Top 10 Foods That Make You Fart

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Although it’s a natural phenomenon, farts are unpopular and people everyday are looking for ways to reduce how many times they fart everyday and, when possible, remove the smell altogether. How do you “improve” your fart? By simply watching what you eat. This is because eating is the cause of farts. And there are certain foods that make you more flatulent than usual. Read below to know what are the foods that make you fart.



10. Chewing gum

Chewing Gum makes you fart due to inhaling of excessive air. It reaches the intestine and gets out in the form of fart.


9. Fructose

You can find this natural ingredient in corn, onions, wheat and pear. You can find it concentrated form on fruit drinks and soft drinks.


8. Lactose

You can find this in milk and other dairy products. You can also find it in cereal and bread. Some people with lactose intolerance and this makes them more prone to flatulence.


7. Raffinose

Consuming large amounts of beans and vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and similar vegetables will cause you to fart more than usual because of their raffinose content.


6. Sorbitol

Sorbitol is something that you can find in candy, sugar and soda. It’s also used as a sweetener in so-called sugar-free foods.


5. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates also cause gas because they’re made up of polysaccharides, a kind of sugar that is difficult to breakdown.


4. Legumes

Legumes include the different kinds of beans (ansazi beans and black-eyed peas, among others) and soya products. Nobody knows what exactly in legumes makes people more flatulent but it is widely believed that some acids in those beans cause the gas.


3. Acidic Foods

Some acidic food hat can cause bloating and flatulence include tomato, and citrus foods.


2. Spicy Foods

Hot and spicy food can cause the body to secrete more digestive acids, which increases your risk of bloating and acid reflux. You can immediately feel the gas-producing effects of gas after eating spicy food like Thai food, Mexican food and Korean food.


1. High-fat Foods

Fatty foods like meat, soups, creams and sauces are foods that make you fart, even though they’re very delicious.

As you can see from above, practically all kinds of foods are foods that make you fart. However, there is one food that doesn’t and it’s rice. It’s normal for people to fart 15 to 20 times per day, however, if you’re experiencing extreme flatulence, you should take stock of your diet and figure out what’s causing it. Once you’ve identified the cause, cut back on consuming those fart-causing foods.

If the farting is bothering you, you can take different anti-gas products like Beano, which contains alpha-galactosidasem and Lactaid, which contains lactase enzyme. Gas-X, which contains simethicone only relieves bloating by making you pass gas faster.

It’s normal for fart to smell, however, if your smart smells really, really bad, then you might have undigested food that is rotting and hardening in your intestines. You could go on fasting for several days to remove hardened feces. However, if your gas is painful, it could be symptomatic of something more serious in your gastro-intestinal system.

A fart is trapped air that has gone out of your system. The gas can cause from different sources, like swallowing air while drinking or chewing. Some farts are caused by air seeping into the intestines from the blood. At other times, the gas is caused by chemical reactions in the intestines and bacteria living in your intestines.

You’ll be surprised to know that a fart is actually composed of different gases: nitrogen (59%), hydrogen (21%), carbon dioxide (9%), methane (7%) and oxygen (4%). The bad smell of a fart comes from the sulfur content (1%). If you have super smelly gas, cut down on sulfur-rich foods, like cabbage, beans, cheese, eggs and soda.

People on the average fat the equivalent of 500ml of fart everyday. Women fart as often as the men. In some cases, women will pass more concentrated gas if they eat the exact type of food. If you were to part non-stop for six to nine months, you would be able to produce gas equivalent to the force of an atomic bomb.

There really is no shame in farting. It is a natural process and it is the body’ mechanism for expelling excess gas.


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