Top Ten Most Popular Fashion Magazines

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You are standing in line at your local grocery store waiting to buy your dinner for the evening.  While you are waiting, you see all the different types of reading materials, since you have nothing better to do you pick one of them up.  The first choice has a headline that reads something about an alien and major motion picture star are having a love child.  That one makes you snicker a little bit but cannot keep you distracted while you move through the line.  The next magazine you pick up gives you all the information you need about eating healthy the magazine intrigues more than the other magazine but it does not keep you entertained, the last choice that you see is a fashion magazine.  The first thing that grabs your attention is the beautiful woman on the cover.  Then you read some of the story headlines and you are intrigued.  Unfortunately, for you it is your time to pay for your groceries, but you decide to buy the magazine and read it after dinner.  You ask the cashier if the magazine you are buying is one of the top fashion magazines, and they tell you that is one of the top ten fashion magazines.  As you leave the grocery store, you wonder which fashion magazines are in the top ten?


1.  Vogue


Vogue, considered the leading magazine to cover the latest trends.  To say that vogue is on the cutting edge of fashion does not give the magazine the respect it has earned.  Many of the topics that the magazine covers also include health, art, and politics.  For a magazine to cover all of those topics and many more, and be the one magazine to be on the cutting edge of fashion trends cannot be anything but at the top of any list about fashion magazines.


2.  Elle

Elle magazine

Like Vogue, Elle magazine does not just focus on the latest fashion trends.  The magazine also covers other important women’s issues such as health, career advice and politics.  Elle also spends time giving advice to women about relationships.


3.  Cosmopolitan

cosmopolitan magazine

As you look at the cover of Cosmopolitan, you can see the reasons that it is one of the top fashion magazines.  The magazine covers many different issues for women including such topics as sex and relationships.  The magazine also prints some fictional articles, but mainly focuses on women’s issues.


4.  In Style

In Style

In Style covers many of the same issues as most of the other fashion magazines, such as home beauty and fashion.  They also cover the lifestyles different celebrities.  What sets In Style apart from the other fashion magazines they cover different chartable topics.  In Style also has a website updated on a daily basis so that the readers can get information about different topics on a daily basis.


5.  Glamour

Glamour magazine

Glamour puts out a highly rated column called “Fashion Do’s and don’t’s”. the magazine is also known for their annual Woman of the year award.  They have a large celebration for the award.  Glamour also has a widget for the iGoogle that automatically opens the magazine to the reader.


6.  Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar magazine

Harper’s Bazaar, considered the magazine with the latest trends in the fashion industry.  The magazine is states that it is for the sophisticated woman that want to be on the cutting edge of fashion.


7.  Allure

Allure magazine

The magazine says its specific niche, in the world of the fashion magazine, is the beauty expert.  The magazine covers beauty tips and has an annual award for such tips.  The editors also pick things such as best hair, best skin, and the use of makeup.  Allure magazine was also one of the first magazines to speak out about the negatives of silicone breast implants.


8.  Marie Claire

marie claire magazine

Marie Claire writes articles about trends, some of the latest news, and advice on different women’s issues.  The magazines focus is on social issues that directly affect women, both in the U.S. and around the globe.  Marie Clare also does features on some of the top celebrities.


9.  Esquire

Esquire magazine

The focus of Esquire is not just to show off women’s fashion.  The magazine likes to mix it up and give out information for male fashion.  The magazine has a yearly feature, known as the sexiest woman alive.  The magazine uses this as its benchmark of feminine desirability.


10.  W

W magazine

An award winning fashion magazine, W has an oversized format, giving it a distinctive look.  The magazine has been in the center of a few controversies.  Although the magazines focus is higher, society and they cover fashion for the entertainment industry.

There are a lot of fashion magazines published every month.  Some of them are good, and some are bad.   Since there are so many to choose from it can be difficult to find something that is of high quality. You may not see them on the grocery store aisle but you can start by reading the higher quality one that are at the store.  After you have read a few of them yo will start to figure out which fashion magazines are not just the best magazines but they are the best magazines for your lifestyle.