey Wigginton

Tracey Wigginton is famous for being titled the “Lesbian Vampire Killer” as she hunted down a man and stabbed him to death, watching him die. Known for drinking blood from that of butchered animals, she would eventually drink her own blood and that of her lover’s. The crime committed in 1989 was enough to get her life in prison. Perhaps not as evil as some serial killers, but the shocking story made headlines.


4. Queen Mary I

Queen Mary I

England had some serious rulers, and one of the many that came to power was known as Bloody Mary. The reason she was given this name was because she put to death Protestants and would slaughter anyone that denounced the catholic faith at the time. Mary being the only child of King Henry the VIII and Catherine of Aragon took the throne and remains one of the most evil in history.


3. Lizzie Borden

Lizzie Borden

Not just a metal band, not just a porn star, the name synonymous with dark arts and sexual revolution was originally one of the most notorious killers in the United States. Folklore places her in the annals as a serious killer with a hatchet in one hand. Right out of a slasher movie she took it to her parents and let them have it in 1892. Of course she was acquitted, but pop culture pegs her as one of the most evil of all time.


2. Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos

Perhaps one of the most famous of serial killers in modern history, Aileen Wuornos lived a troubled childhood and turned that into a catalyst for prostitution and killing. There’s no excuse for her crimes, and brutally killing johns. She was convicted of killing 7 men and eventually would be executed for those crimes. A movie, book, and documentary detailed her life as what some called a “monster”, in American history.


1. Amelia Dyer

Amelia Dyer

Perhaps one of the sickest and twisted of evil women, Amelia Dyer takes the cake. This farm murderer killed babies by strangling them. She would take in illegitimate children, and for profit, then would strangle them to death. The body count she left behind has been noted as being in the hundreds. Sadly this is as terrible as it gets.

The above are just 10 of the most evil in history. There are many more that you can explore, but the above are definitely noteworthy as it stands.


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