The Top Ten Spiciest Foods

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1) Korean Suicide Burrito
This burrito contains a fiery mix of Mexican, Chinese, and Korean peppers and was first introduced in San Francisco, U.S.  True to its name, the burrito boasts a spiciness level that some consumers find intense and others find distressingly spicy.
Sichuan Huo Guo
2) Sichuan Huo Guo
This dish originated in the Chinese region of Sichuan and simply means “hot pot.”  It typically contains an hodgepodge of ingredients like veggies, mushrooms, and beef, though sometimes it contains exotic ingredients like throat, duck blood, and pic brain.  What makes this dish so spicy is primarily the liquid fire of Sichuan pepper oil.


pork vindaloo
3) Vindaloo Pork
Tradition has it that the Portuguese introduced this dish to Goa, India, the place where this dish is currently prevalent. Vindaloo pork has the reputation of being the “hottest food” in all of India.  It contains pork, garlic, peppers, red wine, and curry.  However, the main spiciness factor comes from its special ingredient ghost pepper, also known as Bhut Jolokia, the hottest chili pepper on earth.

4) Cau-Cau
This Peruvian dish originated as spicy take on the traditional South American recipe of tripe and potato stew.  It gets its name from “Cau-Cau” which simply means “yellow chili pepper.” 

5) The Saltdean Sizzler Pizza

This dish can be found at Paul’s Pizza in Brighton, England and is known for being one of the spiciest foods and spiciest pizzas created on earth.  To make this pizza, start off with typical pizza ingredients like mozzarella, tomatoes, and herbs, then add the scorching flavor of ghost pepper.     


6) Kua Kling Phat Tha Lung
This dish is most prevalent in Thailand and has the reputation of being “unbearably” spicy.  That comes as no surprise, considering its main ingredients are a potent blend of turmeric, curry, and shredded beef.


7) Shrimp Creole
Popular in Louisiana, U.S., this Cajun style shrimp is made with green and red peppers, tomatoes, and chicken.  The spiciness is primarily due to the special ingredients of chili and cayenne peppers that are added to the dish to increase the heat level.


otak otak
8) Otak Otak
Otak Otak translates to “brain” and originated in Southeast Asia.  It is a custard-like fish cake wrapped in a banana leaf that is usually served with chili paste and coconut.  The spiciness comes from the cooking process of the fish.  The fish is charcoal grilled, then ground, then mixed with the spiciest chili peppers on hand.
steamed fish heads
9) Steamed Fish Heads in Chili Sauce
This dish originated in the Chinese province of Hunan. It contains fish heads cooked in a sauce made from two Hunan chilies and is known to be quite intense.

10) Griot with Sauce
This dish originated in Haiti and is comprised of juicy pork meat.  It is typically served with a semi-bitter Haitian hot sauce called Sauce Ti-Malice which contains habanero chili peppers.






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