Top 10 Most Popular Shoe Brands

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There are dozens of different shoe brands out there, so no matter the style or look someone is going for, there is always going to be a brand that sells exactly what they are looking for. Of course, in terms of overall popularity, some brands just make far more money and sales than anyone else. Often times, this comes from exposure, as individuals see someone wear a particular shoe brand and decides to wear the shoe because of it. Regardless though, these are the top 10 most popular shoe brands in terms of both sales and popularity.


10. Fila


Fila has a large variety of athletic shoes. While Fila is not as large as a company such as Nike, it specializes in specific kinds of sports performance shoes. For some individuals, they might just find that the particular kind of shoe simply fits them better or that they like the look of the shoe more. Regardless, this is on the list of the most popular shoe brands in the country for a reason.


9. Puma


Another athletic shoe company, Puma provides shoes that are generally less expensive than what the competition provides. Additionally, the shoes all share some simile elements in terms of aesthetics, so individuals who are looking to find a new pair of shoes and want something that is going to be comfortable, yet different form the traditional Nike offerings, Puma might just be the best brand out there. That is exactly why Puma makes a list in the top 10 most popular shoe brands list.


8. Jordan


The Jordan is a bit of a connection into Nike. While Nike owns and operates Jordan, the Jordan brand is all its own. In fact, the Jordan lineup of shoes has its own logo, boxing and other material that is utilized by the shoe, but ultimately, it is still owned by Nike. The main reason why Jordan is on the list as a separate inclusion is simply for how crazy individuals go over the shoe and how much of a storm it can create for those looking to purchase the shoe. It essentially is a collectors item for individuals looking for the next Jordan. Some individuals try to purchase old Jordans online and end up paying several times the original asking price. Whenever there is such a demand for a shoe, it is going to appear high on the list. That is exactly why the Jordan appears in the top 10 most popular shoe brands.


7. Under Armour

Under Armour

Under Armour is one of the newer athletic shoe providers on the market. It has a very specific aesthetic look to the shoes and it continually looks to improve its stock. It is also growing in popularity for college athletes and it even signed Notre Dame to be its new athletic wear provider, making it the most expensive contract between a clothing provider and a school, just besting out the University of Michigan (which is set to have its contract with Adidas in the next year or two, so it might shift back to Michigan in terms of total value).


6. DC


The first real non sports-shoe on the list, DC is someone that is both trendy and comfortable and doesn’t make someone feel like they are about to go run a marathon. These shoes originally came onto the market as skateboarding shoes, but now it has expanded and reaches a far greater demographic. Due to this, it is on the cusp of making it into the top five most popular shoe brands.


5. Reebok


Reebok, another sports brand, has started to drop off in recent years. It has lost some major athletic endorsements, as now the NFL is connected to Nike, as are most college athletic programs as well. However, even though this has changed, it still sells some of the best athletic shoes out there, which is why it is in the top five most popular shoe brands.


4. Converse


Is there anything really like the Converse All-Stars? Converse has been around for some time now and has recently started to make a comeback. These shoes are growing again in popularity and are quickly finding a place with a new generation. Converse has been copied countless times in terms of looks and aesthetics, but there really is nothing like that giant star on the side of high-top laces.


3. Vans


Vans are another lineup of shoes that were originally designed for skateboarding, due to the grip located on the bottom of the shoe and the wide soles, but it has expanded its demographic in order to reach more individuals. It is also only one of only two companies on the list that are not specifically sporting gear providers. There are many other popular shoe designers out there that make dress and casual shoes, but in terms of sheer popularity and sales numbers, none of them are able to compare with the top selling shoe brands.


2. Adidas


Adidas originally started off as a very specific soccer brand of shoes. The famous three strips running slightly diagonally along the side of the shoe became a staple, and the shoes provided some excellent options for individuals who enjoyed indoor soccer as well. However, in order to truly capitalize on the American market (which doesn’t include soccer in its list of top four, or even five sports), it needed to up its game and go after different markets. That is part of the reason why Adidas has started to branch out and ink representation deals with major sports athletes, such as basketball players and college athletic programs.


1. Nike


Was there really any guess who would be the top shoe brand on the entire list? Probably not. The company is a mega giant and has its hand in just about every single athletic pot possible. With that being said though, it continues to grow its brand and essentially dominate the world of athletics sportswear and the shoes it sells to just about everyone.


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