Top 10 Expensive Vodka Brands

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Vodka is the iconic drink of Russia, the go to mixer for cocktails and a staple of all well stocked liquor cabinet. A nice high quality bottle could set you back about $30. Less so if you are willing to sacrifice quality or name brand. However, if you truly want to impress your guests, please your plate or drain the bank, consider these most expensive vodka brands.


10. Swarovski Alize Limited Edition

Swarovski Alize Limited Edition


Starting the list is the Swarovski Alize Limited Edition with a price tag of $2,000. This drink is a blend of French Vodka, rose petals, strawberry and passion fruit. It was introduced in 2007 and marketed at the ideal gift for lovers. It is said that it was developed when a vodka distiller fell in love with a jam maker and they combined their passions into one unique drink.

The vodka itself is rather mainstream in flavor. The combination is pleasant straight or mixed into fruity cocktails. The larger price tag comes from the encrusted bottle and limited availability. The value is in the collectable nature of the bottle as are many of the other vodkas that made this list.


9. Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka

Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka

Coming in at number nine on the list is Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka. This little beauty will set the drinker back $2,400. This smooth vodka goes through a refinement process and is distilled from only the finest grains. However fine a vodka it may be, the price is a direct reflection of its elaborate presentation.

The bottle alone is gilded and topped with a golden eagle.  This is then placed within a hand crafted and gilded Faberge egg. This vodka is a wonderful example of drinkable art.


8. Stoli Elit: Himalayan Version

Stoli Elit: Himalayan Version

With a price tag of $3,000 the Stoli Elit: Himalayan Version makes the list at number eight. This bank busting vodka uses only water found in underground springs in the Himalayan Mountains and is distilled from the finest Russian winter wheat. The premium ingredients, through elite in and of themselves are not the main reason for the hefty price.

Each bottle is hand blown glass, a major feat. Also, included in the purchase is the gold plated ice pick. This is yet another example of value in the art, not the drink.


7. Iordanov Vodka

Iordanov Vodka

Iordanov Vodka is a German drink with a price of $4,125 USD. What makes this particular vodka so pricey? The bottle is completely encrusted with Swarovski crystals. This vodka can be found in a variety of flavors and is marketed to the younger crowd.

The drink itself is not particularly noteworthy, though it is on the higher end of quality. This blended vodka comes in a bottle covered with 8,000 crystals artfully arranged into a rich center piece for the most elite bar collections.


6. Oval Vodka

Oval Vodka


With a hefty price of $6,922, this bottle of Oval Vodka is not one just anyone can purchase. The drink itself is an award winning vodka made through a patented process leaving the drink unique in flavor and smoothness, and adding to the price tag.

The main reason behind the astonishing cost, however, is all in the design and presentation of the bottle. Following in true luxury style, this bottle is also encrusted with over 7,000 coveted Swarovski crystals. Having the decadent display is the main status booster of this high end vodka, not the quality of the drink, through that is above par.


5. Belver Bears Vodka

Belver Bears Vodka

Coming in at number five on this list of top ten expensive vodka brands is the Belver Bears Vodka which will set the buyer back $7,240. The vodka brand itself is Belvedere and the bear shaped bottle is a limited release in high end night clubs. The vodka itself is a high quality beverage great for sipping neat or mixed into cocktails.

As with the others on the list, the value jumps due to the artful bottle. This bear shaped container is back lit giving it a more dramatic appearance and increasing its notoriety among high end vodka collectors.


4. Russo-Baltique Vodka 2011

 Russo-Baltique Vodka 2011

With a staggering cost of $735,000 a bottle, the 2011 edition of Russo-Baltique Vodka is a status symbol of wealth. At over half of a million a bottle, the value is all in the bottle. The drink, while high end and of premium quality, is certainly not worth such a sizable amount.

It’s what you get with the vodka that warrants the extravagant cost.  Russo-Baltique is first and foremost, a car designer. That being said, with the purchase of this elite only vodka, they throw in an SUV for free. Or, is it, buy the SUV and they give you a gold plated bottle of vodka as a thank you?


3. Diva Premium Vodka

Diva Premium Vodka


For the jaw dropping price of one million dollars, that is a one followed by six zeros, you can pick up this expensive vodka. The vodka is infused with diamond dust and distilled from pure spring water. To add another level of decadence, each bottle is designed with a core of colored gems and diamonds.

Due to its staggering price tag, Diva Vodka is only available to a very select few. Only the richest among us can afford to drop a million dollars on one bottle of vodka. This drink is a perfect example of putting your money where your mouth is.


2. Russo-Baltique Vodka 2013

Russo-Baltique Vodka 2013

Russo-Baltique Vodka makes a second appearance of this top ten most expensive vodka brands list. The newest edition comes with an astronomical price of $1,452,064, nearly one and half million dollars. What is the justification to the car manufacturers obscenely expensive vodka? With the purchase of this drink, the buyer not only gets a new car as a thank you, but the bottle also comes in a solid gold box.

This is the drink of royalty as who else can afford drop one and half million dollars on a single bottle of vodka?


1. Billionaire Vodka

Billionaire Vodka


Topping the list as the worlds most expensive vodka is Billionaire Vodka. This aptly named drink will set the buyer back $3.7 million dollars for a single bottle. The diamond encrusted bottle is not the only part that jacks the price to unbelievable levels. This vodka is distilled and filtered using diamonds as well as other coveted stones.

This is truly the elite of the elite when it comes to expensive vodka brands. The name says it all, as only multi-billionaires have the ability to fork over a mint for a drink.


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